Ill effects of Junk Food, Fast Food and Chocolate

        For individuals to lead a healthy and happy life, our scriptures have recommended certain dietary norms. Everyone should consume sattvik (Sattva-predominant) Bharatiya food items prepared at home. They are fresh, easy to digest and also help maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health. The modern day diet, however, ignores these norms and propagates the Tama component. The biggest drawback of consuming fast-food or junk-food is that, the individuals who regularly consume such items that are Tama-predominant and that attract black (distressing) energies, become victim of the distress due to negative energies. If the diet is Tama-predominant, then due to the generation of Tama-predominant thoughts, the balance of the mind and the intellect is lost. The ill effects of junk food are at physical, intellectual as well as Spiritual level. Let us understand ill-effects of eating such food.

1. Effects of junk food from the health perspective

        Nowadays, when we think of food, items like pizza, burger, chips and wafers come to our mind. Eating these items has been treated as a sign of elite living. All these dishes are called junk-food. In 1972, Michael Jacobson used the nomenclature of junk-food for these items which contained nutrients useless for health. And this nomenclature stuck. All these items contain high amount of sodium, salt, sugar and fat. Hence, they have more calories. However, these calories are of no use to us.

2. Ill effects of junk food and useless food items

        These useless food items have many ill-effects. Nutritionists say, ‘There is an increase in the blood cholesterol level because of the consumption of food having excessive fat. Excess fat and salt can cause an increase in blood pressure. The kidneys may be affected by continuous use of excessive salt. And these items can affect the blood circulation system as well.

A. Heart ailments

Children who are fond of these items (and are allowed by their parents) are likely to suffer from heart ailments by the time they are in their thirties.

B. Junk-food increases infertility

When school-college going young girls consume junk-food in excess, most of them can lose the hormonal balance in their bodies and can fall victim to polycystic ovary syndrome. Hence, more than 25% women who marry at the age of 25 suffer from infertility of some sort or the other.

3. Effects of Fast-food

A. Objective of negative energies in creating burgers, pizzas and other fast-food items

The original producers of burgers, pizzas and other fast-food items were under tremendous influence of negative energies. Negative energies used these producers to create food that is easy to prepare, able to attract immediately, suitable for quick consumption, and enabling the spread of black energy through them easily into the body and mind of the individual who eats them.

B. Ill effects of eating Tama-predominant fast-food

Nowadays, children love food items like pizzas, burgers, chips etc.; they force their parents to purchase these items. These items are known as fast-food. These are not Bharatiya recipes, but are imported from western countries. Since Bharatiyas have been following their western counterparts, the pleasure-seeking culture has also spread to Bharat. Even though outwardly the fast-food tastes good, it is a Tama-predominant diet and is physically, intellectually and spiritually harmful. Fast-food is difficult to digest, it upsets the digestive system. In foreign countries, excessive consumption of fast-food and artificially flavoured cold drinks has made children obese and deformed their faces. Fast-food increases the obesity in an individual and thus reduces his lifespan. Research by Sir David King (Scientific advisor to the British Government) in Britain shows that obesity caused by fast-food can reduce the lifespan of an individual by 13 years.

  • Physical ill-effects : Fast-food like pizzas, burgers, chips etc. are artificially processed stale food! If such stale food is eaten regularly, it has detrimental effect on the health.

  • Intellectual ill-effects : Chinese food is also considered to be fast-food. ‘Ajinomoto’ used in Chinese cooking, is harmful for the intellect.

  • Spiritual ill-effects : Fast-foods are stored for a long time. This increases the Tama component, meaning, the bad attribute in it. Negative energies are attracted to such Tama-predominant items. Hence, the attitude of an individual who eats fast-food becomes tamasik (Tama-predominant). This in turn enhances bad attributes such as anger, irritability, obstinacy etc. in individuals. This increases the possibility of their facing distress due to negative energies.

4. Subtle-characteristics and effects of a ‘non-vegetarian burger’

A. Activation of black energy in the chicken burger

While preparing meat of the slaughtered chicken for burgers, more amount of black energy is attracted to it, which is active in the burger as well.

B. Since black energy is active in the burger, it easily creates illusory, alluring and vibrating fake Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in it.

C. Negative energies use 2-3 assisting mediums in the burger to spread black energy, enhance it and ferment it; and, stick the black energy within the body of an individual who eats the bun and the burger.

D. The assisting mediums used by the negative energies

  • Cheese : This helps bind the burger and the bun. The cheese sticks to the body-insides of the individual who eats it and it ferments. Hence, the burger remains undigested in the stomach for a long time. When the burger remains in the intestines for a long time, it provides the negative energies more time to spread black energy in the bloodstream. The food items in the burger form a lump in the stomach, and it also helps that food to get stuck in the intestines and to the sides of the stomach.

  • Mayonnaise : It has the same properties as those of cheese; but, its proportion of fermentation is greater. The mayonnaise and the flour in the bun ferment in the stomach. It is because of the fermentation process, that particles of black energy become light and buoyant; hence, they can easily move through the bloodstream and travel all over the body.

  • Flour bun or bread : The bun or bread made of flour has absorbing properties akin to that of a sponge; hence, the black energy within the chicken is absorbed into the bun. As soon as it is absorbed into the bun, it permeates and forms a centre of black energy in it. When the flour, chicken, cheese and mayonnaise enter the body, they create a sticky ball which later ferments. Since it remains in the stomach and intestines for more than 36 hours, it gives the black energy plenty of time to increase itself within the body and to move all over the various organs of the body through the bloodstream.

5. Subtle-effects on an individual upon eating fast-food and normal food

A. Fast-food

  • This food is cooked with the intention of entertainment, meaning, to satisfy the taste buds, and hence, it is unnatural for the fact that it is prepared in a short time, it contains greater amount of distressing energy and black energy.

  • Effect on the individual : Digestive disorders such as weakening of digestive power, heaviness of the stomach and pain in the stomach. Obesity and fickleness of the mind.

  • The attraction energy present in the fast-food attracts the distressing energy (vibrations) in the environment as well as from the individuals who prepare it. Therefore, people are attracted to eat such food, and because of the illusion creating energy in it, they find it tasty.

  • It is because of the presence of black energy in such food, that individuals suffering from negative energy distress like it more.

B. Normal food

  • The food cooked by an individual who performs regular spiritual practice contains greater proportion of Chaitanya than that cooked by an individual who does not perform spiritual practice.

  • Since this food is fresh and natural, it contains tarak-shakti (Saviour energy) and Chaitanya.

  • Effects on individual : Since this food is easily digestible, digestive power remains in order, stability of the body is maintained and digestive disorders do not occur. Stability of the body is maintained and it helps in enhancing the vital energy.

6. Why should food cooked according to the

Hindu method be preferred to fast-food or junk-food ?

        The body does not get any nourishment on eating either fast-food or junk-food. Many doctors have concluded after a lot of research that since these foods are hard to digest, their consumption causes illnesses.

        Since the food cooked according to traditional Hindu method is easily digestible and provides nourishment to the body, it is appropriate for our body. It is clearly said in Naturopathy that the body gets greater benefit when it gets natural substances. If foods which are artificially processed for preservation are eaten, they enhance various ailments in the body. The food prepared according to the Hindu method is very close to Naturopathy, for example, salad and leafy vegetable dishes.

7. Chocolate is a source of various diseases

        Nowadays, we seem to adore poisonous substances more than the natural ones! Chocolate was non-existent in Bharatiya culture. It is a root of many ailments, especially those connected with the teeth. It causes terrible effects on the body, because of the saccharine in it. The World Health Organisation has also declared saccharine as dangerous and harmful for health. Cancer can also be caused by consumption of saccharine. If the individual wants to remain healthy, he should keep off from products like chocolates that are made from saccharine.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Dietary norms and deficiencies in modern diet’

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