Love Jihad : Questions raised by the pseudo-secular media and their answers !

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Q1. Hindu young girls and Muslim youth have married in the past also, then why is there so much hue and cry about it now ?

Answer : 1. It is true that Hindu young girls and Muslims have married in the past and generally all the Hindu girls had to convert. Dilip Kumar’s (Yusuf Khan) sister had married a Hindu youth and he was converted into a Muslim. From this, we can see that even though fanatics are educated, they do not get converted but force others to convert. From this, we can get an idea of the very “love-jihad”.

2. Such incidents used to be very rare before, but now they are plenty. These actions are being planned and executed collectively. This has become a campaign which is being financed. 53 cases of this kind have been exposed in Merath District in Uttar Pradesh alone, in the last 45 days. From this we can judge how burning is this issue !

3. Fanatics have realised that it is impossible to implement jihad in Bharat on the strength of guns. Therefore, fanatics all over the world are busy with this kind of a “secret” war.

4. As jihadis were having their harem ((in former times) a separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants.) along with them and used to add Hindu women to it at every place, likewise love-jihad is the (you may call) a minor edition of the same.

Q2. Calling it ‘Love-jihad’, the issue is considered to be communal. But it has nothing to do with religion. It is a matter of love affair and a case can be registered of only cheating.

Answer : 1. Looking to the cases of love-jihad, it is being made clear that the girl involved in it is pressurized for conversion. That is how this topic is related to religion. Why not the true lover in such cases convert into a Hindu for the sake of loving the girl ?

2. Later these girls are used for religious work that is for jihad. They are considered to be the machines giving birth to infants or they are made prostitutes. Since these girls are used for jihad, the word “jihad” is quite appropriate.

3. With an intention of entrapping Hindu girls many fanatic youth are provided with vehicles, money etc. and they deceive girls by moving in the college-campus. All these youth belong to the same faith only and all of them target non-fanatic girls only. That is how it is evident that all this is connected to religion.

4. Although this is cheating, the basic intention is to convert the girl, to increase the number of the community, to take disadvantage of the girl, to endanger her life etc. Therefore there is no question of giving it a communal colour, in fact, it is a campaign by fanatics based on their very faith itself.

Q3. Are Pro-Hindu organizations and parties politicizing love-jihad ?

Answer : 1. Pro-Hindu organizations are not interested in any political gain from that. They want to protect their Dharma. That is why they are interested in this topic.

2. It is wrong to say that Pro-Hindu organizations are looking into the matter because they want to politicize the topic. Swatantryaveer Savarkar had said, “Conversion is rashtrantar (Changing nation). If Dharma is safeguarded, the nation survives. Therefore Pro-Hindu parties speaking about it, is like opposing rashtrantar.

3. Today Maratha Party demands reservation for Marathas, Muslim Party demands reservation for Muslims. Constitution has given them this right. In the same way, if a pro-Hindu party demands protection of women, then what is wrong in it ? Do those who are opposing the Pro-Hindu parties, not want that Hindu women be protected ?

4. Imam Bukhari invites fanatics to cast their votes on the basis of their faith; but so far none of the Pro-Hindu parties have invited their voters like this. If Pro-Hindu organizations are doing all this as their duty and if they get some political advantage, then why should they not take it ? Even Sharad Pawar says that there is nothing wrong in taking the advantage after giving reservations to Marathas.

5. Pro-Hindus are participating in this to protect Hindus’ existence. Political gain will be subsidiary for them.

Q4. Is love-jihad terrorism ?

Answer : Yes, love-jihad is a religious terrorism. The reasons are given ahead ….

1. Deceive Hindu young girls by entrapping them in love and rape them and convert them forcibly, is terrorism. As the same system being followed in all cases it is religious terrorism only.

2. Terrorist actions are done jointly through fanatic groups. Similarly, a fanatic group is involved in alluring Hindu girls. Even fanatic girls too assist them in entrapping Hindu girls in love-jihad.

3. Terrorists are financed by someone, the same way in love-jihad too someone is the financer.

4. The basic intention of Islamic jihadi terrorists is to make the whole world Islamic. Love-jihad too has the same intention.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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