Pesticides in food, its ill-effects and remedies

        Most of us would be unaware of the fact that the food we consume daily is very fatal. If this piece of news was not enough to digest, then the fact that nowadays lethal pesticides are being added every year on greater amounts would be unbelievable. Unfortunately, the Health Ministry has been keeping the masses in dark for their own greed and selfishness. Let us understand in depth through this article about ill-effects of the current day agricultural produce and pesticides in food items because of the heavy use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. 

       Modern reformists opine that vast agricultural produce should be harvested from the agricultural land by using scientific equipment, chemical fertilizers etc. A Professor friend, (Chairman, Social Welfare Board) said, “Science has advanced. Vast agricultural produce should be obtained from the agricultural land by using scientific equipment and chemical fertilizers. We must adopt techniques used in countries such as Japan, Russia and USA in our farming activities. Only then we will have a green revolution. We should do away with the madness in trying to grow grains by using natural (Cow dung) fertilizers.”

1. Agricultural produce turns poisonous because of the use of chemicals

  1. Huge output of wheat, rice, pulses etc. is harvested by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Such a produce is poisonous.

  2. Chemicals are used for keeping grass used as fodder for cows in a green condition for 10-15 days. The milk obtained from such cows is poisonous.

  3. Our friend showed us a series of 4 articles called ‘Poison in the food.’ Patients partaking purely vegetarian diet of pulses, rice and chapati suffering from rickets were examined. It showed that their diet itself contains poison. This was deduced by 4 renowned laboratories in Bharat.

2. Poisonous pesticides are sprinkled on vegetables

        Farmers sprinkle methyl parathion on cauliflower, because of which it appears extremely white. To make the green vegetables appear greener, they are dipped in copper sulphate. For financial gains, farmers ignore instructions given by the experts that pesticides should not be sprinkled on crops or vegetables one week before their harvest.

3. Milk and eggs becoming poisonous

         Cows and hens consume poison through grass and chicken feed respectively. Hence, milk and eggs from them become poisonous, turning our daily food of milk, eggs and fish poisonous. Poisonous chemicals are sprinkled on almost all the crops to protect them from insects, pests, rats etc. To make the confectionary appear fresh, similar poisonous chemicals are also used.

4. Coloured sweets available in the

market also have poisonous chemicals in their colours

        Coloured sweets (Such as jalebi, barfi, pedhas and gulab jamuns) available in the market can cause illness. There is poison in the colour used in them. It has been found that packaged food products and milk too contain this poison. Experts claim that milk, butter, ghee, cream and other milk products contain poison. 

5. Safety limits imposed by WHO have been

transgressed in case of 40% of the pulses and milk samples in Bharat

       These pesticides in food are not destroyed upon cooking. Those are absorbed in the small intestines along with the food. These damage the vital organs such as heart, brain, kidneys and liver. WHO (World Health Organization) took samples of Bharatiya pulses and milk. Fifteen hundred samples were examined in their laboratory. It was found that 40% had transgressed the safety norms set by WHO.

 6. The present day food contains two types of poisons in it

      If you are told that your food contains poison, you may question, ‘Poison? How is that possible?’ Pesticides in food enter your body through diet. About 1 milligram of poison each in the form of Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro ethane (DDT) and Benzene Hexachloride (BHC) enters our body. Along with these poisons, we also ingest malathion and endosulftan. This is how the maximum permissible levels set by WHO are breached.

7. Poisonous chemicals banned in 28 countries are still being used in Bharat!

       DDT and BHC are manufactured and used in large quantities in Bharat. They are banned atleast in 28 countries.


8. There has been 20 times increase in the usage of DDT and BHC in the last 30 years!

       DDT is no more effective on mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have developed immunity to DDT and cases of malarial infection are on the rise again. Every year, 30 lakh people are affected by malaria. And the amusing part is that we still feel we benefit from DDT and BHC. Experts say that malaria has been controlled by DDT and its use has also yielded large farm produce. This poison protects crops on 8 crore hectare of land. More than half the land of our country is fertile and hence, the use of this poison has increased 20 times in the last three decades. The largest Asian producer and consumer of pesticides is Bharat!

9. DDT and BHC being cheap products, their use is highest

        This friend of ours says, “DDT and BHC are used the most because they are cheap. However, only they are responsible for many diseases. DDT and BHC last in the same form for 20 years. Their poisonous effects cannot be destroyed. It is because of poisonous land and underground water that plants, trees, crops and also insects and animals living off the land fall sick. This is a poisonous chain. The farmers use pesticides such as DDT, BHC etc. The Health Department of the Government sprays DDT to control the spread of malaria.

10. The Government is the biggest

contributor to this sin – Health Ministry is the real culprit!

       Government is the biggest contributor to this sin. And the real culprit is the ‘Malaria Eradication’ programme of the Government’s Health Ministry. “The Ministry should really be prosecuted first”, is a disparaging remark of an expert.

       The Government’s projection is that the production and the consumption of pesticides will exceed 1 lakh tonnes : The Government has opined that the production and consumption of pesticides for 1989 will exceed 1 lakh tonnes. These include 131 types of poisons and 230 formulae, being manufactured by 350 companies in our country. 

11. Ill-effects of consuming food contaminated with chemicals

Poisonous substances enter the body of the consumers and cause various ailments

  • Highest quantity of DDT and BHC is sprinkled on grape vines. And experts suspect this to be a major cause for cancer.

  • The blood in the body of an individual who consumes vegetables absorbs these poisonous toxins. The memory of such people starts getting extremely weak. King George Medical College in Lucknow and Industrial Toxicology Research has provided statistics of patients found suffering from this ailment. Still, the consumption of pesticides is on the increase; may be because we are striving towards progress!

  • These poisons cause cardiac ailments and tumours in the brain, liver and kidneys: Now this danger has been extended not only to us and but also to our children drinking milk. These poisons cause cardiac ailments and tumours in the brain, liver and kidneys. It even causes diseases of the eye and cancer. These are the conclusions drawn by scientists after repeated surveys.

Dr. KN Malhotra, Chairman of the Society of Pesticide Science, India, says, “We are not only poisoning ourselves, but jeopardizing our future generation too”. 

12. If our own and the lives of our children are to be

safe-guarded, there is an immense need for a righteous and patriotic Government!

        As it is, the condition in 1989 was dangerous; we cannot imagine how much more dangerous it must be now. If our own and the lives of our children are to be safeguarded, then the present Government must be replaced by a righteous and patriotic Government.

Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text “Dietary norms and deficiencies in modern diet”

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