Haryana’s Mewat becoming a graveyard for Hindus – A glimpse of Islamization of India

Presently, attempts are going on to convert whole of India into Pakistan; but in some areas, this process is going at fast pace; one such place is ‘Mewat’ in Haryana, near Delhi !  Today, same things are happening with Hindus from Mewat that are happening with Hindus from Bangladesh or Pakistan. Hindu young girls and women are kidnapped, converted and later married forcibly with some Muslim, Hindus are forcibly converted, money is demanded from Hindu traders, their land of temples and crematoriums is taken over, Bangladeshi infiltrators are settled, Hindus are implicated in false cases, Hindus places are robbed etc. Such things are done every day to scare Hindus. Hindus are tortured for small things.

History of Mewat

Mewat region is only 60 kms from Delhi. After Gudgaon when one takes the road to Alwar, Mewat region starts after Sohna village. Mewat is spread in Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Mewat was earlier a part of Gudgaon. On May 4, 2004, Mewat was given the status of a District as also main office of Nuhala District. Mewat’s area is 1784 kilometers. There are six talukas in Mewat which are Punhana, Phirozpur, Zitka, Nagina, Nuh Tavadu and Hathin. Mewat is a region with Muslims as majority. There is dominance of Mewa Muslims in this region. Mewa first belonged to Hindus. There are still few Mewa Hindus. In 14th century, during the regime of Tughlaq’s descendents, people of Mewat were forcibly converted to Islam. Even then, these people had preserved their identity for many years; but after 1920, mainly after Shariat Act of 1927, fanatic organizations started changing these people in their colour and its adverse effect was that the local Muslims started demanding Pakistan; but when Pakistan was formed, very few Muslims went to Pakistan from here.

Persecution Hindus in Mewat !

Report of the High Level Inquiry Committee of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad

The delegation led by VHP central Joint General Secretary Dr Surendra Jain on Friday met CM Manohar Lal Khattar to apprise him about the report of the High Level Inquiry Committee and its conclusions and recommendations in connection to the anti-national and anti-Hindu activities.

A 3-member Committee included a former Army officer Maj. Gen.(Retd) G.D. Bakshi, Advocate Chandra kant Sharma and a religious leader Mahamandaleshwar Dharmadev ji was formed to look into the atrocities being perpetrated on the Hindu society in Mewat (Haryana). A 3-member inquiry committee of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has demanded replacing the entire police apparatus in some areas of Haryana’s Mewat, bringing paramilitary forces if required and making the Station House Officers (SHOs) accountable.

103 villages have become completely devoid of Hindus and there are over 82 villages where only less than 5 families of Hindus are left.

– VHP central Joint General Secretary Dr Surendra Jain (Deccan Herald)

Committee report claimed that,

  • The three police station areas of Mewat (Punhana, Bichhor and Nagina) were found to be the focal points of alleged atrocities.
  • Religious persecution of Hindus who are a minority in the area. Unfortunately, no necessary action is being taken by the police.
  • The access to and entry of Hindus into their temples has also become difficult. Mosques are being constructed by illegal occupation.
  • The abbots (Mahants) and priests of the temples are being given wicked and degraded treatment and tortured physically and mentally.
  • When a Hindu family is tortured, no police report is written on its behalf, and even if an F.I.R. is recorded, a case under minor sections is filed and some token action taken. Pressure is built on the victim Hindus to enter a compromise and settle the case.
  • If under a major section a case is registered against a Jihadi, it is invariably cancelled before his arrest and the case is made a bailable one.
  • The cattle wealth of Hindus is also not safe. In particular, cow progeny is grabbed hold of, slaughtered and eaten up.
  • Many instances have come to the fore where a crowd of 300-400 Jihadis attacked a helpless, unarmed Hindu family with lathis, axes and stones.
  • In one case, during a marriage celebration of a Valmiki family in Chirauli Punhana, Muslim youths not only beat up the Utsavmurtis and other participants, but also took away their gold ornaments.
  • An objectionable content was posted on Facebook by a Jihadi, but no action was taken even after F.I.R. was lodged. On the contrary, a false case was filed against the Hindu person in the above connection.
  • In the 500-house village Kulaita (Nagina), where only 10 houses belong to Hindus, it is becoming difficult for Hindus to come out of their houses. Womens are also not safe.
  • In government schools where the majority staff are Muslim, the Hindu children are forced to offer Namaz.
  • Children are being pushed towards Jihad. Madrasas are being promoted. Mosques are being illegally constructed.
  • A Hindu youth was converted to Islam and now his mother is also being persecuted to adopt Islam.
  • A large mosque was built in village Utavad with the money given by the notorious global terrorist Hafiz Saeed through a person named Salman. At present, Salman is under NIA custody in some other case.

It is a very serious matter that there is so much terror and fear of Fanatics in this district of Haryana. There is so much pressure and oppression on Hindu families that the Hindu community is migrating. It is becoming difficult for Hindu women to get out of their houses and Hindu youths to go for agricultural activities and other works to earn their living. The Hindu society here is helplessly looking that anti-national and anti-Hindu acts are being done openly under the patronage
of the police administration. The police department is also under so much pressure from Fanatics that under pressure, they have also filed cases against several senior journalists and the latter are being prevented from performing their duties.

Report by Committee headed by former Justice Pawan Kumar 

Former Justice Pawan Kumar, who headed an investigation team to probe the atrocities inflicted on Hindus and Dalits in Haryana’s Mewat today said that there is no difference between Pakistan and Mewat, as per the press release shared by VHP National spokesperson Vinod Bansal.

Justice Pawan Kumar remarked that Mewat of Haryana is becoming a graveyard of Dalits and there are many reports of women being abducted, raped and forcibly converted in the region.

Citing no action taken against the complaints filed by Dalits, Shri Valmiki Mahasabha of Haryana had decided to constitute a 4-member committee led by Justice Pawan Kumar to bring the reality of the atrocities committed against the Dalits to the fore. The findings of the team revealed that,

  • The horror and fear of Islamists among the victims is so palpable that only 19 out of the 48 victims of the Dalit society turned up to register their complaints against the brutalities meted out on them.
  • The molestation of girls and women has become pervasive all over Mewat which has caused problems for girls to continue their studies.
  • A 12-year girl was raped by 4 Muslims and the house where the rape took place was of one of the Muslim cops. No action has been taken against the perpetrators.
  • In Freozpur Namak 9 Muslims allegedly raped a woman for several days after forcibly abducting her. No action was taken against the complaint filed and the abductors killed the woman four days later.
  • More than 200 cases of forced conversions have allegedly taken place in the region.
  • Because of police inaction, the perpetrators have been emboldened and pressure is being mounted on the family members of those forcibly converted to get them converted as well.
  • The cremation grounds are being encroached upon.
  • Dalits were abducted and assaulted by Muslims. Attacks on Dalits asking for the refund of burrowed sum to the Muslims have become a common occurrence.
  • Dalit weddings are also been attacked and looted. There also have been instances where the brides have been kidnapped.

The committee concluded that the atrocities against Dalits can happen only in connivance with the administration and local police. Complaints of Dalit victims are not lodged. If somehow they persist with the complaint and file FIRs against the perpetrators, police pressurises the victims, compels them to strike a compromise with the assailants and threatens them of false cases.

Chairman of the committee, former justice Pawan Kumar said that the report will be sent to the chief minister of Haryana, to the chairman of scheduled castes commission of India and the Home Minister of India so that justice is delivered and rule of law can once again be established in Mewat.

Save Mewat from becoming Pakistan ! (Report published in November 2012)

Shri. Arunkumar Singh has described, in this article, the manner in which ‘Mewat’ is being converted into Pakistan based on the report published in November 2012. Since then, instead of changing the situation it has become more worst.

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Under the circumstances, the Haryana Government should be alert and vigilant about the security of the minority Hindu community in Mewat region and a proper mechanism for their security should be put in place, so that a trust can be generated in them !

  • The entire police apparatus in the affected areas should be replaced by new sets of upright, hard-working
    police personnel who are able to transcend pressures.
  • Station House Officers (SHOs) should be held personally responsible where acts of such alleged religious persecution takes place.
  • National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe the hawala route of the money flow in the area and the Anti-national activities going on from Madrasas, mosques and Mazars (mausoleums) in Mewat.
  • Deployment of paramilitary forces.
  • Investigations into personal, social and religious properties of Hindus being illegally occupied and the same should be freed forthwith from the clutches of Jihadis.