Subtle effect and Importance of dress worn by a woman

1. Introduction


        Western attire such as jeans, T-shirt, chudidar, salwar-kurta, have become an inseparable part of the present day Hindu woman’s lifestyle. Conversely, the use of traditional Bharatiya attire such as nine-yard saree, which infact is the identity of the Hindu culture, has been restricted to womenfolk in the villages. Any attire unknowingly influences the attitude of the wearer. The prevalent rajasik-tamasik (raja – tama predominant) attire such as chudidar, jeans, etc. make a woman impulsive and inclined towards worldly pleasures. Conversely, sattvik (Sattva predominant) attire such as the six-yard or a nine-yard saree, make a woman virtuous and Dharma-abiding. Abiding by Dharma increases devotion and bhav (Spiritual emotion) unto God and the individual begins to move on the path of God realisation. Another disadvantage of wearing rajasik-tamasik attire is an increase in the possibility of the distress due to negative energies for the wearer. In contrast, sattvik attire becomes an effective weapon in the battle against negative energies.

        Spirituality is a science of knowing the subtle, meaning, it is a science of spiritual experiences. This article shows the importance of dress that woman wears and includes reports on various experiments that have been conducted by lady-seekers to demonstrate the specific subtle-effect of wearing different types of attire, pictures based on the subtle knowledge related to attire and the related spiritual experiences of seekers.

2. Subtle-effects observed when a woman wears a skirt-top, pant-shirt,

salwar-kurta, a six-yard (sahavari) saree and a nine-yard (nauvari) saree

        All numbers in the table denote percentages.

Skirt-top Pant-shirt Salwar-kurta Six-yard saree Nine-yard saree
1. Positive vibration

A. Diety principle
B. Anand
C. Chaitanya
D. Shakti


A. –
B. –
C. –
D. 0.5


A. –
B. –
C. –
D. 1


A. –
B. –
C. 0.3
D. 3


A. 1
B. –
C. 2
D. 2


A. 2
B. 2
C. 3
D. 2

2. Negative vibrations

A. Distressing energy
B. Mayavi-shakti


A. 2.3
B. 3


A. 2
B. 1


A. 2
B. 1


A. –
B. –


A. –
B. –

3. Reason for being sattvik or non-sattvik If the skirt is short (Mini-skirt), the proportion of mohini-shakti and distressing energy in it is high Distressing energy and mayavi-shakti is generated in the pant-shirt because of various shapes, and it is adversely affects the individual in front If these are made of cotton, they have 0.55% Chaitanya. If made of nylon or other non-sattvik fibre, the covering of distressing energy around the woman wearing them is likely to increase by 1% If these are made of cotton, they have 1% Chaitanya. If made of nylon or other non-sattvik fibre, the covering of distressing energy around the woman wearing them is likely to increase by 0.5% The saree made of cotton or silk is more sattvik and spiritual remedies take place on the woman wearing it. If made of silk it has 0.5% more Anand and 1.5% more Chaitanya
4. Effect

A. Body awareness


Since the woman wears this attire with a view that she looks beautiful and others get attracted to her, her body-awareness increases


Ego is created in the woman that she looks beautiful


When compared with the skirt or pant, this attire creats less body-awareness in the woman


Body-awareness does not increase


Body-awareness does not increase

B.Kundalini-shakti No possibility of its activation in the body Irregular flow of Kundalini-shakti in the body Activation of Kundalini shakti in the body in a greater proportion Kundalini-shakti in the body begins to flow and is activated by 0.5% Kundalini-shakti in the body begins to flow in a sattvik manner
C. Subtle effects on the body Increase in distressing energy covering around the woman Unsteadiness at the physical and psycological levels. This attire does not benefit the woman spiritually, and she gets trapped in Maya Since this attire contains Raja-predominant Shakti the woman becomes very active Positive vibration are created around the body; the woman is able to experience Anand and Shanti. The proportion of Chaitanya created around her body is 0.5% Thd mind remains peaceful and blissful. The proportion of Chaitanya created around the body is 1%
5. Distress / benefit (%)

A. Physical distress
B. Spiritual distress


A. 2

B. 3


A. 2

B. 2


A. 1

B. 1


A. –
B. –


A. –
B. –

2 A. Question : Why are distressing vibrations more in the skirt-top than they are in the pant-shirt ? Answer : The attire of female negative energies (for example, female goblin) is similar to a skirt-top. Hence, distressing energies are attracted to such an attire instantly.

2 B. Other aspects

  • Pant-shirt is not a sattvik

  • Salwar and kurta – If their colours are gaudy and the extent of designs on them is more, the proportion of mayavi-shakti (Energy that is illusory) is more in them. If their colours are sober and the design is sattvik, they do not contain mayavi-shakti.

3. Pant-shirt, Punjabi dress (Salwar-

kurta), six-yard saree and a nine-yard saree


        Provided ahead are the different effects on my body, mind and the mantrik giving me distress, when I wore a pant-shirt, a Punjabi dress (Salwar-kurta), a six-yard saree and a nine-yard saree. As a result of these spiritual experiences, I was convinced of the importance of dress as per the Hindu culture.

Pant-shirt Punjabi dress Six-yard saree Nine-yard saree
1. Expression on the face Excessive and attracting others attention Moderate and attracting others attention A few expressions and stability No expressions and very stable
2. Speaking Rapidly and impatiently Rapidly or at a moderate pace Slowly and with humility Slowly and with more humility
3. Movements and action Extremely rapid and unnecessary Moderately rapid and unnecessary Slow and less Extremely slow and performing only those actions which are necessary and concentration
4. State of the mind and thoughts
A. Personality defects
B. Ego
Mind is focused on external objects, many thoughts, mind extremely restless, fickle and unstable
A. High manifestation (Note 1)
B. Increasing
Mind is focused on external objects, a number of thoughts
A. Moderate manifestation
B. Increasing moderately
Decrease in proportion of unnecessary thoughts and the mind turning towards thoughts of God
A. Feeling an increase in humility and grace
B. Reducing (Note 2)
Mind becomes stable, it turns towards God and as a result, the mind becomes very peaceful
A. Feeling a grace increase in humility, grace and politeness
B. Reducing (Note 3)
5. Attitude Very extrovert Extrovert Introvert Very introvert
6. Effect on chanting, praying and gratitude Does not take place or takes place with a great deal of effort Possible with effort Takes place from within, experiencing Chaitanya, Shakti and Anand from it Takes place with an attitude of surrender, experiencing Anand and Shanti in a greater proportion from it
7. Experiencing subtle-effect around the self A covering of distressing energy One centimetre thick yellow aura Half-foot thick yellow aura from the head to the toe around the body One-foot thick yellow aura from the head to the toe, round like a cyclone
8. Effect only of the attire on the existence (%)
A. Mantrik’s existence
B. Existence of the self
A. 90-100 (Note 4)
B. 0 – 10
A. 80-85
B. 15-20
A. 75-80
B. 20-25
A. 60-70
B. 30-40 (Note-5)

Note 1 – Increase in arrogance and anger, thinking oneself to be superior and looking down upon others.

Note 2 – Thinking of others, feeling like doing something for them and as a result, there is decrease in ego.

Note 3 – Awareness of the existence of Shri Durgadevi’s Principle within the self, feeling that the Devi is doing everything; due to decrease in awareness of doership, there is decrease in ego. Similarly, development of humility and respect for others, resulting in creation of prembhav (Emotion of love).

Note 4 – Due to decrease in my existence and increase in the manifestation of the mantrik, he acted as per his wish. As a result of these actions, the distressing energy of the mantrik increased greatly. Since there was decrease in my existence, it was impossible or difficult to perform spiritual practice.

Note 5 – Since my existence increased, it became easier for me to perform spiritual practice.

– A seeker, Goa.

4. Difference perceived by a lady-seeker, facing distress due to negative energies after wearing a skirt-blouse or a pant-shirt, a Punjabi dress and a saree

A. Ill-effects on the self

Skirt-blouse or pant shirt Punjabi dress Saree
1. Swelling on the physical body (Note 1) Increases Increases more Reduces and is eliminated
2. Effect on the subtle-body Adverse effect on the manodeha (Mind), karandeha (Casual body), mahakarandeha (Supracasual body) Adverse effect on the manodeha, karandeha Positive effect on all subtle-bodies
3. Ego Awakened and perceiving an increase in it perceiving that it is awakened Reducing in it & increase in humility and politeness
4. Distressing covering around the self Experiencing more covering Experiencing moderate covering No distressing covering and experiencing Chaitanya in the self and in the surrounding
5. Attacks of negative energies from Patal More More Very little
6. Protection/no protection from the negative energies No protection No protection Protection

Note 1 – Due to distress caused by negative energies, sometimes the body swells.

B. Effect on self-attitude

Skirt-blouse or pant-shirt Punjabi dress Saree
1. Age of the individual perceived She looks young (Note 1) She looks younger sometimes and the other times, looks of the same age She looks 5-10 years more than the real age (Note 2)
2. Speech
A. Style
B. Language
A. Loud and arrogant
B. English, French and German
A. Loud
B. Afghani
A. Humble
B. Sanskrut, Marathi and Hindi
3. Laughing Loudly Moderately Slowly
4. Style of sitting Feels like sitting on a chair around the table Does not feel like sitting in a cross-legged position, but feels like sitting in any other manner or sitting on a chair Feels like sitting cross-legged on the floor
5. Fevourite food Increases in the desire to eat western and non-vegetarian food Increase in desire to eat western vegetarian food like pizza, burger, spring rolls, cake and biscuits Having a desire to eat Bhartiya sattvik vegetarian food like lentil-rice, panchamrut and sweets (Note 3)
6. Hair style Feels like leaving hair loose Feels like tying up some hair and leaving some hair loose Feels like braiding the hair or tying in into a bun
7. Bindi or kumkum Did not feel like applying anything Feels like applying a bindi Feels like applying kumkum
8. Ornament
A. Extent of ornaments used
Does not feel like wearing even a single ornament Having a desire to wear one or two ornaments and being able to wear them Feels like wearing maximum of gold ornaments and being able to wear them
B. Bangles or ribbon Feels like wearing a ribbon on the hand Feels like wearing metal or glass bangle or various colours Feels like wearing gold bangles

Note 1 – Upon wearing a pant-shirt, I felt that I looked younger than my age, because the mantrik’s illusion creating and alluring form became functional.

Note 2 – To be able to combat the sattvikta in the saree, the real form of the mantrik within me manifests. That is why the age seems to be more.

Note 3 – When compared with food such as, idli, dosa, samosa and pav-bhaji, some sweets are more sattvik.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Spiritually beneficial clothes for women’