Shani Shingnapur : Tradition of prohibition on women to enter Shanidev’s temple sanctum

A woman climbs temple sanctum of Shri Shanaishwar at Shri Shani Shingnapur !

Shani Shingnapur (Nagar) – A woman climbed temple sanctum of Shri. Shanaishwar , a famous worshipped place of pilgrimage on 28th November and had ‘darshan’ of Shri. Shanaishwar. The ban has been in force for women since long back. Many temples all over the country have been following traditions as prescribed by ‘Dharma-shastra’ and are following the rules and it is good to follow them in everyone’s interest; but the so-called progressive factions blowing trumpets of women- emancipation, are trying to break such traditions. News was published about America changing route of its satellite after trying thrice to traverse it over Shani Temple in Tamil Nadu. Can the intellectuals give answer to this ? It is ridiculous to raise issue of equality between men and women where Dharma matters are concerned. In few temples, women are not allowed to go near an idol or enter sanctum –sanctorum so as to prevent them from getting adversely affected physically by the energy generated inside. In such case, in fact, Dharma has taken care of women’s health. Why don’t these so-called intellectuals and women-liberation factions realize it ?

On 26th January, ‘Bhoomata Brigade’ is going to climb temple sanctum of Shanidev disregarding religious sentiments of devout and local citizens under the guise of women-emancipation. ‘Hindutvavadis’ from Nagar have, however, decided to oppose and foil attempts of such atheists planning to break religious traditions and will extensively undertake Movenment called ‘Protect Hindus’ Religious Traditions’ for preventing such incidents even in future.

Shri. Sandip Khamkar has created awareness amongst local residents about ‘Bhoomata Brigade’s anti-Dharma acts and has warned to thwart Brigade’s attempts by going there in large number.

Movement to ‘Protect Hindus’ Religious Traditions’

‘Chalo Shani Shingnapur on 26th January…’

This movement has been undertaken to protect Hindus’ religious customs and traditions from the so-called progressive and atheists. Under this movement, members of all religious, pro-Hindu organizations will form a protective ring around Shani Shingnapur Devasthan and foil the attempts of ‘Bhoomata Brigade’ to climb temple sanctum on 26th January. HJS has made an appeal to local women and Shani-devotees from all over Maharashtra to join this movement. ‘Hindutvavadis’, Shani-devotees and devout Hindus can contact Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, State Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on 9404956534 for further information.

Under aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan’ staged all over Maharashtra on 9th, 10th and 12th Jnauary by HJS, all Hindus were appealed to join this movement for protection of Hindus’ religious customs and traditions.

Why women are prohibited from going to Shanidev’s temple sanctum at Shani Shingnapur ?

Despite prohibition on women to enter Shanidev temple at Shani-Sjhinganapur in Maharashtra, one woman climbed the sanctum and offered oil to Shanidev. Discussions were held on various TV channels like ABP Maza, IBN Lokmat etc. referring to women –emancipation, male-dominant culture, orthodox rules of temple-culture, old and regressive ideology etc. This subject is however, important from religious angle and therefore, Sanatan’s views are given here.

  1. Shanidev’s idol at Shani Shingnapur is set on the sanctum and it is ‘Swayambhu’. Temple administration had imposed ban on climbing the sanctum and offering oil to Shanidev few years back; therefore, people of all castes and creed, men and women, have ‘darshan’ of Shanidev from distance and it is wrong to say that only women are prohibited here.
  2. Every Deity has certain function to perform as per spiritual science and accordingly, manifest power of respective Deity works. Shani is a fierce Deity and manifest energy of such Deity can cause distress to women. This temple was constructed 400-500 years ago and since then, the tradition of women having ‘darshan’ from below the sanctum is being followed.
  3. Men wearing leather articles like belt (trousers or wrist-watch) or those observing ‘Soyar-sutak’ are also prohibited on the sanctum of Shanidev. It is required of men to purify their body by having bath and wear washed white clothes before climbing this sanctum. Men following these rules are only allowed on the temple sanctum.
  4. In Hindu Dharma, ritualistic worship of few Deities is done for certain reasons and Shanidev is one of such Deities. During specific period like ‘Saadesaati (period of 7-1/2 years distress)’ etc. this Deity is specially worshipped. Such worship is done for fulfillment of some wishes and the worshipper, when follows all rules related to such worship, gets desired benefits. If one starts doing whatever he feels like, he may get only mental satisfaction but there will be no spiritual benefit out of it.
  5. This issue is not at all related to women emancipation but related to spiritual science; therefore, it will be wrong to discuss it at social level or by those who have no knowledge in this field. Discussions should be held by persons who have knowledge on the subject. If a lawyer gives medicine to a patient, it will not be proper; similarly, holding discussions among social workers on TV channels on religious matters is also improper.
  6. Anti-Hindus working for women -emancipation making so much noise for allowing women on temple sanctum of Shanidev, never say a word about women prohibited from going to mosques.


So-called intellectual reporters raise unnecessary questions

During the press conference, few intellectual reporters demanded that scientific proof should be given regarding women getting distress after ‘darshan’ of Shri. Shanidev. Doubts raised by reporters were clarified; still they showed no interest to know spiritual science and ‘Dharma-shastra’ and made comments of bringing change in traditions followed under Hindu Dharma by discarding wrong customs. (It is the responsibility of reporters to understand both sides and bring forth right side before people; but how can these biased reporters, who oppose only for the sake of opposition, give right direction to people without studying the issue ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Q : Has it been scientifically proved that Shanidev is very fierce and adversely affects abdominal part of women ? Give us one example of women facing such distress. It appears to be your publicity stunt.

A : Each and every thing cannot be scientifically proved. Rules of science cannot be applied to spiritual science as spiritual science is a science of experience. One has to undertake spiritual practice and become capable for understanding the rules of this science. It is stated in ‘Gurucharitra’ that one gets results depending upon his intensity of devotion. All these rules formulated by our Sages and Seers hundreds of years ago, cannot be wrong.

There is no need for us to do anything for publicity. The progressive factions first announced their plans to break customs and traditions; therefore, we had to undertake this drive for protection of our religious customs and traditions. We have given representations to police and State administration. Hindus are tolerant that does not mean that anyone can stand against age-old religious customs and traditions. It will not be tolerated.

Q : Will strength be used to stop progressive women?

A : All drives undertaken by HJS are lawful and same policy will be followed even at Shani Shingnapur and drive for protection of Hindu religious customs will be undertaken in lawful manner. If there is precipitation at some point, it will be immediately brought to the notice of police present at the venue.

Q : There is practice of discarding wrong customs followed in Hindu Dharma; so should this custom of prohibiting entry to women be not stopped ?

A : It is a part of ritualistic worship to preserve the sacredness of sanctum and ‘darshan’ of Deity’s idol. Rules set for performing ritualistic worship have to be followed.

Q : Nothing will happen to God if women enter the temple sanctum. As you claim, it will affect only progressive women; so are you undertaking such drive for their protection ?

A : This drive is not for protection of God or for protection of these women but it is for protection of religious customs and traditions.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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