Occasional Prayers


1. Before a journey

  • As a general prayer before a journey : O God ! Let my journey be completed without any obstacles. Let a protective sheath of your grace be constantly around me throughout the journey.

  • Setting out on a journey leaving the house locked : O Deity of this premises, O Family Deity / Deity of worship ! I am leaving the house (for so and so reason) by giving the responsibility of this house to you. Please protect it.

2. Prayers to be made upon sitting in a vehicle

  • O Deity of this vehicle ! Let my entire journey be safe by your grace.

  • O God ! Let your protective sheath be always present around this vehicle. Let my chanting go on throughout the journey.

3. Prayer to be made while purchasing an object

        O God ! Let me be able to choose a sāttvik (An object that has positive vibrations) object. Let me get sāttviktā (Positive vibrations) from that object.

4. Prayers to be made during an illness

  • O God ! I am aware that I am suffering from this disease because of my wrong deeds of either this birth or previous births. I request you to bestow me with the energy to undergo this unhappiness and suffering with courage and calmness.

  • O Dhanvantarī Deity ! Let my ailment be eliminated by taking this medicine and let the causes of this disease be eliminated completely.

  • O revered medicine ! Please cooperate with me and help me in getting rid of this disease with your healing properties without suffering from any ill-effects.

5. Praying when there is a feeling of guilt because of a mistake committed

        O God, I have committed an offence. Please forgive me for this offence and show me the appropriate path.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Prayer – Importance and Examples