Benefits of prayer

Stages in Praying

Once the importance of praying is understood, a numerical increase in it is expected initially. In the initial stages, praying takes place merely as a mechanical exercise of repeating words and is devoid of bhāv (Spiritual emotion). In the subsequent stages, a qualitative increase in praying is expected, that is, it is expected to be made with bhāv.

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How should we pray ?

Just like chanting, the sādhanā (Spiritual practice) of prayers can be performed at any place, such as in front of a Deity, in a house, in a courtyard, office, field, school, hotel, hospital, while traveling, sitting or lying in bed, etc. In the initial stage, it is better to pray in front of a Deity to attain concentration.

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Types of Prayers

An individual who performs sakām worship offers sakām prayers, while an individual who performs nishkām worship offers nishkām. He who offers a sakām prayer gets entrapped in Māyā (Great Illusion), while he who prays in a nishkām manner moves towards God-realisation by overcoming Māyā.

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