Why special importance is given to Acupressure points on the soles, palms, back of the hand and ears ?

        Acupressure is an ancient Therapy discovered by the knowledgeable Sages and Ascetics and is of great importance because it is based on the science of Spirituality. In this method, the Acupressure points corresponding to a specific organ are pressed and the associated organ is stimulated. Through activation of a point, the obstacles in the flow of energy are overcome.


1. Theoretical analysis of Acupressure Therapy (Information)

A. Doctrine

        When an object is touched gently by Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), its basic nature, meaning, its main functional quality manifests. Applying pressure is a physical remedy. It uses the Pruthvitattva (Absolute Earth Principle) to activate the energy which has congregated in a specific area. In other words, Acupressure brings about manifestation of the basic nature of an object.

B. Reason for special importance given to the soles, palms, back of the hand and ears in Acupressure Therapy

        The soles, palms, back of the hands and the ears are associated with various organs of the body. The Acupressure points associated with these organs are situated on the soles, palms, back of the hands and the ears. By treating these points, the flow related to chetana-shakti (SentientEnergy) in the body and the organs become smooth. It helps in disintegrating and destroying the distressing energy that has accumulated in the organs or the points related to the organs, as also destroying the distressing energy covering around the physical body. Hence, in Acupressure Therapy, special importance is given to the soles, palms, back of the hands and the ears.

1. Feet (Pruthvitattva, physical illnesses) : Feet represent grossness. Physical illnesses are related to the Pruthvitattva to the extent of 30%, that is, they are related to the gross illnesses associated with the physical body. Hence, in Acupressure Therapy, for physical illnesses that are related to the Pruthvitattva, the soles (which depict grossness) have been selected for treatment.

2. Palms and back of the hands (Tejtattva [Absolute Fire Principle], psychological illnesses) : Palms and back of the hands are associated with Tej. Some illness, to the extent of 30%, are created due to Tejtattva, which is due to spread of heat in the body. These illnesses arise at the psychological level due to unnecessary and conflicting thoughts. Hence, palms and back of the hands are considered the main communicating points for these illnesses. It is for this reason that in Acupressure Therapy, the palms (which can impart Tej) and back of the hands are selected to overcome psychological illnesses.

3. Ear (Akashtattva [Absolute Ether Principle], spiritual illnesses) : Ears are associated with Akashtattva and Nadtattva (Sound Principle). Since some illnesses, to the extent of 40%, are beyond diagnosis, these are labelled as spiritual illnesses since these originate from spiritual distress. The Acupressure points which impart sound vibrations and which are situated on the ears are given importance in such cases. Hence, in Acupressure Therapy, to cure spiritual illnesses effectively and to sustain the effect of this treatment for a longer period, the sound generating cavity of the ears is selected. Pressure at these three points can generally give pleasant experiences to the individual at all levels of suffering, and the individual can be freed of illness in a short period.

C. Usefulness and benefits

  • Using this therapy, an individual can treat himself at home. These measures can be applied once or several times a day as per the requirement.

  • With this therapy, the visible symptoms of a disease can be reduced and recurrence of the disease can be brought under control.

  • This therapy can be helpful in some other therapeutic method, thus resulting in faster restoration of health.

  • This therapy can increase efficiency of the organs and their physiology.

  • Unlike the use of Allopathic medicines, which may have side effects, Acupressure treatment has no side effects.

  • In this therapy, the benefits obtained are far more than what is actually felt.

  • This therapy can be used to reduce the intensity of an illness till a doctor arrives or the patient is admitted to a hospital.

  • This therapy can be used in critical conditions such as heart attacks or intense asthma to give first-aid and to avert a disaster till medical help is available.

  • Intense faith in the therapy, the individual’s own efforts and strong will power can help the individual remain free of diseases.

1. Not benefiting from this method : Many hereditary and psychological diseases such as schizophrenia, diseases that require surgery (such as cancer, fractures) or certain illnesses (such as intestinal obstruction etc.) cannot be treated through Acupressure Therapy.

2. Steps in benefits

  • Only when the physical deformity ends, defects will be eliminated.

  • If psychological defects are eliminated, psychological health will be preserved.

  • Sound psychological health will generate good thoughts.

  • Good thoughts will bring about a revolution in the thought process of mankind, which will help achieve the goal of world peace.

  • Revolution in the thought process will bring about Dharma-kranti (Revolution for Dharma), which in turn will help in laying the foundation of the Divine Kingdom.

  • Laying the foundation of the Divine Kingdom will lead to the dawn of the Divine Kingdom.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Acupressure therapy for common ailments