Spiritual effect of wearing Ghagra-choli (Traditional Bharatiya skirt-blouse)

1. Introduction

        In the earlier times, girls would wear Ghagra-choli. Today, this attire has become outdated. Even then, in States like Gujarat and Rajasthan, young girls and women still wear Ghagra (A traditional Bharatiya skirt with more pleats) and choli (Blouse). ‘Ghagra-choli is one of the appropriate garments as per the Hindu culture and considered a sattvik garment at the spiritual level as well.

2. Ghagra-choli and its association with Kundalini-chakras


        The blouse and Ghagra are associated with the Anahat-chakra and the jiva’s (Embodied soul) navel, that is, the Manipur-chakra. That is why, this garment is known as the Anahat Mani-bandha arrangement.

2 A. Ghagra

        The knot of the Ghagra applies pressure on the nabhi-chakra (Manipur-chakra); hence, it constantly remains in an awakened state. The awakened nabhi-chakra provides momentum to the functioning of the Panchaprana (Five vital energies) of the body. With the help of the Panchatattva (The 5 cosmic principles) in the environment, the Panchaprana (5 vital energies) are in the forefront in imbibing sattvik vibrations active at various levels. Thus, the body remains constantly in communion with Chaitanya.

2 B. Choli (Blouse)

        The lower knot of the blouse applies pressure on the Anahat-chakra and helps in awakening it; hence, it constantly remains in an activated state. Through the Panchaprana, the Anahat-chakra remains in the forefront in collecting sattvik waves and consolidating them in the voids of the body. Thus, because of this attire, the dormant and unmanifest energy becomes functional in unmarried girls and its transition takes place in the right direction at the spiritual level.

3. Significant spiritual experiences upon wearing a Ghagra-choli

3 A. Cotton Ghagra

        When in school, I used to wear a Ghagra for school functions. I would feel pleasant sensations in my feet after wearing a cotton Ghagra. I would feel the movement of circular waves of Chaitanya from the waist to the feet. It seemed that the chunri worn from the waist to the chest was causing cool blissful waves to flow upwards from my waist.

3 B. A zari Ghagra

        Upon wearing this, I would experience good vibrations and Anand (Bliss).

3 C. Experiencing Anand due to the Ghagra & ornaments

and performing Raslila (Divine dance performed by Gopi-Krushna)

        I would participate in various dances in school, but would have unique spiritual experiences while performing Raslila. I was in the 4th standard when we decided to perform Raslila (As performed earlier by Gopis). I was wearing a yellow Ghagra-choli, applying saffron to the forehead and wearing gold ornaments I played the garba and performed the dandiya dance. After wearing these garments, my thoughts reduced greatly and I had a uniquely blissful feeling. Even during rehearsals, I would feel pleasant sensations in my heart region and would feel that I was actually dancing with Shri Krushna. In this dance, I had to carry an earthen pot in my hand and turn around while dancing; while doing so, I completely forgot about myself and felt very blissful. It seemed as though all of us were dancing not on this earth, but in another world. There was a unique sweetness and Anand in dressing up, wearing ornaments and dancing for Shri Krushna.

3 D. Wearing Ghagra-choli is akin to completely tying the mantrik

        On 22.12.2007, when I wore a choli, the pressure on my chest due to distress caused by the negative energy reduced and I started feeling better. I felt enthusiastic because of the effect of the blouse on my Anahat chakra. I felt that when I wore a Ghagra, the mantrik was getting tied around the waist, and I started burping (Distressing energy was discharged.). As a result of wearing a Ghagra-choli, the mantrik felt completely fettered.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Spiritually beneficial clothes for women’