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Ordinary Indian society is strong and theistic. The Indian Constitution indicates respect for the religious beliefs of every citizen; But today religion, scriptures, deities, saints and national figures are being disrespected in a big way through drama, movies, webseries, advertisements, poetry, pictures etc. To hurt religious sentiments and create tension in the society by disrespecting the idols or images of deities in public places; atheism, ridiculing deities in the name of freedom of expression, freedom of art etc., portraying deities inappropriately, circulating derogatory images of deities in social media; Showing characters of Gods in webseries-movie-drama-advertisements, speaking humorous-objectionable dialogue and ridiculing those characters or Gods; composing disrespectful poetry related to deities, saints, religions etc. and presenting them in various ceremonies; Openly disrespecting the deities by distorted and malicious writings in relation to the deities has increased to a great extent. Through this, discontent is being spread among the majority believer-rich Hindu society. Due to this, the faith of some citizens in the deity and religion may be reduced or their religious sentiments are being hurt.

Such incidents are happening again and again and due to no concrete action by the government or police on them, such incidents are happening again and again. Now again the important reason to raise this topic is the currently released controversial webseries ‘Tandav’ and the OTT platform, ‘Amazon Prime’, which broadcasts such webseries openly ! Disrespecting the gods has now become a fad. Probably it has become a criterion for calling one secular. As a result, intolerance is increasing in the society. Apart from Hindus, other religions being very aware, such incidents rarely happen in relation to them. And even if something happens, the police intervenes immediately; But in relation to Hindus, action does not appear to be taking place when something like this happens. That is why the anti-Hindu religions, atheists, communists etc. are trampling the religious sentiments of common Hindus under their feet by doing this regularly. This is extremely serious.

On this background, there seems to be a need for strict laws to maintain social peace, religious harmony, law and order in India against those who disrespect the Gods. That is why we are demanding that an ‘Anti-Blasphemy Law’ should be made in this context to take strict action against the culprits.

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Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s ‘Online’ Webinar on ‘Why a demand for Anti-Blasphemy Act?’

Those who mock Hindu Deities must be punished ! – Payal Rohatgi, Actress

‘Conspiracies have been deliberately hatched to spread Hindu-hatred through films and web series so that the followers of Sanatan Hindu Dharma will have inferiority complex and negativity towards Hindu Dharma and will forget their identity as ‘Hindus’. Such practices are also followed to bring films or web series into limelight. Those who cannot even act properly, get to act in these films or web series because of their anti-national and anti-Hindu attitude. This is a strategy and a covert assault on Hindu Dharma’ said an actress Payal Rohatgi. She further said, “The Central Government should take cognisance of the religious sentiments of the majority and legislate strict laws like anti-blasphemy law for ensuring social harmony, as well as those who mock Hindu Deities for their ‘career’ or ‘fashion’ must be punished”.

Payal Rohatgi was speaking on ‘Why a demand for Anti-Defamation Act?’ at at a webinar organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti under the programme ‘Charcha Hindu Rashtra Ki’. The programme, which was aired on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, was watched by more than 57,000 people.

On the occasion, Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar, President of Hindu Vidhyadnya Parishad said, “Spreading anti-Hindu propaganda through films and web series is a form of intellectual terrorism and Hindus are falling prey to it. The novel such as The Satanic Verses and film, The Da Vinci Code are immediately banned when objected to by other religious communities; however, such action is not taken when Hindus object. There is a censor board to certify the films; still, the question remains on what basis do its members approve of films ? There is a need for holding a big movement to create awareness about this. While there is freedom of expression, there are certain limits to it. Anti-Hindutva should be curbed by making proper use of the legal tools currently available”. At this webinar, founder of Hindu IT cell, Mr. Ramesh Solanki who is fighting a legal battle against the desecration of Deities said, “The Police were reluctant to register a complaint against the desecration of the Deities. Hindus need to be aware of this. Either you improve or we will reform you legally. he warned the anti-Hindus”. He warned anti-Hindu people

#IndiaWants_BlasphemyLaw trends as Hindus demand law against blasphemous material insulting Hindu Dharma

An online agitation was held on social media on 23rd January demanding an anti-blasphemy law. Hindus took to Twitter to demand anti-blasphemy law and its immediate implementation against the offenders who demean, insult and mock Hindu Dharma, Deities, Sadhus, Saints. This time on Twitter, the hashtag #IndiaWants_BlasphemyLaw was used in more than 35,000 tweets and was in second place in the national trend, while the hashtag #ईशनिंदा_कानून_चाहिए was in fifth place.