Support the efforts to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra

Glorious History of Nepal

Nepal has, since times immemorial, been identified as a Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Rashtra in the form of a Devbhumi (Land of Deities), Shivabhumi (Land of Lord Shiva), Tapobhumi (Land of penance), Dnyanbhumi (Land of knowledge) and Gorakshabumi (Land of protection of cows) under the tenets of Lord Shri Pashupatinath. Nepal is home to many splendid Hindu temples like the Pashupatinath Temple, the Doleshwor Temple, the Seetamata temple (Janakpuri) besides Shaktipeeths, which millions of Hindus visit every year.

Anti Hindu school of thought

 However, due to the anti-Hindu school of thought and anarchist tendencies of the leftists, Nepal lost its position as the world’s only Hindu Rashtra and was declared a ‘secular’ nation. Maoists and political parties, with majority of the members receiving funds from Christian countries have hatched a conspiracy to declare Nepal as a secular nation; but a final Constitution of Nepal is yet to be written. Due to this uncertain status of the Constitution, Hindus from Nepal still consider it as a Hindu nation.


Sign the online petition to support the efforts to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.

1. Hon. President of Nepal
2. Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal
Copy to,
1. Hon. Prime Minister of India
2. Hon. External Affairs Minister of India

Support the efforts to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra

1. Hon. President of Nepal
2. Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal

Copy to,
1. Hon. President of India
2. Hon. Prime Minister of India
3. Hon. External Affairs Minister of India

Dear Sir

I am a devout Hindu who still fondly remembers Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra. I am also aware of the incredible changes that have taken place in Nepal since the day an interim constitution was adopted after Nepal became a Republic, as well as the effort that is going into preparing a constitution that will look after the interests of the people. 1 billion Hindus in Nepal, India and world over are awaiting the Constitution of Nepal for the reasons outlined below.

An overwhelming majority of people in Nepal and India want Nepal to be declared as a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Considering that 80% of Nepal’s population is Hindu, it would be a reasonable expectation. Even prominent leaders from minority communities (following Buddhism, Islam) have come out in support of declaring Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra, as they are convinced that their religious interests and human rights will be protected only in a Hindu Rashtra and not in a state that calls itself ‘secular’.

The recent earthquake in Nepal showed that certain vested interests are prowling the streets of Nepal to covertly or forcibly convert the poor and trusting Hindus of Nepal to Christianity. The preliminary draft of the constitution contains Section 31 (3) which expressly forbids religious conversion, it is a welcome move to preserve the Hindu identity and culture of Nepal. By declaring Nepal as Hindu Rashtra and retaining Section 31 (3), Nepal will be able to ensure that the future generations of Nepali Hindus are born and raised as proud Hindus.

Nepal is home to many splendid temple like the Pashupatinath Temple, the Doleswor Temple, the Seeta mata temple (Janakpuri) besides Shaktipeeths, which are not only pilgrimages for millions of Hindus, they are also a source of tourism for the nation. By declaring Nepal a Hindu Rashtra, the state will be able to maintain and promote these pilgrim places better; a secular state will not be able to do this as it cannot favour one religion over the other.

Adi Shankaracharya (the great Hindu Saint) is intimately linked to Nepal’s heritage through the Pashupatinath temple. Adi Shankaracharya established 4 Peeths around India to guide the Hindus on matters of Dharma. The Shankaracharya of the Purvanmay Peeth Puri has expressed the wish that Nepal be declared as a Hindu Rashtra.

By restoring Nepal’s status to a Hindu Rashtra, you will be in the unique position of being able to showcase the inclusive and rich culture of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, to the entire world. I, as well as the billion plus Hindus across the globe sincerely hope that the Constituent Assembly will honour the wishes of Nepal’s populace and declare Nepal as ‘Hindu Rashtra’.



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 Traditions at stake

The anti-Hindus have used a multipronged approach to slowly but surely destory the age old traditions and culture of Nepal. One such heinous act was to try and take over the treasury of the Pashupatinath temple. What the anti-Hindu forces would have done to the wealth of the Pashupatinath temple is as good as anyone’s guess. However, the Supreme Court of Nepal came to the Hindus’ rescue when it ordered the anti-Hindus to keep their hands off the temple treasures. In a ‘secular’ Nepal, temples like Pashupatinath, Doleshwor, Seetamata mandir will be open to ‘preying’ by antiHindu forces.


Conspiracy by Christian missionaries

Christian missionaries are hatching a deep rooted conspiracy so that Nepal should remain ‘Secular’ state as per the interim constitution of 2007. Pictures and news from Nepal after the massive earthquake shocked people across the globe, but amidst all these chaos, tragedy and human suffering Christian Missionaries were busy marketing Jesus and Christianity. The secular nature of the government is conducive to such activity. The preliminary draft of the constitution being drafted now contains Section 31 (3), expressly forbids religious conversion, and is detrimental to their plans of turning Hindu Nepal into Christian Nepal. So the Christian missionaries and the countries controlled by them are trying hard to ensure that Nepal remains secular. However, Section 31 (3) is a welcome move to preserve the Hindu identity and culture of Nepal.

Conspiracy by China and Pakistan

Historically Nepal and India have an open border and free mobility of populace across borders; but China is increasingly working to take over India’s position as the Nepal’s largest trading partner. China’s well thought out plan to ‘takeover’ Nepal consists of ‘goods’ (import and export), ‘transport’ (rail and road links), ‘energy’ (building dams and supply of electricty) and ‘military assistance’. On the covert side, China has been funding and arming the increasingly powerful and anti Hindu Maoist terrorists who have wrecked havoc in Nepal and India.

Not far behind in this is Pakistan, who uses Nepal as an easy gateway to slip in terrorists to India. If this situation continues, it poses a huge threat, not only to Hindus in Nepal, but to India also.

Efforts to establish Hindu Rashtra in Nepal

All India Hindu Adhiveshan

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti organises ‘All India Hindu Adhiveshan’ every year with the aim to defend the Hindu society and Dharma from various dangers and to establish a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in Bharat. Hindu leaders from many countries including Nepal have attended these conventions and expressed their unanimous participation in passing a resolution to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.


Appeal to devout Hindus and Hindu organisations

Already thousands of Hindu activists and many Hindu organisations in Nepal are protesting against ‘secular Nepal’ and are demanding to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra. Even many Hindu Saints have taken upon themselves and are actively taking part to demand Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.

We appeal all Hindus and Hindu organisation across the globe to actively support the demand of ‘Nepal as Hindu Rashtra’

How you can help ?

1. You can participate in protest rallies, gatherings etc. organised by various Hindu organisations in and outside Nepal. We will try to publish relevant information as and when possible.

2. You can sign the online petition with demand to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra

3. You can call or email on following contact details and express your desire to see Nepal reinstated as a Hindu Rashtra

Hon. President of Nepal

Office of President : +977-1-4415056, 4418011

Secretary : +977-1-4416317

Email : [email protected]

Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal

Phone : +977-1-4211000, 4211025, 4211040, 4211035, 4211080, 4211073, 4211021, 4211038

Fax : +977-1-4211065, 4211086, 4211038, 4211021, 4211047

Email : [email protected]


How Hindu activists in Nepal are trying to declare it Hindu Rashtra ?

This video exhibits the efforts by various Hindu organisations and their leaders to pressurise Govt to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra in forthcoming new constitution. Also it explains about what Nepali citizens want – Hindu Rashtra or Secularism ?


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