Blowing Conch prior to a Ritualistic Worship

Subtle characteristics of Blowing Conch

Below diagram shows the subtle vibrations emanated by blowing Conch

Subtle diagram of effect of blowing a conch
Subtle diagram of effect of blowing a Conch

Blowing Conch, when beginning any ritualistic worship and prior to the Aarti. By blowing Conch 3 times before beginning any ritualistic worship, movement of negative energies in the environment is reduced. This helps in reducing the obstacle of distressing vibrations and allows the flow of Sattva predominant frequencies of the Deities. This further creates a protective sheath or an armour of Chaitanya around the various items used in the ritualistic worship.

Any ritualistic worship is concluded by performing the Aarti. During Aarti, the frequencies of the principles of Deities functional in the universe are attracted to the venue of the worship in large numbers. The raja-tama frequencies can create obstacles to the flow of these frequencies. By blowing Conch, the raja-tama frequencies disintegrate; that is why it is blown prior to an Aarti. This purifies the environment and helps in preserving the Divine consciousness generated through the ritualistic worship for a longer period. Thus we derive maximum benefit from the sattva predominant frequencies of Deities attracted to the venue of the Aarti. (Pujya (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil 7.1.2005, 3.15 pm)

Procedure of blowing Conch

A. Why should the person blowing a Conch raise his neck?

Blowing Conch

The person blowing conch should raise his neck upwards (towards God) and fully concentrate on the task at hand. When blowing conch, the eyes should be closed and a spiritual emotion should be nurtured that one is beckoning the subtler frequencies of the unmanifest, destroyer form of God’. This posture activates the Sushumnanadi (Central Channel) in the body of the conch-blower. It also helps in maintaining a perfect balance between the raja-tama particles in the frequencies related to the absolute air and absolute fire elements that emanate from the mouth. Thus, as per the requirement – the saviour and destroyer principles of the Deity get activated.

B. When blowing conch, close the eyes and cultivate a bhav that the marak (destroyer) frequencies of the unmanifest form of God are being received from above.

C. Blowing of the conch in a single breath: As far as possible, take a deep breath and fill the lungs with air, and then blow the conch in a single breath. This way the resonance of the vibrations (the resonance of subtle sound in the environment) lasts for a longer period. Due to the strength of the sound vibrations in the resonance, it becomes possible to tear apart the black covering surrounding the aerial body of the negative energies in the vicinity in a short time.

D. The sound of the conch should go from a low to a high pitch: When blowing conch, the sound should start from a low and go to a high pitch which should be maintained till the conch-blower stops.

E. Manifestation of negative energies due to the sound of the conch: Due to the sound energy generated by blowing Shankh, subtler frequencies flowing down from the universe get activated. They cause disintegration of raja-tama particles in the atmosphere within a short time. Due to the momentum of frequencies of sound energy emanating from the conch, there is friction between raja–tama particles, resulting in subtle flames. As a result the sheath around the aerial bodies of negative energies starts to burn. That is why negative energies are unable to tolerate the sound of a conch. They are compelled to manifest because of this sound. However, some of the more powerful sorcerers from the negative subtle region pretend to be unaffected, despite the distress caused by the sound of the conch! (Pujya (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, 7.1.2005, 3.33 pm)

(Ref: Sanatan’s Publication – ‘How to Offer an Arti’)

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