Achalpur Riots: Kashmir in Maharashtra

Photo Evidence of Truth

On 23 October 2007, at Achalpur in Amaravati district (Maharashtra), fanatic Muslims pelted stones from a mosque at the immersion procession of Sree Durga Devi all of a sudden. It is noteworthy that Riot started by Muslims was pre-planned. The pseudo-secular media has ignored this carnage of Hindus by just mentioning the word “Riots”. Still our secular Government has just declared small financial aid. No serious legal action has been taken. The horrified Hindus have yet not been able to return to their homes & are staying in camps. Hence, we want to bring the real truth of Achalpur to you, the common man because if you ignore it now, tomorrow these Jihadis will be at your doorstep.

Evidence of Muslim Terrorism: Post Riot Photos

These photos are not of destruction made by Pakistani terrorists but by “so-called” Indian Mulsim brothers (?) Media is crying about Gujrat Riots even after 4 years, but they do not care about cries of Hindus at Achalpur.

Well Planned Attack

Hindus, awake terrorism has reached your home!
You may be next victim of such ‘well-planned’ riots!

Helping hand of ‘Secular’ (?) Government !

Samjhauta Express bomb blast 10 lacs for each Pakistani killed in the blast
Malegaon bomb blast 5 lacs for each Muslim killed in the blast
Achalpur Riot 20 lacs for 137 Hindus as ‘initial’ help!

Highlights of Achalpur Riots

  • Muslims looted, ransacked, burnt more than 100 shops owned by Hindus.
  • Fanatic Muslims damaged Hindu houses and their belongings.
  • Muslims set Sree Rama temple in Devadi region on fire.
  • Badruddin Merchant, a wholesaler of kerosene had provided barrels of kerosene mixed with petrol for burning properties, houses and shops of Hindus.
  • Muslims were raising slogans of ‘Allah-ho-Akbar’.
  • Attacks on Hindu houses lasted for 3 hours, but the police kept away from the scene for 4 hours. Police, who were present, also went into hiding, as they were afraid of cruel Muslims.
  • The riot caused a loss of Rs. 75 crores. However, the State Government has declared financial aid of Rs. 20 lacs!
  • Muslim shops and mosques were safe.

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