Analysis: What experts say ? – Part 1

True face of draconian law

For sake of clarity, we have divided the analysis in four parts similar to that in draft of the bill. Also please note that Andha-shraddha Nirmoolan Samiti i.e. Anti-superstition org. is referred below as A.N.S.

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A. About preamble

1. Divine energy is superstition

Observation: There are a great number of religions all over the world that belive in Divine energy. Faith in God encompasses faith in divine energy and super natural powers. In preamble of the now approved bill, divine energy has been described as ‘so-called’ and hence bill claims that it is a superstition. Thus the Government is denying faith in Divine energy and is enacting a law, which is anti-faith. Presently, there have been a large number of conversions by misusing the simple beliefs of the people. There are no Sections to fight this in the law.

It could be a superstition about divine energy that ones religion gets changed by drinking water, in which a piece of bread has been put or by some water sprinkled on ones head. Why is the Govt, which is objecting to Mantras, Rituals, Ayurveda, Saints in this law, is silent about such conversions?

2. Govt’s baseless claim that society is ridden with superstition.

Observation: The law is enforced by through the Police and the Judiciary. The police and judiciary can request the Government for a law if they find they have trouble in taking action in the crimes pertaining to superstition. Has the Govt got such written complaints or requests? Similarly the Govt. claims in the preamble that crimes pertaining to Superstition and blackmagic have increased in alarming numbers. Does the Govt have proof of the number of complaints, their nature and the obstacles in processing these cases? In this context the statistics obtained, within the right to information act, state that for the last five years only 17 crimes have been found to be connected to superstition. ‘The Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti’ (ANS) has been striving to bring about this act for the last 15 years. So who actually wants this act – The people, the Govt. or ANS?

3. Law that makes the police superior to the saint in the place of worship or pilgrimage.

Observation: Saibaba, Sant Dyaneshwar and many Saints have performed miracles in their lifetime. Even today many miracles are seen in Ganagapur (Maharashtra). There is a mention of miracles in almost all the Hindu religious books (scriptures). Are all these claims of miracles going to be considered untrue/false under this Law? Only those who are superior to the person doing the miracle can decide whether a miracle is true or false. Do the Govt. and ANS consider themselves superior to the Saints?

Anlaysis by experts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4