How to maintain sattvikta in the kitchen ?

        Kitchen is a space meant for cooking. It should be clean and well-lit. Only where there is cleanliness and tidiness, Shri Annapurnadevi and God reside there. Similarly, the utensils, food items and water in the kitchen should also be clean. The individual who cooks should be clean and healthy. Also, it is essential to maintain sattvikta in the kitchen so that cooking can be sattvik. For this, follow the measures given ahead.

1. Always prepare and keep the food in a clean and good place, meaning, in a sattvik place. This keeps it pure and sattvik. Besides, it remains pure while consuming.

2. Get rid of any clutter in the kitchen. Do not store any unnecessary items there. Throw away any broken utensils and cups etc. immediately.

3. The kitchen should be arranged neatly. The plates, bowls and pots should be neatly arranged on a rack. More the number of utensils more is the clutter. The utensils, even if few, can be used again after washing.

4. The tins containing cereals, pulses & eatables should also be arranged in one line and according to the height so that positive vibrations are emitted by such an arrangement.

5. Create a ceiling with the help of sattvik Name-strips of Deities

        During the construction of the vastu (Premises) many defects are left in it. Those who live in the vastu have many personality defects in them too. Due to these, distressing vibrations are created in the premises. When a ceiling with the help of sattvik Name-strips of Deities is created in the premises, the distressing vibrations are destroyed and the environment becomes positive and sattvik. Create a ceiling with the help of sattvik Name-strips of Deities on the walls in every room as shown ahead.

6. Light sattvik incense-sticks in the kitchen.

7. Chant the Name of your Deity of worship or chant stotras such as the ‘Ramraksha’ while cooking. You can also play some Name of God on a ‘Chant-machine’.

8. Pray with bhav to your Deity of worship & Shri Annapurnadevi periodically, for example, every ten minutes.

9. The environment in the kitchen can also be kept enriched with Chaitanya by playing devotional songs sung by Saints.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text Correct method of cooking a meal