Dictatorship of the small minorities !

Essayist Nassim Nicholas Taleb has termed this is the ‘dictatorship of the small minorities’. His book ‘Skin in the Game’, there is a chapter that Taleb has titled ‘The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority’. Here, he describes how an intolerant minority population can force the majority population to submit to their demands. While a meat eating Hindu may not care if the meat he is consuming is halal or not, a muslim person will not compromise on this aspect and insist that he be served only halal meat to cater to his religious beliefs. Now scale this demand in relation to the entire minority community and slowly but surely the unprotesting Hindu is also forced to consume only halal meat. Even though the muslims are in minority, the Hindu majority has to accede to their religious demands and even follow them. This is another face of Islamization. It is this complacency that reduced the Egyptian Coptic Christians from a majority to a minuscule minority today.

Livelihood of poor Hindu butchers ruined !

Every person in Hindu dharma had the freedom to pursue a career in according to their vocation and skill. Similarly, the Hindu butcher community has been earning a livelihood by selling meat. But now with government run institutions and even private businesses demanding that only halal meat be supplied, Hindu butchers (whose products are haram) are going out of business, while Muslim butchers are benefitted. Pork is prohibited by Islam, so barring pork every other kind of meat business is being taken over by the minority Muslim community. The government’s ill-advised policies about insisting on Halal meat have ensured that the 23,646 Crore yearly meat export and the 40,000 Crore domestic mat consumption industry is slipping into the hands of the minority Muslims. This has destroyed the livelihood of the poor and backward Hindu butchers!

Businesses being taken over by the minority community in the name of Halal economy !

One should understand that certifying a restaurant as halal compliant and certifying a product as halal are two different issues. For example for meat to be certified as halal, only the source and processing of the meat needs to be shariah compliant. However if a restaurant has to be halal certified the restaurant cannot serve alcohol (or anything with spirits or derived products). Not only should the meat being used there be halal certified, even other items like oil, spices, food colouring, rice, grains, everything should be halal certified. So this halal certification has paved the way for the minority muslim community to take over not only the meat industry but other businesses too.