Why a pregnant woman should consume Sattvik Food as her Pregnancy Diet ?


1. Introduction

        The food consumed by a pregnant woman helps nourish all vital elements required by the foetus in her womb.

A. Nourishment of tissues in the body

        ‘The importance of a sattvik (Sattva-predominant) diet has been specified from time to time in Hindu Dharma. Only a sattvik diet nourishes the tissues in the body, and they become strong.

B. Contact of the foetus with sattvik food ensures that its growth takes place at the spiritual level

        Sattvik food generates sattvik vibrations and Sattva component attracts the Chaitanya-shakti in a large proportion from the universe. It is because of the contact of the foetus with such food, that its growth begins to take place at the spiritual level. Hence, it is beneficial for a pregnant woman to consume Sattvik food as her pregnancy diet.

2. Distress caused to a foetus when the mother

consumes a tamasik (Tama-predominant) diet during pregnancy 

A.  A foetus suffers different types of distress due to the mother consuming a tamasik diet.

        The essence of the food consumed by the mother is supplied to the foetus. If the food is of low quality or tamasik  in nature, naturally the foed distress.

B. Hellish life of the foetus

        Life in the womb is termed as ‘life in Hell’. When in the mother’s womb, the foetus falls prey to various desire-oriented waves generated by the food eaten by the mother to be. The subtle negative effects of these waves are seen on the manodeha (mental body) and sukshmadeha (subtle body) of the foetus.

3. Direct effects of a tamasik diet on the foetus

A. When the mother has a tamasik diet, it results in the accumulation of Tama– predominant waves in the foetus, and it falls prey to negative energy distress

        Pungent and oily food falls in the tamasik category; whereas, sour, salty or astringent food falls in the rajasik category (Raja-predominant). If the diet of the mother-to-be includes dishes with such tastes, it adversely affects the foetus. Tama-predominant waves begin to accumulate in its body and slowly the foetus begins to fall prey to negative energy distress.

B. It may require several births to overcome distress that commences while in the mother’s womb

        The foetus faces intense spiritual distress while still in the mother’s womb. The centres created by negative energies during its dwelling in the womb are subtle-most and hence, it may take several births to overcome the ensuing distress.

C. The spiritual suffering that arises repeatedly, leads to the deterioration of the life of the foetus in the womb itself.

D. With passage of time, both, the mother and the foetus, fall prey to distressing vibrations

        With the passage of time, the negative energies establish themselves in the body of the foetus effectively, meaning the body of the mother, and as a result, the negative energies begin to dwell in the void of mother’s abdominal cavity. Hence, the mother and the womb, both fall prey to the clutches of distressing vibrations.


A. Sattvik diet consumed by the mother during pregnancy helps in spiritual development of the foetus in the womb.

B. If a pregnant mother consumes a Raja-Tama-predominant diet, it will cause distress to the foetus and make it vulnerable to attacks of negative energies.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Importance of a sattvik diet’