Black Magic Bill Draft – Part 3

Note: This bill is drafted very smartly, so that common man does not understand the hidden motive of the law. So please do refer analysis by experts.

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Schedule [See section 2(1)(b)]

(1) Under the pretext of expelling the ghost assaulting by tying a person with rope or chain, beating by stick or whip, to make the person drink footwear soaked water, giving chilli smoke, hanging a person to roof, fixing him with rope or by hair or plucking his hair, causing pain by way of touching heated object to organs or body of a person, forcing a person to perform a sexual act in the open practicing aghor acts, putting urine or human excreta forcibly in the mouth of a person or practicing any such acts.

(2) Display of so called miracles by a person and thereby earning money and to deceive, defraud and terrorise people by propagation and circulation of so called miracles.

(3) With a view to receive blessings of super natural power to follow the evil and aghori practices which causes danger to life or grievous hurt: and to instigate, encourage or compel others to follow such practices.

(4) Doing any inhuman act in search of precious things, bounty, water resource or for similar reasons in the name of karni, bhanamati and making or trying to make human sacrifice in the name of jaran-maran, or dev-devaski or to advice, instigate or encourage committing such inhuman act.

(5) to create an impression by declaring that a divine spirit has influenced one’s body or that a person has possessed such divine spirit and thereby create fear in the mind of others or to threaten others of evil consequences for not following the advise of such person.

(6) By declaring that a particular person practices karni, black magic or brings under the influence of ghost, or diminishes the milching capacity of a cattle by mantra-tantra, or crate a suspicion about such person, or similarly accusing a particular person that he brings misfortune to others or is responsible for spread of diseases and thereby making the living of such person miserable, troublesome or difficult; to declare a person a satan or incarnation of satan.

(7) In the name of jaran-maran, karni, or witchcraft (chetuk) assaulting any person, parading him naked or put a ban on his daily activities.

(8) To crate panic in the mind of public in general by way of invoking ghost by mantras, or threaten to invoke ghost, putting up a false show to make a person free from poisonous infection by invoking mantras or similar things, creating an impression that there is ghostly or divine wrath causing physical injuries and preventing a person from taking medical treatment and instead diverting him to practise aghori acts or treatment, threatening a person with death or causing physical pains or causing financial or psychological harm by practicing or tend to practise mantra tantra (chetuk). black magic or aghori act.

(9) Prohibiting and preventing a person from taking medical treatment in case of dog, snake or scorpion bite and instead giving him treatment like mantra-tantra, ganda-dora or such other things.

(10) Claiming to perform surgery by fingers, or claiming to change the sex of a foetus in womb of a woman.

(11) (a) to create an impression that oneself is having special super natural powers, emanation of another person or holy spirit, or that the devotee was his wife, husband or paramour in past birth thereby indulging into sexual activity with such person;

(b) To keep sexual relations with a woman who is unable to conceive assuring her of motherhood through supernatural power.

(12) To create an impression that a mentally retarded person is having super natural power and utilizing such person for business or occupation.

Draft of bill: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4