Akash kandil – Diwali Lantern


        The original word for ‘Akash kandil’ is ‘Akashdeep’. Nowadays, ‘ghee-lamp’ has been replaced by an electric lamp; therefore, it is called ‘Akash kandil’. The atmosphere around the house is purified due to hanging Akash kandil outside the main door of house . Its another form that is hung inside the ‘vaastu’ (house) is known as ‘Laaman-Diva’.

1. History of Akash kandil or Akashdeep

        The concept of ‘Akashdeep’ originated during ‘Tretayuga’. People expressed their joy by hanging ‘Akashdeep’ to welcome the atmosphere which had purified with the ‘chaitanya (divine consciousness)’ of Shrirama at the time of His coronation ceremony.

2. Design of Akash kandil or Akashdeep

        The original shape of ‘Akashdeep’ is like a pot (kalash). It is mainly made of clay. It has circular holes in the centre and on upper side at a distance of 1-2 inches on the circumference of the pot. Inside the pot, clay seat is made to keep ghee-lamp.

3. Method of hanging Akash kandil or Akashdeep

        ‘Akashdeep’ is hung outside the main door on right hand side (looking from inside the house) (Right side is a symbol of activated energy). At twilight, akshata (Unbroken rice grains, usually smeared with kumkum) are kept on clay seat inside the pot on which the ghee-lamp is placed. A clay cover with pointed top is placed over the pot.

4. Akash kandil ‘Jyoti-kalash’ hung in courtyard

during the coronation ceremony of Shrirama in Tretayuga

The first Akash kandil or Akashdeep thus hung by people in their houses at the time of coronation ceremony of Shriram during ‘Tretayuga’

        In the darkness of night, one is unable to see clay ‘Akashdeep’ or “Akash kandil” but the lamp which is lit inside the ‘kalash’ emits light through the row of holes and it looks as if every hole is a flame of lamp, therefore, ‘Akashdeep’ or Akash kandil appears to be a cluster of flames in the shape of ‘kalash’. The halo is faintly spread around the ‘Kalash’ and it looks very attractive as if a flow of light is gushing outside the ‘kalash’. The ‘Akashdeep’ or ‘Akash kandil’ hung in the courtyards at the time of coronation of Shriram in ‘Tretayuga’ was therefore named as ‘Jyotikalash.’

5. Science behind hanging ‘Akash kandil’

5 A. Frequencies of water coming in the house from underground/ hell are stopped by frequencies of ‘Teja /Fire’ Tattva in Akash kandil hung outside the house

During the period of Diwali, frequencies which are downward in nature and associated with frequencies of Water (Aap)- Principle (Tattva) start getting transmitted in upward direction. It causes heaviness in the atmosphere increasing negative components in the house which pollute the whole ‘vaastu’. Akash kandil is, therefore, hung even before start of Diwali to stop such pollution. Akash kandil has ‘Teja (Fire)’ Principle (Tattva); so waves getting activated from upward and which have water-tattva get controlled by waves of ‘Tej’ Tattva; therefore, waves of Water Principle which are active from upward, are brought under control and the waves of Tej Tattva, creating awakening, start moving around the house in circular manner; therefore, Akash kandil is hung outside house.

5 B. Getting benefit of ‘Lakshmi Tattva’ and ‘Pancha- Tattva’ which are moving in Universe, through Akash kandil

Principle of Sri Lakshmi is active during the period of Diwali for removal of negative components in Universe. For getting benefit of this Tattva, all layers of ‘Pancha-Tattva’ are brought together which are absorbed through the magnetism created by speedy movement of ‘Vayu-Tattva’ in the vacuum of sky; therefore, ‘Akash kandil’ is hung outside house on top. It helps Principles moving in Universe.

6. ‘Akash kandil’s’ in different shapes and different types of frequencies emitted through them

6 A. Akash Kandil in star-shape

Frequencies emitted from this kandeel are not steady and have 10 % distressing energies. A person looking at such kandeel, transmits distressing energy through centre towards the upward direction which gets attracted from Hell and further transmits in atmosphere on the strength of its own shape. It creates a subtle line in the atmosphere.

6 B. Akash Kandil in hexagonal shape

Frequencies associated with 3 as constituent get transmitted in equal proportion through this kandeel. Percentage of distressing energies in this is 25. In all 6 constituents of this kandeel, distressing energy is transmitted on large scale from upward side till mid-air.

6 C. Akash Kandil in quadrangle shape

From this type of kandeel, circular frequencies are constantly transmitted which have 15 % distressing energy and it pollutes all 4 sides of the ‘vaastu’.

6 D. Akash Kandil’s in various shapes

In all such types of kandeels, the ‘Akar -negative energy’ create black covering in which 10 % black energy is stored. It pollutes ‘Akar-world’ in gross and subtle forms, charged with ‘Raja/Tama’ and emitting black energy. – A scholar (Thro’ the medium of Shri. Nishad Deshmukh, 15.10.2006, at 10.41 p.m.)

6 E. Oval shaped Akash kandil

Sattvik akashkandil

Waves emanate from circular expansiveness to subtle through this kandeel in which there are no black energies. ‘Ghosts’ cannot emit black energy through this kandeel because of such shape. Only senior ‘Ghosts’ can create a place in this type of kandeels.

7. Akash kandil’s effect on negative energies !

        Subtle sattvik frequencies from Deities in the Universe get attracted towards ghee-lamp and get transmitted through the top of lid in the atmosphere like a fountain. It creates a subtle-roof of sattvik frequencies in that part of atmosphere. Akshatas kept under the lamp absorb sattvik frequencies which are transmitted in downward direction. Thus, it creates subtle-covering of sattvik frequencies on land. The negative energies experience distress of rapidly moving light frequencies emitted from the holes on the clay pot and the subtle sound generated from it. Therefore, the negative energies avoid going in the vicinity of Akashdeep. Naturally, their movement around the Vaastu reduces. Clay has more water particles than Earth, therefore, its capacity to transmit sattvik frequencies is also higher. Akashdeep, due to being hung helps to purify both subtle air waves going up and the subtle air waves going down simultaneously in the atmosphere. Later, protective shield is created around the vaastu due to the sattvik frequencies emitted through lamp and akshata. It protects the vaastu from the negative energies which become increasingly active from the twilight period.


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