End of Congress is certain if anti-superstitions Act is passed : Pramod Mutalik

Press conference at Bengaluru (Karnataka) to oppose anti-superstitions Act

From left : Sou. Anupama Reddy, Dr. Maharshi Anand Guruji, Shri. Pramod Mutalik, Adv. Chetan Manerikar, Adv. Amrutesh N P. and Shri. Guruprasad 

Bengaluru (Karnataka) : There are very few persons in Karnataka who are pressurizing the Government for passing of anti-superstitions Act. The existing laws are capable and there is no need for a new Act. The Government should try to create awareness amongst people towards superstitions. The Government has not explained the difference between faith and superstition in this Act. This law proposed to be passed by the Government is an attempt to attack Hindus’ Devasthanas, Hindus’ ‘Dharmacharan’ and ‘Muthadhipatis’. If this Government passes such Act, it will be destroyed, said Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the Founder-President of Sriram Sena during a press conference held on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on 6th July against ‘Karnataka Anishta, Amanaveeya, Andha-shraddha’ Bill. 

It is wrong to condemn abiding by Sanatan Dharma, in the name of superstitions ! – Dr. Maharshi Anand Guruji, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Few persons try to project Hindu culture that starts with chanting of ‘Omkar’, as superstition. It is wrong to talk against Dharma wearing saffron robes. It is unfortunate of few intellectuals to act like brainless people. Everyone should fight for protection of Dharma. Sanatan Hindu Dharma gives importance to spirituality, abidance of Dharma and high values. All of us need to unite for protection of Bharatmata and Dharma; for which creating awareness amongst people towards Dharma is essential, said Dr. Maharshi Anand Guruji.

Karnataka Anishta, Amanaveeya superstitions Bill is against Hindus ! – Adv. Amrutesh, High Court, Bengaluru, Karnataka 

First decide if a crow sits on the car of Chief Minister, is it faith or superstition? Why are the opinions expressed by different Swamijis in Karnataka not taken into account ? Earlier, there was a ploy to take over management of all mutts but since it faced opposition, it had to be cancelled in following session of State Legislative Assembly. Now, the Government has again caught hold of few anti-Hindus and is getting ready to pass anti-superstitions Act for attacking Hindus, criticized Adv. N Amrutesh. 

It is most unfortunate that the Government is trying to eliminate Hindu Dharma by trying to pass anti-superstitions Act ! – Adv. Chetan Manerikar, Hindu Vidhidhya Parishad

1. None of the Saints having in-depth knowledge of Hindu Dharma or any spiritual leaders were consulted before drafting of this Bill, nor were their opinion sought on the draft.

2. The Government is trying to divide citizens following various religions and this draft is full of ego, ignorance and spite.

3. The draft has been prepared by persons with low mentality and therefore, Christians and Muslims have been kept out of the purview of this Bill; targeting only Hindu Dharma.

4. The draft has been prepared in such manner that its only aim is to attack Hindu Dharma. Superstitions are there even in Christians and Muslims. Tying a sacred thread for protection from negative energies; for happening something good, praying at durgah, beating self with a leash in Moharrum; are not all these superstitions ? Wearing a ‘Cross’, giving sacred water for curing incurable disease, lighting a candle in front of Jesus and Mary for faith or for cure, extreme belief in Christianity, all comes under superstitions.

5. Those, who have prepared the draft of this Bill, are mostly communist, anti-Hindus and full of hatred even against traditions followed under Hindu Dharma.

6. All rights to register an offence under superstition are given to police and ‘Jagarukata Samiti’. These rights will certainly be used against innocent Hindus, Swamijis, Mutts, trustees and managing committees of Devasthanas and astrologers, for weakening them.

7. Giving cut near neck to animals (cock, goat) so that they would die of bleeding is the cruelest superstition which has been considered as punishable act by imposing restrictions. In the same clause, however, there is no mention of ‘halal’ way of killing under which animal’s neck is cut so that it dies of bleeding. It is very cruel but at many places in the world including Karnataka, such killings take place.

8. This draft is silent on mass killings of goats and pigs happening on the day of Eid and ‘Thanks giving’ because there are different laws to stop such cruelty related to animals. It is, therefore, quite surprising that such draft Bill has been prepared in the name of eradication of superstitions.

9. Offences described under the draft of Superstitions Act are already included under Indian penal Code of 1960; Act against cruelty to animals, 1960, Human Rights Protection Act of 1955, Act prohibiting tradition of ‘Sati’, of 1982 etc. There is no need for draft of new Bill. It is likely that the new Act would treat Hindu Dharmacharan as a wrong way of living life and the State Government should strengthen the existing laws for eradication of superstitions.  

Dignitaries attending the press conference 

1. Shri. Pramod Mutalik, Founder-President Sriram Sena

2. Dr. Maharshi Anand Guruji, Founder, Brahmarshi Ananda-Siddhipeetham;

3. Shri. Amrutesh N. P. Adv., High Court, Bengaluru

4. Shri. Chetan Manerikar, Adv., Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada

5. Shri. Guruprasad, Coordinator, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Karnataka

6. Sou. Anupama Reddy, Founder-President, ‘Anubandh-Trust’ 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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