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veer_savarkarOh Motherland,
Sacrifice for you is like life!
Living without you is death!!
– Veer Savarkar, the ideal form of Warrior energy

HJS has undertaken a campaign to get approval from the INDIAN government for a Memorial to Veer Savarkar in France.

Shame on Bharat’s Selfish political parties who have forgotten the sacrifice of Veer Savarkar !

Veer Savarkar’s world famous leap

Centenary of the famous leap of Swatantryaveer Savarkar, who tried to control the ocean, for freedom of his motherland

It was a ‘Gudhi’ erected by Swa. Savarkar in the international forum, by taking a leap at Marseilles, keeping the ocean and sky as the witnesses, for the freedom of Hindustan. It is the centenary year of this world famous ‘leap’. The film industry, which is always looking for such incidents, has never thought about such idea. Let us remember this leap by Savarkar taken on 8th July at the age of only 27 years and kindle the spark of patriotism in every Hindu !

One poet says following lines about Savarkar’s leap (Original in Marathi)

Death forgot its duty while looking at this ‘leap’,

The horse of Jhansi who had leapt on the bastion, also smiled;

Vasudev Balwant was overwhelmed with joy,

There was thundering in the horizon of revolution;

There are only two renowned brave warriors in this world,

Who crossed the ocean for the love of their mother,

First honour goes to Hanuman and the second to Vinayak

Poet Manmohan

Veer Savarkar was arrested by the British in London. He was sent on the board of a steamer named ‘Moriya’ under police vigilance for hearing of the next case against him in the Court in Hindustan. During the journey, the steamer was anchored at Marseilles Port. It was the morning of 8th July 1910. Savarkar said that he wanted to go for morning rites and went to the toilet. He removed his night-gown and hung the same on the glass door so as to cover himself from the guard of his security men. He jumped up to the porthole. He contracted his body and leaped into the unknown sea. The skin of his chest and stomach was peeled off. The security men immediately realized that the hostage had run away. They started chasing him. By that time, Savarkar climbed the 9 feet quay and set his foot on the French land thus setting himself free. He ran some distance and handed himself over to the French police; but the policemen, who were following him, bribed their French counterpart and forcefully and illegally, he was brought back to the steamer.

The British Government went into a shock with this leap. The incident was a stigma to the sovereignty of France leading to resignation of the French Prime Minister. The matter of illegally arresting Savarkar on French land was taken up at international Court. The prosecution was also shifted to international Court. He is the first such Indian patriot, Swatantryaveer Savarkar ! This leap inspires all the patriots even today. : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Keep alive memories of the sacrifices made by Savarkar !

The only revolutionary who was sentenced to life imprisonment twice, was freedom fighter Savarkar ! It will be most ungrateful on our part to forget the brutal oppression faced by him while going through the sentence of deportation.

Do the following to prevent such ungratefulness:

  • Participate in the online signature drive undertaken by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in this centenary year of the Marseilles incident for construction of his memorial at Marseilles (France).
  • Write letters to the President and the Prime Minister or send representations through the organization you are associated with, for construction of Veer Savarkar’s memorial at Marseilles.
  • The islands in Andaman area where the British army officials oppressing the revolutionaries who had taken part in the freedom fight of 1857, still bore their names. Rather than doing something about it, the lines of poems composed by Swa. Savarkar have been erased from the memorial post in Andaman. Write a letter to the MLA/MP elected from your area demanding restoration of those lines.
  • Present the books authored by Swa. Savarkar like ‘Mazi Janmathep’ (My life imprisonment) and ‘the Freedom Battle of 1857’ etc. and try to keep such books in the libraries in all villages and cities.
  • Visit the birth place, memorial etc. of freedom fighter Savarkar.
  • Sing songs written by Savarkar in the school/college functions.
  • Organize lectures on Swa. Savarkar and show film on his life history.
  • Issue protest-letters to NCERT for not including Savarkar in the history text books set by them and participate in the movement undertaken by HJS.

‘Take an oath that even if I get the throne of ‘Deity Indra’, I will decline the same and die as the last Hindu !’ : Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

The French Government has paid a tribute to this brave act by granting permission for the construction of Veer Savarkar’s memorial in France; but our Indian Government has been delaying the matter for the past 11 years. A doubt, therefore, arises in the mind that we might be deprived of a historic memorial owing to the appalling apathy of the Indian Government. It is the duty of all of us nationalistic citizens of this country to see this memorial through to completion.

HJS protest in Bhagyanagar (Andhra Pradesh) (15 July)

Garlanding of Savarkar’s Statue
Dignitaries present on the dais

HJS ‘signature drive’ to submit a memorandum to the President

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Photos of Protest

BJP MLA Kishan Reddy supports HJS protest, addressing Hindus

1247663912_Vinayak-Shanbhag-of-HJS-speakingVinayak Shanbhag of HJS addressing Hindus

Singature campaign about Veer Savarkar statue in France

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