Ill effects of Sugar upon its excessive consumption

        Most of the food items we eat nowadays cannot taste good to our taste buds till we add sugar. Sugar has become such an integral part of our lives that looking for its better counterpart is out of the question. Few supermarkets also give away few kilos of sugar for free after a purchase of a certain amount of money. We need sugar in our tea, milk, curd etc. But have we ever realized if this white crystalline product is even helping us? Or is it creating any special grounds for various diseases to crop in? Let us make ourselves aware about our white crystalline “friend’s” intention and then decide for ourselves what changes can we make in our diet.

1. Approximately 64% nutrients are destroyed in the process of refining sugar

        Approximately 64% nutrients are destroyed in the process of refining sugar. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fibres etc. are destroyed and what is left is sucrose, which has no nutrient value and is not beneficial for health!

 2. Various ill effects of sugar

A. Enhancement in the proportion of

cholesterol and cortisone in the body, thereby affecting its immune system

For our body to function, fuel in the form of glucose is required. The body converts the food we eat into glucose with the help of various enzymes. Glucose is naturally present in fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses. Unfortunately, we presume that the glucose required by our body is nothing but refined sugar. However, the body is at a loss to find out what to do with the sugar. Sugar increases the proportion of adrenaline in our body. It is because of adrenaline, that the body stays in constant war-like state. This increases the proportion of fatty acids and cortisone in the body. Cortisone affects our immune system.

B. Sugar causes an imbalance between calcium and phosphorous in the body

While manufacturing sugar from sugarcane, ‘nano-filtration process’ is used during the refining process to provide whiteness to sugar. This has ill-effects on our hormones. The body has to work very hard for the digestion and absorption of sugar. This causes imbalance between calcium and phosphorus in the body.

C. Other ill effects of sugar

  • Surplus sugar in the body increases fat in the body. This fat is deposited on the non-functional organs; for example stomach, thighs, heart, kidneys.
  • Increases blood pressure and fatty acids.
  • Reduces the immune system and the resistance power, thereby causing the body to feel tired while fighting attack of cold, heat and mosquitoes.
  • Energy of the body is expended in the digestion of sugar; hence, the body experiences fatigue in eradicating ill effects of sugar.
  • Excessive consumption of sugar affects the working of brain
  • Excessive consumption of sugar makes us sleepy and also affects the ability to calculate and concentrate \
  • Reduces the flexibility of our cells/muscles
  • Affects vision adversely
  • Leads to early ageing
  • Reduces vitamin ‘E’ in our blood
  • There is a possibility of developing cancer of the large intestines
  • Surplus sugar can be one of the causes for prostate cancer
  • Leads to stomach aches during menstruation. There is an increase in pre-menstrual syndrome in women.

D. Experts’ opinions and conclusions about sugar

  • Solid and liquid food items containing sugar are more harmful than alcohol : Wheat flour and bread, cakes prepared from it and containing sugar are more harmful than alcohol. When rats were fed with food containing excessive sugar, they developed vision problems.
  • Number of diabetes and cancer patients is on the rise in direct proportion to the purchase of sugar.
  • Cavities are caused in the teeth because of consumption of sugar : Consumption of poison-like sugar provides a conducive environment to extremely minute bacteria in the mouth. It activates their energy, and lactic acid is formed. This acid destroys the enamel over the surface of the teeth and causes them to decay.
  • There is no sugar in the diet of tribals living in the mountains. They eat natural food and hence, they remain healthy from the physical and mental perspective.
  • Sugar is sweet poison.

    3. An excellent substitute for sugar is jaggery!

        An excellent and easily available substitute for sugar is jaggery which does not contain any chemicals. Similarly, honey, molasses, sugarcane juice, dates are also better substitutes for sugar.

A. Benefits of jaggery

1. Rapid physical growth and strengthening of bones in children after giving them proper proportion of peanuts and jaggery : Calcium is present in jaggery, hence, it is good and beneficial for children; but, it should be eaten in appropriate proportion only. This is because there is a chance of getting infected with worms if eaten in excess. If children are regularly made to eat peanuts and jaggery in appropriate amounts, their growth will be rapid. Bones become strong and body remains healthy.

2. Consumption of jaggery and roasted gram by women helps in alleviating iron deficiency in them : Normally, it is observed that women suffer from iron deficiency. This is caused by their menstrual cycle. However, if women eat roasted gram with jaggery, this problem gets alleviated and they do not feel any weakness, as the level of haemoglobin increases.

3. Jaggery is a very good medicine for cardiac problems and an adequate level of haemoglobin is maintained in the blood by eating jaggery : Jaggery has vitamin ‘B’ in greater proportion. This makes it beneficial for mental health. Potassium is good for cardiac ailments. It can be acquired naturally by eating jaggery. This means that jaggery is a good medicine for cardiac ailments. Eating jaggery is good for anaemic patients also the proportion of haemoglobin in blood that is lost due to excessive bleeding is restored by consuming jaggery.

4. Usage of edibles made from sugar

reduces vital energy, while natural honey increases it

        Usage of edibles prepared with artificially made substance like sugar, which is refined with the help of chemicals, reduces the vital energy of an individual; while, natural honey increases it. Examine the energy levels of an average individual through a device. Then ask him to eat sugar and check his energy levels. It will be observed that the energy levels have reduced. Then ask him to eat some honey and check the energy levels again. It will be found that the energy levels have risen. In this way, Dr. Diamond has proved through experiments that processed food like sugar reduces the energy levels and natural products like honey, fruits and vegetables increase the energy levels. Honey manufactured in factories and bottled is not as beneficial as natural honey. The chemicals used for refining sugarcane juice in the sugar factories are harmful.

Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text “Dietary norms and deficiencies in modern diet”

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