Prayers related to daily conduct

1. Before bathing

        O Jaladēvatā (Deity of water) ! Let your Holy water purify my body and let my subconscious mind become pure as well.

2. Before cooking

  1. O Mother Annapūrṇā (Deity which provides food and sustains prosperity) ! By your grace let the food that I am going to cook become sāttvik (pure). [This will generate a positive attitude in the person eating].

  2. O Mother Annapūrṇā ! Let my family members remain in good health by consuming this food that is being cooked with your grace.

3. Before eating

  1. O Mother Annapūrṇā ! Let this food that is offered at your feet be consumed by me with a bhāv (Spiritual emotion) that it is your ‘Prasād (Holy sacrament)’. Let me get Shakti (Divine Energy) and Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) through this Prasād.

  2. O God ! Let this food, which I have received by your grace, be consumed by me accompanied by chanting your Name.

4. Before sleeping


        O Deity (Insert the Name of your Deity of worship) and Deity of sleep ! Let a protective sheath of your grace be constantly around me and let my chanting continue even during sleep.

5. Spiritual experience

Falling asleep immediately upon praying to Nidrādēvī (Goddess of sleep) : ‘I was unable to sleep on the night of 25th August 2006. Therefore, I prayed to Nidrādēvī – ‘O Nidrādēvī ! Let me get peaceful sleep and let me not suffer from any distress due to negative energies’. Shortly thereafter, I was able to sleep’. – Master Kaushal Nitin Kothavale (Age 10 years), Solapur, Maharashtra.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Prayer – Importance and Examples