Prayers useful for people in various fields

1. Students


1A. Prayers related to studies

  1. Before commencing and during studies

    • O Shrī Ganēsh ! Let the obstacles in my studies be eliminated. Please give me a virtuous intellect and energy for studies to go on well.

    • O Shrī Ganēsh and Goddess Shrī Saraswatī ! Let my mind attain concentration in studies. Let me be able to comprehend correctly the subjects I am studying and let me be able to recollect them at the appropriate time.

  2. After sitting in the classroom

    O God ! Let me be able to perceive your form in my teachers and let me be able to grasp with concentration the knowledge pertaining to all the subjects taught in the classroom.

  3. When unable to recollect the answer to a question while answering the paper

    O God ! Let the covering of distressing energies that has formed around my intellect be destroyed and let me …….. (Insert your name) be able to recollect the answer to this question.

1B. Other prayers

  • O God ! Help me do good things and keep me always away from bad things.

  • O God ! Please teach me to respect all the elders and the revered.

  • O God ! Let me feel love and respect towards my Nation and Dharma.

1C. Spiritual experience

A child seeker could deliver his speech well in the school (despite ill-health) after praying to His Guru                      

2. Housewife

  • God ! you take care of me and my family. Let me always be aware that it is only by your grace that our family life can be happy.

  • God ! Let all family members be able to worship you.

3. Office employees

  • O God ! Let there be love and only love towards my colleagues and clients during the office work.

  • Let me be aware that ‘I am your humble servant’ while doing office work.

  • To work sincerely is my Dharma (Duty). Let me always be sincere in my work.

4. Farmer

  • O Mother Earth ! Please forgive me for knowingly-unknowingly injuring you during farming.

  • O God ! Please protect the crop from excessive rain, famine and pest infestation.

  • Spiritual experience –

    The extent of injuries decreasing after praying : ‘While performing the sēvās for Sanatan Ashram such as construction, digging, etc., I would pray to Mother Earth thus – ‘O Mother Earth ! The sēvā which I intend to do now will cause injuries to your body. Therefore, forgive me for this and get the sēvā done from me in a good way.’ When I started praying thus, the extent of scratches and other injuries that I suffered from reduced drastically.’ – Mr. Ghanashyam Gawade, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

5. Doctor

  • O Deity Dhanvantarī ! Through my medium you treat the patients appropriately.

  • O God ! Caring for patients very much amounts to serving you. Please increase my prēmbhāv (Emotion of love) and sēvābhāv (Emotion of servitude) so that I may do it appropriately.

6. Advocate

  • O Deity of Justice ! Please help me give justice to those who are suffering from injustice.

  • O Deity of Justice ! Do not allow me to perform any unrighteous act by succumbing to greed.

7. Kirtankār and Pravachankār

(Those involved in devotional and Spiritual discourses respectively)

  • O God ! Please accept my sēvā of delivering devotional or spiritual discourses and bestow your grace upon me.

  • Let the audience comprehend the importance of the Nation, Dharma and Saints as expressed by me. Let the audience become patriots and Dharmācharaīs (Abiding by Dharma).

8. Soldier

  • O Mother Durgā ! Bless us so that we may defend our Motherland.

  • O Mother Durgā ! Let me be able to perform the sēvā of defending the Nation as my sādhanā (Spiritual practice).

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Prayer – Importance and Examples