Permission granted to conduct Hindu rituals at the Dattapeetham!

Jyeshtha Krushna Chaturthi

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Dattapeetha (Karnataka): On 14 October 2008, the Karnataka Government granted permission for the conduct of Hindu rituals at the Dattapeetha located on the Chandradrona hill of Chickamagalur district. On this occasion about 1000 Hindus performed Vedic Pooja at the site of the Dattapeetha.During this occasion HJS had got opportunity to perform pooja and had got responsibility of welcoming saints and distribute prasadam.

Initially Ganesh puja was performed which was followed by Navagraha puja and the Satya Datta Vrata. About 50 activists of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present on this occasion, which was graced by the auspicious presence of Parama Poojya Sadguru Swami Atmananda Saraswati Maharaj (Sri Samarth Sridhar Ashram, Vijaynagar, Bangalore, Srimahanta Srijamunapuriji Maharaj (Kashi, Varanasi) and Poojya Srisiddhalinga Swami (Andola Math, Bijapur).

Hindus performing rituals at Dattapeetha - 1

Hindus performing rituals at Dattapeetha – 1

Since May 2007, the activists of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti had begun visiting the Dattapeetha on the Pournima of every month and plead the government to grant permission to the Hindus to perform ritualistic worship there. After the untiring efforts of HJS the Honourable High Court of Karnataka on 14.2.2007 agreed for upholding the pooja at Dattapeeth and declared the equal right for Hindus to offer ritualistic worship at the Dattapeetha.

The Samiti made efforts to implement this rule on 15 consecutive occasions of Poornima. The rule passed by Single Bench division of Karnataka High Court for perfoming the Pooja was not accepted by State Government and it took it forward to two-member bench division but two-member bench division of the High Court on 4.8.2008 rejected the request of Government upholding the right of the Hindus to offer worship at the Dattapeetha. Yielding to this order of the High Court, the State Government has provided the Hindus with the opportunity of performing ritualistic worship at Dattapeeth.

Hindus performing rituals at Dattapeetha - 2

Hindus performing rituals at Dattapeetha – 2

The legal battle fought by the Sriguru Dattatreya Dattapeetha Samvardhana Samiti since 1978 has finally culminated in victory. Thanks to the efforts of the Sriguru Dattatreya Dattapeetha Samvardhana Samiti and the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, the Hindus have finally attained the right to offer worship.(The victory in this legal battle has proved  another feather in the success cap of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti! – Editor)

Both  Parama Poojya Sadguru Swami Atmananda Saraswati Maharaj and Poojya Sri Siddhalinga Swami expressed sadness over the fact that the Government had not granted permission for the worship of the ‘Padukas’. (Devotees of Dattatreya! We have to pursue this battle till we emerge complete victory. Do not remain satisfied with today’s victory! – Editor)

A Report on Dattapeetham Campaign: Fight for religious right



HC allows Hindus to take ‘Darshan’ at Dattapeetha

August 7, 2008

Jyeshtha Krushna Chaturthi

Chikkamangalur (Karnataka):
In February 2007, Endowment Department of Deve Gouda Government had issued an order under which Hindus were prohibited from performing ‘puja’ at ‘Dattapeetha’ which was forcibly taken over by Muslims. Alert Hindus had filed a case against the said order. A single member court under the High Court had quashed the order and asked to conduct an enquiry as to why such order was issued. It was also ordered that a regulation should be prepared for giving opportunity to both Hindus and Muslims to have ‘darshan’ as per their traditions.

Karnataka Government objected to this order and filed an affidavit in High Court. A stay order on the order for period of 8 weeks was obtained. Recently, the 2-member special court under Shri. Deepak Verma, the Chief Judge of Karnataka High Court quashed the affidavit of the State Government and gave a verdict that order issued by a single member Court should be immediately implemented.

BJP Govt. Denies Pooja Rights for HJS at Dattapeetha

June 22, 2008

Jyeshtha Krushna Chaturthi


13th visit of HJS members to Sree Dattapeetham

13th visit of HJS members to Sree Dattapeetham


Chikmagalur (Karnataka): Under the auspicious of HJS, 27 Hindu Dharmabhimani’s visited the cave temple of Dattapeetha in Chikkamagaloor for the thirteenth time on pournima day.

Once again it has been observed by the HJS members that Muslims have made the environment hectic near cave temple as earlier.

As the earlier visits the district officials denied Pooja rights for HJS and they had only Darshan of the “Holy Feet” in the cave temple. But the sad point in this visit was that the first ever BJP Govt. in South India which claims to be savior for Hindu cause has denied Pooja Rights this time.

Denial of Pooja Rights To HJS For The 12th Time

March 24, 2008

Vaishakh Krushna Chaturthi

12th visit of HJS to Sree Dattapeetha

12th visit of HJS to Sree Dattapeetha

On the auspicious of HJS around 12 Hindu dharmabhimani’s from udupi district visited holy cave temple Sri Dattapeetha at chikkamagaloor district on pournima day May 19, 2008.

Is the Sign boards for non-muslims only?

Is the Sign boards for non-muslims only?

It has been same as before that the district administration denying Pooja Rights to HJS for its 12th continued request.

Its is really tearful to say that the entire premises of Sri Dattapeetha polluted by thousands of Muslims after “Urus” celebration. In spite of sign board showing restriction for preparing / eating non vegetarian foods in the range of 200mtrs of cave temple, the Muslims are openly preparing and consuming non vegetarian food inside the restricted premises very near to cave temple. 

preparation of non veg food in restricted premises

preparation of non veg food in restricted premises

In Manikyadhara holy bath place entire area has made dirty by throwing used cloths in spite of restrictions. District administration has failed to have control over both the foul situations. 

HJS members requested orally to the police officials to take needful action to maintain the cleanliness in and around the premises of the cave temple and Manikyadhara so that the holiness of the temple retained so that the devotees get the holy benefit of Sri Dattapeetha.

Non Stop 11th visit to Datta Peetha on Pournima by HJS

March 24, 2008

Chaitra Krushna Chaturthi

HJS members at Dattapeetham led by Shri. Rajesh

HJS members at Dattapeetham led by Shri. Rajesh

Udupi (Karnataka): Under the auspicious of HJS Hindu dharmabhimani’s from Udupi and South canara district visited Datta Peetha  on pournima. This was the 11th non stop visit by Hindu Dharmabhimani’s as the part of HJS legal fight for pooja rights in the Cave temple Datta Peetham.

Increased number of Muslim stalls, Photo 1

Increased number of Muslim stalls, Photo 1


It has been observed by HJS members that increased number of Muslim owned shops  in the premises of Datta Peetha cave temple. The district officials have made cleanliness program in the past month at both the premises of Holy temple and Manikhya Dhara which was destroyed completely by muslims during “Urus” celebrated on end of march.

The tahashildar Shri. Ranga shamayya was also present in the premises of temple to whom the situation was explained by HJS members.

Increased number of Muslim stalls, Photo 2

Increased number of Muslim stalls, Photo 2

Close view of stalls

Close view of stalls


Dattapeetham : Preliminary success to the struggle of HJS

March 24, 2008

Phalgun Krushna Trutiya

Udupi (Karnataka): The struggle of HJS for the last 10 months for pooja rights to Hindus in Dattapeetham has achieved partial success by the grace of “Guru Dattatreya”.

After the high court judgment according pooja rights to Hindus in Dattapeetham as practiced earlier to 1975, the Hindus under the auspices of HJS have been visiting Dattapeetha on every pournima seeking pooja rights. The devotees are deprived of pooja rights every time by the Govt. & hence they have been returning only with Darshan of “Holy Feet”. But as their have been a good number of spiritual experiences to those who have visited Dattapeetha, the number of devotees visiting Dattapeetha has increased.

Bill board banning consumption of non-veg food

Bill board banning consumption of non-veg food

As every pournima the devotees from Udupi & Puttur visited Dattapeetha on 21st march and have observed two welcome developments this time.

A new bill board is put up prominently at the entrance to Dattapeetha cave temple. It imposes total ban on alcohol & non vegetarian food in the radius of 200mtrs from the cave temple violation of which is a punishable offense. (Till now preparation & consumption of non vegetarian food in the area had no restriction. A police official on duty says that the restriction is being strictly implemented now.) This step would contribute to increase the “Satvikata” of the environment.

Similarly a new bill board is put up in “Manikhyadhara” stating that the cloths used while taking bath should be put in the big bin kept for the same & throwing them otherwise is a punishable offense. (Till now such cloths were being thrown in the area causing environmental pollution).

 These bill boards would help in increasing “Satvikata” of the environment in Dattapeetha & these steps by the authorities is an indication of partial success to the struggle of HJS.

HJS members led by Sri.Rajesh 1st from left(1st row)

HJS members led by Sri.Rajesh 1st from left(1st row)

Later while complementing the district authorities for the steps taken to increase “Satvikata” in Dattapeetha area, Sri.Shivananda Prabhu (HJS South India Spokesperson) said that the struggle will continue until Hindus obtain pooja rights in Dattapeetha.

Hindu still stuggling for Pooja Rights in Dattapeetha

February 24, 2008

Udupi (Karnataka): Every pournima is an auspicious occasion for Hindus in Karnataka to visit Datta Peetha and participate in the holy struggle by HJS for Pooja rights on the Holy Feet of Sri Gurudattatreya. Accordingly 44 Hindus including sadhaks from udupi, puthur, sullia, Hassan & Chikamagloor led by Sri.Rajesh visited the  of Datta Peetha on 21st Feb 2008. 


The devotees had holy bath in Manikyadhara, visited Datta Peetha & had Darshan of holy padukas.

The administration as in earlier occasion denied permission for Pooja and allowed only Darshan of the holy feet. Sri.Rajesh, HJS informed the Tahashildaar (Chikamagloor) who was on the spot that HJS has been applying every month for permission to perform pooja at dattapeetha on the day of pournami and that no acknowledgement or reply has been received from the govt. authorities so far. He enquired as to why reply is not given though it is right of every citizen to get a reply to the letter submitted to the authorities.  The Tahashildaar replied that no letter is received by him and that he would look into the matter.

HJS’s struggle for Pooja rights continues at Dattapeetham

January 25, 2008

Udupi (Karnataka): The struggle for restoration of Hindu Rights to perform pooja at the holy feet of Lord Dattatreya at Dattapeetha near chikkamagaloor is being continued by HJS on every full moonday. As the part of the Agitation 112 devotees from various parts of South Canara, Udupi and Coorg Dist. are visited Dattapeetha on 22 January 2008 led by Shri. Rajesh, HJS, Udupi.

As usual Police Persons refused the request of performing pooja in Dattapeeta. Deevotees took the Darshan of Lord Dattatreya. And also visited the holy place of Manikyadhara. 

HJS Celebrates Datta Jayanthi In Dattapeetham December 24, 2007

HJS members, Sanatan' seekers, C.T. Ravi, Bajarang Dal<br />second from left

HJS members, Sanatan’ seekers, C.T. Ravi, Bajarang Dal second from left

Mahendra kumar, Bajarang Dal third from left

Mahendra kumar, Bajarang Dal third from left

Udupi (Karnataka): The auspicious day of incarnation of Lord Dattatreya on Margasheera Shudha Pournima is celebrated as “Datta Jayanti” by all Hindus, Accordingly HJS activists from Udupi along with 2500 devotees from Bajarang Dal celebrated Datta Jayanti on the holy hills of Dattapeetha today.

Even on this auspicious day Hindus were denied of the rights to perform pooja & had to content with only ‘Darshan’ of the Holy Feet. The number of devotees in Dattapeetha were around 2500 today. HJS activists as part of their continued struggle for “right to worship” had Holy bath in Manikyadhara & held discussions on Dattapeetha issue with Shri.C. T. Ravi, MLA, Chikmagalur & Shri. Mahendra Kumar, State convener of Bajarang Dal.

However the positive development observed is that a good number of police men also have taken holy bath in Manikyadhara along with devotees. 


Puja banned in Dattapeetham despite Court orders

September 8, 2007

Mangalore (Karnataka): Police prohibited members of Hindu organizations from performing puja in Dattapeetham at Chikkmagalur. Muslims have encroached upon the Dattapeetham area and have constructed a Durgah. Some alert Hindus had filed a case against them. Karnataka High Court took cognizance of the case and granted permission to Hindus to perform puja in Dattapeetham; still the present BJP and Janata Dal front Government ruling the State is prohibiting Hindus from performing puja. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has started agitation against it and every month devout Hindus go to Datta-pitha and ask for permission to perform puja; but they are denied permission. (Anti-Hindu and Anti- justice BJP-JD Govt. insults Court. – Editor) This time also, Hindus going to Dattapeetham had the same experience. 
Devout Hindus have become enraged due to Administration’s such stance and they made Shri. Dayanand, Dy. Commissioner and Shri. Manjunath, Tehsildar to go to the place of event. On their arrival, Shri. Shivanand Prabhu, the spokesperson of HJS for Southern India, read out the Court Order and sought permission to perform puja. The Dy. Commissioner and Tehsildar agreed with Shri. Prabhu; but showed their inability to grant necessary permission. (It is a barrier on Hindus to perform puja in a Hindu majority nation and is against their religious freedom. Hindus should realize that none of the political parties or strong Hindu Organizations would do anything on the issue and they should become ‘Dharma-yoddhas’ to protect Dharma. – Editor) 


Karnataka Government prohibits puja in Dattapeetham

July 7, 2007

Procession towards Dattapeetham

Procession towards Dattapeetham

Chikmagalur (Karnataka): On the full moon day on 30th June, 33 members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) went to perform puja at Datta-peeth; but the State Government prohibited them from performing puja. This is the third time in a row; the devotees have been banned from performing puja. Members of HJS coming from South Canara, Udupi and Hassan districts sought permission of the Government to perform puja, which was refused, and they were allowed only to have ‘darshan’ of the ‘paduka’ of Lord Datta. Karnataka High Court had issued an order, in the month of February, directing the Karnataka Government to allow Hindus to perform puja in Datta-Peeth; but the Government has insulted the High Court by prohibiting Hindus from puja. HJS has declared that it will stage strong agitations till permission is granted to Hindus for performing puja.


Chikmagalur district magistrate has initiated action against Shri. Shivanand Prabhu, the spokesperson of HJS for South India and other members for disturbing the law and order against which HJS has obtained a stay order from the district court.


(This shows that the Karnataka Government is so insensitive towards Hindus. – Editor)


HJS presses to regain ‘Pooja’ rights at Dattapeetham

June 10, 2007

Hindu organizations at Dattapeetham

Hindu organizations at Dattapeetham

Chikmagalur (Karnataka): Hindu Janajagruti Samiti with other like-minded organizations and devout Hindus has started a campaign to perform ritualistic worship (Puja) at the Dattapeetham. The campaign was flagged off by Swami Purushottam Das along with 75 HJS members on May 1st at the Dattapeetham. It was then decided that on every full moon day, the HJS members would go to the Dattapeetham to offer ‘Puja’ along with a priest. The police, however, have denied ‘Pooja’ rights to the members for a consecutive second time. 


 Police denied Hindus to worship, treated pilgrims as Terrorists

June 1, 2007

Chikmagalur (Karnataka): On May 31, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti had organized a pilgrimage tour to Sri Dattatreya peetha (Dattapeetham) to offer prayers to Lord Datta’s paduka at the holy cave on Mount Chandradrona on the occasion of pournima. About 100 persons including ladies & children came from various districts of the state like Dakshina kannada, Udupi, Chikmagalore, Hassan & Shimoga. They included devotees from Sanatan Sanstha & other Hindu organizations.

Citing the High court judgment given two months ago, Shri. Shivananda Prabhu, south India spokesperson of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti said that if Hindus are not allowed to offer pooja in spite of the judgement, Muslims should also not entitled to that right. The police did not give a satisfactory reply to this statement.

It may be recalled that this is the second time in so many months that the police have denied permission for Hindu’s to offer pooja at the peetham.

The pilgrims had to be satisfied with only the darshan of the holy padukas & peetham.

The handbags of all the pilgrims were checked

The handbags of all the pilgrims were checked

Police Treatment to pilgrims as terrorists –

  • The handbags of all the pilgrims were checked & mobile phones were not allowed to be taken inside.
  • Photographs of each one of pilgrims were taken by the police.

Experience of Visitors

The first time visitors were horrified to see the condition of the place. There were makeshift sheds all around the temple where Muslims lived. In spite of notice boards proclaiming harsh punishment to the offenders, egg shells & feathers of chicken were strewn within 200 meters of the cave. Filthy water flowed near the sheds & stinking garbage was littered all over the place. The authorities are not doing anything to maintain the sanctity of the place. The pilgrims returned with a heavy heart with a prayer at the feet of Lord Datta for speedy restoration of the temple to Hindus.

 HJS stopped from performing pooja: Protest staged

May 1, 2007

Swami Purshottam Das ji (center) of HJS talking to media

Swami Purshottam Das ji (center) of HJS talking to media

Hindu Representatives addressing Media

Hindu Representatives addressing Media

Chikmagalur (Karnataka): Shri. Shivananda Prabhu, The convenor of South India, HJS led a team of 60 Hindus coming from different places to perform Pooja in Dattapeetham near Chikmagalur. The team consisted of Shri. B. Vittal Rao, The trustee, Shree Guru Dattatreya Peetha Devasthana Samvardhana Samithi, Shri. Purushotham Das, HJS, Mathura. The representatives of Hindu organizations from Udupi and Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers and HJS activists.

Shri. Shivananda Prabhu & Shri. B.Vittal Rao explained to the high ranked Police Officials and gathered media people and public about the High Court order and sought permission to perform Pooja in Dattapeetham as per Hindu rituals. The police official firmly denied permission and allowed only to have ‘darshan’.

Accordingly the team had ‘darshan’ of ‘Holy Feet’ of Dattapeetham and on return from the cave temple registered its protest with press against denial to perform Pooja. Eighteen persons from Udupi participated in the program of whom twelve were leader/representatives of Hindu Organizations and six were Sanatan Seekers.


Hindus once again not allowed performing pooja; Awareness Campaign initiated

 December 27, 2005

 Chikmagalur (Karnataka): Congress Government of Karnataka, refused to permit Hindus to perform pooja of Lord Dattatreya on Datta Jayanti, 15.12.2005 (Margashirsha Pournima). Inspite of the Court orders which have given Hindus the right to perform their traditional pooja and worship. At the same time, Government has once again granted permission unconditionally to the Muslims who celebrated their Uroos festival in this so called Grave of Baba Budan in April this year.


Past History about Pooja


  • In 1991 the Karnataka High Court and then the Supreme Court of India have given Hindus the right to worship in the originally Guru Dattapeetham.
  • From 1999 to 2003 Karnataka Government had given permission for the “Hom” ritual in this temple.
  • In 2004 and this year too, Government has refused to grant permission. Only one Hindu at a time is allowed inside the Temple.
  • During 1999-2003, Mr. Chandragouda The then minister of Karnataka Government had himself visited this temple and performed ritual pooja and hom.
  • On 13th December 2005, just 2 days before Datta Jayanti, several Mathadheeshas along with activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Janjagruti Samiti visited the place for seeking permission to do pooja and “hom”. The Policemen who were guarding the entrance flatly refused to let Hindu acivists within the temple. A staggering 1000 policemen were guarding the temple entrance. Policemen even refused to let Hindu activists within the temple to light incense and offer coconut.

HJS Awareness Campaign

  • Karnataka State ministers have been asked by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to present this point in the State Assembly.
  • Letters of protest have been submitted to each District Officer within Karnataka State.

In all these letters it has been highlighted how the Karnataka State Government has even refused to accept the Supreme Court orders.

Media Coverage of Press Conference

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Karnataka State spokesperson Shri. Shivanand Prabhu today stated the Samiti’s stand against Government prohibition of Hindus to perform their traditional ritualist pooja within the Temple premises in a Press Conference.

  • Local newspapers have immediately taken note of this and have published this news in their all editions on very next day. (Especially in the Capital City of Bangalore)
  • E-TV Kannada one of the premier TV Channels has telecast the entire press conference.
  • Private Cable operators like Citi Cable too have shown this conference in all parts of Karnataka.



Dattapeetham: Status Report

Chikmagalur (Karnataka): Given below is an account of what an HJS reporter observed at the Dattapeetham.

Dattajayanti Event: The entrance to the shrine surrounded by security forces

Dattajayanti Event: The entrance to the shrine surrounded by security forces

The way leading to the Dattapeetham built with strong iron structures <br />Devotee must pass through

The way leading to the Dattapeetham built with strong iron structures Devotee must pass through

  • The way leading to the Dattapeetham has been built with strong iron structures and barricades on both the sides. Devotees have to go through this structure to reach the Dattapeetham. This structure looks as if it is the India-Pakistan border.

  • Muslim devotees bring poultry and eggs with them, cook it and throw away the egg-shells and other leftovers near the Dattapeetham at the backside of the shrine. This is contrary to the rule that non-vegetarian food is prohibited within 200 meters of the Dattapeetham.
  • Devotees and women members of HJS were also questioned by police constables and their belongings were checked. Do we need to undergo such checking to enter our own temples?
  • All the shops at Dattapeetham are owned by Muslims. Non-vegetarian meals are served at this place!
  • There are many tombs in the vicinity of the Dattapeetham. One such tomb has come up recently in the past year and a police constable has been appointed to guard it.

About Dattapeetham

30 Kms near Chikamangaloor city, is “Inam Dattapeetham”, a holy place for Hindus. This peetham is on the holy mountain of Chandradrona, mentioned in the Ramayana. Lord Dattatreya himself had done penance in the Northernmost corner of this Peetham. His padukas made of Silver and wood have been preserved in the temple. In front of the temple is a Nandadeep. This entire area is called as Garbhagruha, and in the area adjacent to the Garbhagruha, 4 disciples of Lord Dattatreya would chant Vedic hymns. In the 18th Century, this place was inhabited by Baba Budan, a Sufi saint due to which this place began to be called as Baba Budangiri. The actual Dattapeetham is in a cave.

Currently Hindu devotees going to this temple are allowed to go in a queue few at a time. There are often more Police guarding this Peeth than the number of Hindu devotees. Muslim devotees are shown Dhoop and touched with peacock feathers. Government has refused permission to Hindus to do mantrapathan, chant vedas or other Hindu Religious Scriptures in this temple.

Court Judgment

In 1964, the rights of this Religious place were given by the government to the Wakf Board. However, Hindus moved the Chikamangaloor court in protest that their right to worshipping their deity, Lord Dattatreya was being denied. Consequently, in the court of law the Magistrate in favour of justice gave the following judgement:

  • Baba Budan Darga is an old organisation under the control of the Chairperson of National Controller of Religious Organisations act of 1927, granting the Gurudattatreya Peetham entirely to the Wakf board without considering its property has gone against law. The rules and regulations laid down by the Wakf board or third argument of the Wakf board do not apply to Hindus. All rights are restored as before 1975.
  • All the subsequent appeals of questioning this judgement of court of Chikamangaloor made by Wakf Board as per RFA 119, 1980, were flatly rejected by the High Court of Karnataka, which upheld the Hindus’ rights to conduct any kind of worship within the temple.
  • Court Decision regarding the Dattatreya Jayanti Utsav: The high court of Karnatak has rejected 3 writ petitions made by the Wakf board (no. 35838 1998, 37878 1999, 38148 2000) to prevent Hindus from performing their Dattatreya Jayanti Utsav in the Dattapeetham and Baba Budan Grave. High court has advised the government to take the initiative for ensuring that Datta Jayanti Utsav is celebrated in a peaceful manner as it was being done before 1975 and that no further Religious Customs would be introduced by both Hindus and Muslims apart from those followed earlier than 1975.

What do Government Records say?

  • RTC index of lands, Record of rights have both recorded Baba Budan Darga and Dattatreya peetham to be separate Organisations.
  • Has been clearly recorded as Dattatreya Peetham on page 13 no. 46 in the Directory of Religious Institutions in Chikmangaloor published by the Government’s Controllers Department of Religious Organisations (Mujarai).

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