Significance of wearing Nauvari Saree (Nine-yard saree)

        Any attire unknowingly influences the attitude of the wearer. Sattvik attire such as the six yard and the nauvari saree (Nine-yard saree), make a woman virtuous and Dharma-abiding. Abiding by Dharma increases devotion and bhav (Spiritual emotion) unto God and the individual begins to move on the path of God realisation. A nauvari saree is more sattvik than a six-yard saree. Today, the use of traditional Bharatiya attire such as nauvari saree, which in fact is the identity of the Hindu culture, has been restricted to womenfolk in the villages.

        There has been a tradition of purity and modesty in Hindu culture, but the present culture is based on the demoniacal western culture. The prevalent rajasik-tamasik attire such as chuḍidar, jeans, etc. make a woman impulsive and inclined towards worldly pleasures. Due to inappropriate attire, harm is caused not only to man’s mind at the individual level, but also to the entire Nation. Attire is a powerful medium that gives form to every individual’s thought process. It is no wonder then, that the modern attire provokes the human mind to resort to violence and rapes.

        In the following article, spiritual experiences of various seekers on wearing the nauvari saree have been given. From this we will be able to understand the significance of wearing a nauvari saree.

1. Divine Knowledge received on wearing of a nauvari saree and the aspects perceived

1 A. Nauvari saree worn as the Brahman women do


  • In this method of wearing a saree, since the shape of the front portion of the saree (from the waist to the feet) is like a conch, I instantly perceived the existence of Shrikrushnatattva (Shrikrushna Principle) there and perceived Lakshmidevitattva (Shrilakshmi Principle) in the portion above the waist and I felt happy. I also perceived marak-shakti (Destroyer energy), Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) and bhav.

  • The conch-shaped front portion of the nauvari saree near the feet imbibes and emits Shrikrushnatattva.

1 B. A nauvari saree worn in a simple manner

  • In the nauvari saree worn in a simple manner, I perceived Lakshmidevitattva, more of tarak-shakti (Saviour energy), that is, unmanifest energy, bhav and Anand (Bliss).

  • Since the front portion is not conch-shaped, the pleats come down straightway, and the Lakshmidevitattva is created at the place of Shrikrushnatattva and emitted into the environment.

2. Effects of wearing a nauvari saree on the mind, intellect,

ego and the distressing energy associated with the body.

2 A. Reduction in restlessness, ego and distressing energy in the body

        While preparing to dress for attending a marriage ceremony, I tried three attires – a Punjabi dress, a six-yard saree and a nauvari saree at different times. Upon wearing a nauvari saree, I experienced the following aspects :

    • The restlessness of the mind reduced

    • Awareness about self-control was maximum

    • Awareness of ego reduced and I constantly felt humble

    • The distressing energy in my body reduced to a large extent

2 B. Stability of the mind, awakening of conscience and

generation of a protective sheath around the body upon imbibing Chaitanya

  • Mind : The distressing energy covering around the mind reduced and the mind became stable, calm and controlled. I could control (the defects of) the mind.

  • Intellect : The distressing covering around the intellect reduced and conscience was awakened.

  • A protective sheath of Chaitanya could be perceived.

  • A protective sheath of Chaitanya formed all around me and Chaitanya was getting imbibed in the cells and parts of my body.

  • When I draped the saree pallu (free end of the saree) from one shoulder to the other, I had the spiritual experience of donning a covering of Chaitanya.

  • Upon wearing a nauvari saree, the method of tucking the saree pleats in the front and at the back made me feel that a protective sheath is being formed around the entire body in the upper as well as the lower directions, covering the body from the head to toe. This blocked the attacks of negative energies from Patal (Hell region) on the chakras (Spiritual energy centres in the subtle body) of my body.

  • I felt that, due to the special process of wearing a nauvari saree, a round shape is formed in the front, back and on the upper portion. For this reason, I experienced a protective sheath getting formed around the stomach, waist and reproductive organs. I could feel a wide strip of Chaitanya moving slowly around my waist and abdomen.

  • Due to this sheath of Chaitanya, the distressing energy covering around the mind, intellect and body was reducing.

3. The two ends of the pallu of a nauvari saree

protect women from both the sides – front as well as back.

        Women never let the pallu be free, it is always draped over the right shoulder. As a result,

  • The front end of the pallu protects the front portion of the woman’s body through the emission of active Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) oriented Shakti vibrations associated with the right shoulder.

  • The back end of the pallu that hangs over the shoulder is in the direction of Patal. This end protects her back portion by combating the vibrations emitting from the earth. This goes to prove that the traditional dress culture was useful in obtaining maximum benefit from the spiritual perspective and proves that the idiom ‘old is gold’ holds true.

4. Why is it important for a woman to

wear a nauvari saree during religious functions ?

4 A. Worshipping while wearing a nauvari saree activates the Panchaprana (five vital energies in the body) in the woman and her whole body gets charged with Chaitanya.

4 B. Chaitanya imbibed by women wearing a six-yard and a nauvari saree during the ritualistic worship is 30% and 60% respectively, which reduces the distressing energy in their mental body and bestows them with self-control, thus making them sattvik.

5. Spiritual experience related to benefits of wearing a nauvari saree

Upon wearing a nauvari saree, feeling the spread of Shakti (Energy) in my body

        My son’s thread ceremony was performed on 16.4.2008. On that day, I wore a nauvari saree for the first time. On tying the first knot I felt that Shakti is spreading in me, I am wearing the ornaments of Shri Mahalakshmidevi and am fully endowed with Her weapons for a battle. – A Seeker

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Spiritually beneficial clothes for women’

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