What is the correct method of saying arti to Goddess?


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        Arti hymns are a beautiful and easy medium to awaken the emotion of devotion in the hearts of worshippers and to imbibe the grace and blessings of the Devta. Singing the Arti hymns evinced with the resolve of Saints accomplishes the above objectives, but only when they are sung from the heart and as per the science of Spirituality in an appropriate manner. This articles gives information on method of performing arti of Goddess.

1. What is the correct method of saying Arti of Goddess ?

        The Goddess principle, that is the Divine energy principle is a confluence of the saviour and destroyer forms of Energy. Hence it is only appropriate that the Arti hymns be sung in a low pitch, at a medium pace and earnestly, with intense bhav.

2. Which musical instruments should be played during the Arti ?

        Since the Goddess symbolises the Divine energy principle musical instruments such as drums made from leather and generating energy frequencies should be played lightly during the Arti.

3. Should a lamp with a single wick (ekarti) or
lamp with five wicks (pancharti) be used for Arti?

        This entirely depends on the bhav and spiritual level of the devotee performing the Arti.

3 A. Performing pancharti

        The five wicks of a pancharti symbolise the principle of multiplicity, that is the ever-changing Maya (Great Illusion). If the devotee performing Arti is a preliminary stage seeker (with spiritual level less than 50%), who has just commenced spiritual practice then he should use the five wick Arti .

3 B. Performing ekarti


        One wick of the ekarti symbolises the principle of singularity. The devotee with substantial bhav and a spiritual level above 50% should use the one wick Arti, that is ekarti.

3 C. Performing Arti with the atmajyoti

        A highly evolved devotee with a spiritual level of more than 70% and who has already entered a stage of unmanifest bhav, gets a vision of the Goddess with His atmajyoti. Using this to perform Arti indicates steadiness of emotion in the principle of singularity.

4. What is the correct method of performing Arti ?

        When performing the Arti of a Goddess move the lit lamp around the Devta in a complete circular manner in the clockwise direction. Click here to read more.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Science underlying rituals related to worship of the Goddess