Rangoli designs that attract the Shri Durgadevi Principle

During ritualistic worship of Devi, drawings of rangolis are drawn so that the Devi Principle would get attracted.

1. Attraction of the Devi Principle towards the rangoli depending upon the rangoli designs

According to the science of Spirituality, every Deity is a specific Principle. Just as flowers such as chrysanthemum, tuberose, lotus, etc. are offered to the Devi for attracting Shakti Principle, some designs, too, help in attracting the Shakti Principle. Therefore, rangolis with such designs are drawn.

2. Attraction of the Devi Principle according to the colour used in rangoli

When a colour that is associated with a particular Deity is filled in the designs of the rangoli, 7% out of the maximum possible 10% Devi Principle can enter into the rangoli.

3. Attraction of the Devi Principle in rangoli according to bhav

When an individual who has bhav (Spiritual emotions) draws a rangoli, it can attract 20% Devi Principle. If appropriate colour is used, the Deity Principle too has to spend less energy to enter the rangoli. This benefits an individual even if he does not have any bhav.

3A. If the bhav is more than 60%, then depending on the bhav, any particular Deity Principle may get attracted to the rangoli.

3B. If the bhav is more than 80%, then any Deity Principle may get attracted to any type of rangoli, according to the bhav of the individual.

The rangoli designs according to Devi’s Principle are given in the table ahead.

Devi’s Principle Form associated with
the Principle
Proportion of
colour (%)
1. Shri Durgadevi rangoli-1 Red
2. Shri Mahalakshmi rangoli-2 Red + Saffron (60 + 40)
3. Shri Lakshmi rangoli-3 Red + Yellow (40 + 60)
4. Shri Saraswati rangoli-4 White
5. Shri Mahasaraswati rangoli-5 White + Red (60 + 40)
6. Shri Kali rangoli-6 Purple
7. Shri Mahakali rangoli-7 Purple + Red (80 + 20)

The table above gives designs that attract the respective Devi Principles. Likewise, many other designs are also there that can attract Devi Principles.

Rangoli designs that attract Shri Durgadevi Principle


Manifest-Unmanifest Shakti

14 Dots : 14 Lines

Rangoli related to Mahakali should be drawn on the first three days of Navaratri


Unmanifest- Manifest Shakti

14 Dots : 14 Lines

Rangoli related to Mahalakshmi should be drawn during the middle three days of Navaratri


Unmanifest Shakti

12 Dots : 12 Lines

Rangoli related to Mahasaraswati should be drawn on the last three days of Navaratri


Manifest-Unmanifest Shakti

17 Dots : 3 Lines

Rangolis to be drawnaround the temple at home, wooden seat etc.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Sattvik Rongli‘ (Available in Marathi language)