Benefits of cooking food on a low flame

        In today’s modern times there are various gadgets available for cooking, like pressure cooker, microwave oven etc. In the earlier times, food used to be cooked on a low flame. Benefits of such cooking are given ahead.

1. Nutrient juices in food ingredients become active

        The nutrient juices (that provide nutrition and enhance health) of food ingredients in the spaces become active by gradually imbibing the Raja component with the help of heat in the low flame.

2. Destruction of nutrients is avoided

        A low flame activates the process just enough to cook the food, thus preserving the nutrients and then promptly activates the next process. This helps in avoiding the destruction of nutrients during the next process of cooking.

3. Preservation of subtle-gas containing vital energy

        The appropriate and natural process carried out with the help of temperate energy helps in the gradual accumulation of steam in the food, thereby preventing the harm to the subtle-gas containing vital energy and it constantly remains in an active state.

4. Activation of the Panchapran (Five vital energies) in the body

        Such food activates the Panchapran in the body, kindles the subtle-fire in the stomach and thus bestows the body with nutrients over a prolonged period. The points mentioned above help us understand the importance of cooking food on a low flame.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text Correct method of cooking a meal