Why should women not go out with loose hair ?


        It is a common scene nowadays with women in every corner of the world trying to beautify themselves by leaving loose hair; some even go to the extent of styling their open hair as well. We must have noticed in horror movies where female ghosts have loose hair all the time while mythological movies show women with hair tied as plaits or buns. All female Deities have their long hair tied up, except when they are on a mission to destroy demoniac forces.

        Superficially, loose hair might look good; but from a spiritual perspective, it is actually a very dangerous invitation to negative energies. Let us find out why does open hair make women more vulnerable to subtle negative attacks.

1. Going out with the hair let loose makes it easy

for the negative energies to release distressing energy on an individual


        When the hair are washed, they have to be kept loose to dry. Negative energies are attracted to such hair to a greater extent. When such unfastened loose hair rub against each other, due to friction, a flowing form of Raja-Tama-predominant energy is generated between the hair. It becomes easy for the negative energies to release and store distressing energy in an individual with the help of this flowing energy. Later, through effective spread of this distressing energy, the possibility of a negative energy entering the body of the individual increases.

2. Increase in Raja unsteadies the mind and intellect

        The Raja subtle-component is associated with action and passion and it is the subtle-component that is responsible for movement. From a spiritual point of view, generally women as compared to men are more Raja-predominant, and one of the manifestations of this is that, they are more emotional by nature.

        When a woman leaves her hair open, the Raja component within her hair increases even further. An increase in the Raja subtle-component tends to make a person’s mind more fickle and also increases the tendency to be frivolous. This fickleness of the mind can be taken advantage of by negative energies to affect a woman and make her do and say things she normally wouldn’t.

        Also women become more conscious about their five senses and their body when their hair is left open. Very quickly, the Raja component can be converted into the Tama component by negative energies. This leads to an increase in feelings such as depression, worry, increased sexual thoughts leading to promiscuity.

3. Effect on women with short hair

        Women with short hair are at a disadvantage as they generally have to keep their hair open. As a result, distressing energies from the environment are continuously attracted to the hair left open. Short hair on a woman is more likely to become charged with distressing vibrations.

4. Sleeping with loose hair

        When a woman sleeps with her hair open, the tips of the hair shaft are exposed. When sleeping we are more vulnerable to attacks by negative energies as they are more active at night due the increased RajaTama vibrations in the environment. This is especially so for women who do not do regular spiritual practice.

5. Why do men not get affected by keeping their hair short and open?

        At a spiritual level, men generally have less of the Raja subtle-component than women; hence they are less emotional and are also less sensitive. They also have a higher ability to fight with negativity. As a result, they are less prone to a subtle-attack because of their hair being cut. Men have a higher ability to imbibe the Sattva component with short and open hair. It is therefore recommended for men to keep their hair short. Hair grown long by men increases the subtle-heat in their body and disturbs their inner stability. It also leads to men being more fickle minded.

6. Some practical suggestions from a spiritual perspective

  • Spiritual research has shown that as much as possible, women should not leave their hair down. It is better to put their hair up in a bun or tied in a plait or braid.

  • For a woman even while sleeping it is better to tie one’s hair up.

  • After a hair wash or a head bath, it is recommended that a woman ties the ends of her hair or puts a towel around her hair while it is drying.

  • Saying prayers for protection from negative energies and increasing one’s desire for spiritual practice helps put a subtle protective sheath around one.

  • Also, women become more conscious about their five senses and their body when their hair is left down. This increased awareness of one’s body can impede spiritual growth which is the purpose of life. To grow spiritually we have to transcend identifying with our five senses, mind and intellect and identify with the Soul or God within us.

  • As a result of regular spiritual practice, one is able to feel the difference between Sattva and Tama predominant activities. Once one is able to perceive this, one does not need to be told what is spiritually better, as it can be felt internally. Through regular spiritual practice and maintaining a sattvik lifestyle one earns the Guru’s grace which protects one from subtle-attacks and enables rapid spiritual growth.

7. Precaution to be taken in case it is necessary to go out with hair let loose

        In case it is necessary to go out with the hair let loose, the woman should knot the hair loosely or tie a loose braid before stepping out. The knot or the braid allows only a small proportion of distressing energy released by negative energies to spread towards the body of the woman. This automatically reduces the possibility of distress from negative energies.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Hair Care’.