Hindu Attire

Colour combination for Clothes

This article explains how to choose colour combination for clothes with colours appropriate from spiritual perspective, suitable for a particular season and temperament of the individual, and to attract specific Deity Principle. Read more »

FAQ about Clothes

This article provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions on selection of clothes. It also clears many doubts from spiritual perspective about clothes. Read more »

Type of Clothes

This article explains type of cloths and the advantages of clothes made from natural fibers over those made from artificial fibers. Read more »

What are the benefits of wearing a dhoti and a kurta ?

Hindu Dharma has given importance to attires such as dhotī-kurtā. Instead of just thinking superficially about good looks and ease of wearing clothes, comprehensive and in-depth thought has been made by Hindu culture such as enhancing sāttviktā of the wearer, protection from negative energies, ability to imbibe Chaitanya and whether it aids in the efforts for God-realisation. Read more »

Comparison of various attires and types of attire

Types of attire and their spiritual differences and their spiritual affect on the one wearing different types of attire. This article also highlights spiritual harm caused by western attires and spiritual benefits of Hindu attires. Read more »

What is the importance of wearing sovale ?

In Hindu Dharma, men traditionally wear sovalē during ritualistic worship of Deities, religious rituals, vrats, festivals and various auspicious occasions. The Principles of Deities, sāttviktā and Chaitanya are imbibed and sustained in greater proportion in a silk cloth. Read more »

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