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Presently, attempts are going on to convert whole of India into Pakistan; but in some areas, this process is going at fast pace; one such place is ‘Mewat’ near Delhi ! Shri. Arunkumar Singh has described, in an article, the manner in which ‘Mewat’ is being converted into Pakistan based on the report published in November 2012; which is given below.

1. History of Mewat

Mewat region is only 60 kms from Delhi. After Gudgaon when one takes the road to Alwar, Mewat region starts after Sohna village. Mewat is spread in Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Mewat was earlier a part of Gudgaon. On May 4, 2004, Mewat was given the status of a District as also main office of Nuhala District. Mewat’s area is 1784 kilometers. There are six talukas in Mewat which are Punhana, Phirozpur, Zitka, Nagina, Nuh Tavadu and Hathin. Mewat is a region with Muslims as majority. There is dominance of Mewa Muslims in this region. Mewa first belonged to Hindus. There are still few Mewa Hindus. In 14th century, during the regime of Tughlaq’s descendents, people of Mewat were forcibly converted to Islam. Even then, these people had preserved their identity for many years; but after 1920, mainly after Shariat Act of 1927, fanatic organizations started changing these people in their colour and its adverse effect was that the local Muslims started demanding Pakistan; but when Pakistan was formed, very few Muslims went to Pakistan from here.

2. Mewat is becoming Pakistan

Now it is felt that these people are trying to convert Mewat into Pakistan. It is quite evident from happenings in Mewat which is in Haryana. Long back, fanatics from Mewat have turned Mewat’s part of Haryana into Bangladesh.  In Bangladesh, there are only 8 % Hindus and same is the situation in Mewat. In 1947, there were about 30 % Hindus in Bangladesh so also in Mewat. Now they can be counted on fingers.

3. Fanatic Muslims excessively oppress Hindus from Mewat every day through different means     

Today, same things are happening with Hindus from Mewat that are happening with Hindus from Bangladesh or Pakistan. Hindu young girls and women are kidnapped, converted and later married forcibly with some Muslim, Hindus are forcibly converted, money is demanded from Hindu traders, their land of temples and crematoriums is taken over, Bangladeshi infiltrators are settled, Hindus are implicated in false cases, Hindus places are robbed etc. Such things are done every day to scare Hindus. Hindus are tortured for small things.

4. Few important examples of Hindus’ torture by fanatic Muslims !

4. A. Hindu girls are converted and sold through ‘love jihad’

4. A.1. On 25th May 2012, one girl from Agrwal family was kidnapped and was married to a Muslim who had two children.

4. A.2.  Most of Muslim youth from Mewat are truck drivers. Under the pretext of truck driving, they get a chance to go all over India. Every time, these men take Hindu young women, enjoy with them and then sell them.

4. A.3. Shri. Padmachand Arya, the ‘Sanrakshak’ of Mewat’s ‘Arya Veda Prachar Mandal’ said that activists of this ‘Mandal’ have saved many such women from clutches of Muslims.

4.B. Muslims from ‘Tabaligi’ community motivate local Muslims for ‘jihad’, love jihad and conversion of Hindus

‘Tabaligi’ community is spreading fanaticism amongst local Muslims of Mewat. The local people told us that people from this community go to different villages and motivate Muslim youth for ‘jihad’ and ‘love jihad’; so also convert Hindus. Lalit, one Hindu youth from Pinhava was influenced by one maulana’s speech and adopted Islam. He started propagating Islam; but he realized his mistake and with the help of activists of Arya Samaj, he again became a Hindu. Such incidents are happening in Mewat every day.  

4. C. Omveer was forcibly converted and after again becoming a Hindu, he is receiving threats ; so spending days in hiding. Other Muslims try to break marriage of his daughter !

Veer Singh from Nagina told about wrong things happened with his son’s father-in-law, Omveer (from Bhimsika, taluka Hathin) which is shameful for all Hindus. As told by Veer Singh, Omveer was converted few days earlier by Muslims from ‘Tabaligi’ community and was sent out; but after 4 months, he realized the truth. Then he came back and started living as a Hindu. But he started receiving threats and even now, he is staying out of village in hiding.  

4. D. His wife and children are continuously harassed. His children have been accused for tearing Quran which was later proved wrong. During this period, his daughter’s marriage was fixed with my son and on 27th July 2012, we went to their house with marriage party; but at that time, local Muslims reached there and told us that the marriage could not take place as the girl’s father had adopted Islam. As such, the girl can be married / have ‘nikah’ with some Muslim. The girl’s mother, however, refused to do what those Muslims asked and finally, the marriage took place under police protection.   

4. E. Hindu man had to convert for falling in love with a Muslim girl; his father getting threats and shifts to another place. Muslims do not stop with this but threaten local residents with kidnapping other Hindu girls

On one hand, Hindu girls are forcibly married to Muslim men and on the other hand, if some Hindu boy loves a Muslims girl, he has to convert. If he doesn’t agree for the same, whole Muslim community attacks him. Vishal Jain, the only son of Bharatbhushan Jain staying at Nagina got involved with a Muslim girl. He became Vasim Ahmad to get married to her and now he is staying in Ballabhgad. Vishal has become a Muslim; still his father is receiving threats; therefore, he sold his house and is now staying in Faridabad.  

After the above incident, remaining Hindus from Nagina were threatened that one Hindu girl would be taken away in place of a Muslim girl; owing to which Hindus stopped sending their daughters to school or college for many days.  

4. G. Muslims find some excuse to drive away Hindus; boycott Hindus’ shops, keep a Muslim to guard Hindus’ shops and other Muslims do not return money lent to them by Hindus

After the above incident, Muslims issued a ‘fatwa’ that no Muslim would buy anything from a Hindu shopkeeper. Muslim guards were posted outside Hindus’ shops with instructions that if they saw any Muslim buying something from a Hindu shop, he should be caught. Such boycott over Hindus’ shops was going on for a long time.    

Mewat’s Hindus say that every day Hindu shopkeepers are boycotted for some reason or the other with two main motives- one is Hindus to be driven out and second- not to repay their money taken as loan. It shows that Muslims buy things from Hindus’ shops on credit and when the dues grow, they boycott Hindus. Hindus say that giving things on credit is their helplessness. If they do not give things on credit, there will be other problems.

4. H. All facilities given to Muslims

1. Hindus do not get justice anywhere. In Government schemes also, Hindus are differentiated. Mewat Vikas (Development) Agency (MDA) is a Government organisation with annual budget of Rs. 70 crores which is mostly used for Muslims.

2. There is one junior basic teachers’ training school in Mewat. There are 50 seats out of which 25 are reserved for Muslims.   

4.G. Muslims take over lands of temples and crematoriums and Hindus have to do cremation on the side of a road

After Hindus ran away from rural areas of ‘Mewat’, Muslims have taken over temple lands and crematoriums; therefore, Hindus, who are still staying in rural areas, are suffering. Hindus have to do cremation of bodies on side of some road. One day, when we were going to Pinhava through Badkali Chowk, few Hindus were preparing for cremation of a body on the side of a road. We saw crowd gathered there and we too stopped. Few youth came to us. One young man called Prem, told us that the body was of his uncle named Budh Singh and he had died in the same morning in an accident. When asked that why cremation was taking place on the side of the road, he said, the land of crematorium was taken over by nearby farm owners; therefore, they were facing lot of problems. When they talk to people who have taken over the land, those people say that ‘the body is anyway to be burnt; so do it anywhere, it did not matter’. Prem also said that in his village named Aterna Shamshabad, only 3 houses of Hindus were left.

4.H. Before sunrise, hundreds of cow/ cattle are slaughtered and that sale is more than the sale of milk, there is smuggling of cows/ cattle and everything takes place under protection of local leaders !

Local people said, “Hundreds of cows and cattle are slaughtered in whole of Mewat before sunrise every day. The meat is then packed in ½ kg packets and sold. People go from village to village selling meat. Their number is more than the number of persons selling milk. Here, animals are smuggled from other places. Mewat BJP’s former President and BJP’s President of ‘Gou-prakoshtha Region’ say, “Cow-slaughter is getting protection from local leaders in Mewat; therefore, no action is taken against them. Mewat’s civility and culture has been changed in politics of votes.”

4.I. Increase in number of mosques and madarasas which protect offenders and police cannot enter mosque

Several mosques and madarasas are under construction in all over ‘Mewat’. Mosques are being built at every turning of the main road and a big madarasa is built for 8-10 villages. Criminals commit crimes and take shelter in mosque on the turning of the road. Criminals, who take shelter in mosque, cannot be caught by police; as police cannot enter a mosque to undertake search. Once when police did that, they were accused of insulting religious books and lot of ruckus was created.

4.J. Infiltrators settled on the land of Gram- Panchayat, local Muslims collect funds for them and include their names in voters’ list

In many parts of Mewat, Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingya Muslims, who have been driven out of Myanmar, are being allowed to settle. Gram-panchayat’s land is made available to them. In Punhana, tents are erected to settle these Muslims at ‘Kenal Rest House’. Then, they are settled in jurisdiction of other Gram-panchayats.

It has been informed by the sources that these Muslims are helped by many fanatic organizations from Mewat, Panchayat representatives and Muslim leaders of various political parties; instead of ‘Jamiyat Ulema Hind’. Local residents have informed that about  200 non-Indian Muslim families have been settled in Nooh’s Revsan and Phirozpur Zirka. It is also informed that money is collected from local Muslims for helping such non-Indian Muslims. It is observed that attempts are being made to include their names in list of electorate.

4. K. Construction of Government buildings done in Islamic pattern

The Government building being constructed in Mewat have clear Islamic pattern; e.g. new Secretariat under construction at Noonh and medical college in Nallad village near Noonh. Both these buildings are being built in Islamic style with a dome and minaret like a mosque. Can any Government building be constructed in the style of a temple in area where Hindus are in majority ? If no, then why is it happening in Mewat ? A general hospital at Mandikheda has been given the name of Al- Afia, name of daughter of Oman’s Sultan which is also completely in Islamic pattern. The question is why the construction of a hospital was done in Islamic pattern and who gave permission for the same ?   

4. L. Fanatics beating police every day

In Mewat, police are beaten up every day. In last 10 months, there have been 40 such incidents. When police go to nab a criminal, smuggler, rapist or murderer, local residents surround police and beat them up. Even in Delhi, youth from Mewat is found involved in cases of robbery, killings, looting, rape etc. In Delhi, they are known as Mewati gang. When Delhi police go to Mewat to nab some offender, they also get thrashed.

4. M. Pro-Hindu organizations trying to develop courage amongst Hindus

Members of RSS, BJP, Arya Samaj and some other organizations are trying to develop courage amongst Hindus in Mewat. Prof. Jayadev Arya says whenever something happens to Hindus, members of these organizations only raise voice in support of Hindus; after which the Administration takes steps for protection of Hindus. Sundar Muni, a social activist , working in Mewat for ‘Bharateeya Shuddhi Sabha’ and ‘Gou-raksha Samiti’ says situation in Mewat can improve only when awareness is created amongst ‘Mewa’ Muslims towards their ancient culture. They need to be told that Hindus and Muslims in Mewat have the same blood; then why are they torturing their Hindu brethren ?  

4. N. Population of Hindus going down in Mewat due to oppression !

4.N.1.  As if it is not enough, even the local administration ignores Hindus. Hindus are, therefore, running away from Mewat. All 508 villages in Mewat have become devoid of Hindus. In few villages, only 2-3 Hindu families are left. If the attitude of secular Government does not change, the remaining Hindus will also run away and then, nobody can save this part from becoming Pakistan.

4. N.2. Few Hindus are staying only in towns at places of Taluka. The rich Hindus have shifted to Gudgaon and Delhi; but those who are poor and cannot buy place anywhere in towns at Taluka places, are still staying in villages; but their number is very less.

4.N.3. Ramji Lal, former Sarpanch from Madhi in Noonh taluka said that there were 25 houses of Hindus in that village till few years back; but now only 4 houses are remaining. Those people are staying like a tongue in between teeth. They are very poor and if it was possible for them to buy a house in some other area, they would have never stayed in this village. Muslims have now taken over even their farms and they are kidnapping Hindu women.

4.N.4. It is said that Ramji Lal is also staying in Noonh for the past 4 years. When he was Sarpanch, he never did any wrong  thing bowing under Muslims’ pressure and he is paying price for the same. He is being threatened with life; therefore, he had to sell his house and land for a very small price and run away.

4.O.  Displacing Hindus from Mewat is an international conspiracy !

Advocate Vipin Kumar Jain, who is the President of Jain community at Noonh, is very distressed to see condition of Hindus in Mewat. He said that conspiracy was hatched at international level for displacing Hindus from Mewat.  

On one side, Hindus are being displaced from Mewat and on the other side, Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladeshi infiltrators are being settled here. Many fanatic organizations are helping them to settle in Mewat. Local Muslims have taken over land belonging to temples and crematoriums. Therefore, remaining Hindus are facing lot of problems. Hindus have no alternative but to cremate their dead relatives at the side of roads. Even more sad is that secular media is unconcerned of Hindus’ plight.  

It is a glimpse of ‘Islamization’ of India !  

-Shri. Arun Kumar Singh, Hindu Writers’ Forum (Courtsey : ‘Panchajanya’ weekly, New Delhi, 5th November 2012)

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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