Prayers to be offered to God


1. Prayers to be offered to Deities according to their specific qualities

1A. Prayers to be offered to Saptadēvatā (Seven superior Deities)

        The seven Deities mentioned ahead are major Deities of worship.

  • Shrī Gaṇapati : O bestower of intellect ! Bestow me always with a virtuous intellect. O remover of obstacles ! Create a protective sheath around me with your noose and ward off all difficulties that come in my life.

  • Shrīrām : O Marayādāpurushottam (Perfect being) ! Grace me so that my life becomes ideal like yours.

  • Hanumān : O Hanumān ! By your grace, let your virtues of fearlessness, constant alertness and servitude be imbibed by me.

  • Shiva : O Mahādēv ! Let me develop a bhāv (Spiritual emotion) of detachment like you have.

  • Shrī Durgādēvī : O Mother of the universe ! Nurture me with the love of a mother. Let your grace always accompany and protect me.

  • Deity Datta : O Dattātrēya ! Just as you made 24 Gurus with 24 different virtues, let me also develop an attitude of imbibing good qualities from everyone.

  • Shrīkrushṇa : O God ! You are a complete Incarnation and hence, are full of virtues. Let me also develop an all-round virtuousness like you have.

1B. Praying to the Deities associated with places

  • Vāstūdēvatā (Presiding Deity of a premises) : Protect me from the problems in the premises.

  • Sthāndēvatā (Presiding Deity of a place) : Protect this place that is under your control from negative energies.

  • Grāmdēvatā (Village Deity) and Kshētrapāldēvatā (Guardian Deity of a territory) : Protect this place that is under your authority from calamities such as epidemics and negative energies.

2. Prayers associated with Dharmācharaṇ (Righteous conduct)

2A. Prayers to be made during daily worship, religious rituals etc.

O God ! Through this ritualistic worship, let bhakti (Devotion) and bhāv be generated in my heart for you. Let me be able to imbibe Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) emitting from this ritualistic worship to the maximum extent.

2B. Prayers to be made on Holy festivals and Religious festivals to the related Deities

        O Deity (Insert the Name of the Deity) ! Let me benefit to a progressively greater extent from your Principle that is a thousand times more active in the environment on this auspicious day when compared with other days.

        O Deity ! Let this Holy festival / Religious festival be celebrated through me in a bhāv filled state, during which I will constantly remember your virtues and leelās (Divine plays).

2C. Other prayers

        Let an attitude of abiding by the code of conduct mentioned in Hindu Dharma be generated in me.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Prayer – Importance and Examples

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