Love Jihad – A fate worse than death !

‘Love Jihad’ is a war declared by Jihadis against Hindus and Christians through the medium of deceptive love.’ Today it has become need of the hour for Hindus to take proper precautions so that Hindu women should not fall prey to this demon of Love Jihad. Read more »


The Horrific Truth of the Goa Inquisition !

Goa has witnessed one of the most brutal genocides in the history of mankind – the Inquisition of Goa. While the world knows about the Spanish Inquisition, hardly anything is known about the Goan Inquisition. After 451 long years of tyrannical rule by the barbaric Portuguese, they were overthrown and Goa was liberated on December … Read more

Sign Petition : Arrest Leena Manimekalai for denigrating Goddess Kali

While many countries sermonised India over the comments of Ms Nupur Sharma (which she directly quoted from Islamic scriptures), it is appalling that India has not yet reacted to this gross denigration of Goddess Kaali. It is unfortunate that Hindu sensibilities are taken for granted across the world, so Hindus sincerely hope that Govt. will take the necessary steps to safeguard Hindu interests. Read more »