Benefits of prayer

Prayers related to daily conduct

O Mother Annapūrṇā ! Let this food that is offered at your feet be consumed by me with a bhāv (Spiritual emotion) that it is your ‘Prasād (Holy sacrament)’. Let me get Shakti (Divine Energy) and Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) through this Prasād Read more »

Prayers to be offered to God

Let this Holy festival / Religious festival be celebrated through me in a bhāv filled state, during which I will constantly remember your virtues and leelās (Divine plays) Read more »

Mistakes committed with respect to prayers

It is inappropriate to pray and seek God’s help in doing things that can be decided by taking decisions with the help of the intellect or use our kriyamāṇ-karma appropriately. This is because it uses up our sādhanā. Seekers should not pray for solutions to their problems of day-to-day life. Read more »

Importance of prayers

The westerners are only now becoming aware of the importance of prayers mentioned in Hindu scriptures thousands of years ago. Eternal Ānand (Bliss) in life is possible only when prayers are accompanied by all facets of sādhanā. Read more »

Benefits of prayer

‘That a prayer offers both worldly and spiritual benefits to an individual has now been proved through scientific experiments too.’ (Monthly ‘Rushi Prasad’ November 2010). Praying imparts benefits at all the three levels of activity, thought and attitude Read more »


There is a noble adage – ‘Open the door of a day at dawn with the key of prayer and shut it with the latch of prayer at night’. In our hectic daily life we lose our mental peace. That peace is obtained through praying. Even the impossible becomes possible because praying bestows us with the strength of faith and God’s blessings. Read more »

Occasional Prayers

O God ! Let my journey be completed without any obstacles. Let a protective sheath of your grace be constantly around me throughout the journey Read more »

Stages in Praying

Once the importance of praying is understood, a numerical increase in it is expected initially. In the initial stages, praying takes place merely as a mechanical exercise of repeating words and is devoid of bhāv (Spiritual emotion). In the subsequent stages, a qualitative increase in praying is expected, that is, it is expected to be made with bhāv. Read more »

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