Governance of State as per Hindu ideology is necessary : Shri. Tapan Ghosh


Shri. Tapan Ghosh, President of ‘Hindu Sanhati’, a pro-Hindu organization from Bengal was in Pune in connection with a program. Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh and Shri. Vivek Gupta met him during his visit and discussed issues like increasing fanaticism of Muslims, its adverse effect on Bharat, Dharma-prem required to be generated amongst Hindus, establishment of Hindu Rashtra etc. The guidance given by Shri. Ghosh is given below.

  1. Hindus’ condition will change if Muslims’ increasing fanaticism is stopped !

Condition of Hindus will not change unless few basic problems are controlled irrespective of any Government ruling a State or at Centre; e.g. increasing population and fanaticism of Muslims. Another thing is condition of Hindus may not change even if there is BJP Government at Centre. In the elections of 2014, people have not voted for BJP but they voted for Modi and people have expectations from him. Modi should be given one more year to see whether he would be able to fulfill those expectations or not. We should never forget that anti-Hindu factions are spread all over India. Its latest example is students of FTII, Pune staging agitation against appointment of Shri. Gajendra Chauhan ! It shows that students of a film institute are also under so much influence of secularism. There is decrease in cases of cow-smuggling in Bengal by 25 to 30 % but it has not stopped. BJP and Prime Minister Modi at Centre are running this country. If we consider BJP, it will continue to appease Muslims but if we think of Modi, there is still some hope.

  1. Local Muslims’ association in setting up base of terrorists in Bengal

There is terrorism in this country; but every Muslim is not associated with these organizations. Muslims from rural areas are especially taught fanaticism; e.g. Hindu is a kafir, Hindu means enemy. Such teachings are creating trouble for Hindus. Wherever terrorists stay, they stay like gentlemen and do not harass local Hindus. They make preparations in clandestine manner and Hindus, in general, are not affected by these but by local Muslims. This is not Islamic terrorism but it is Islamic expansionism. These are two different things. The Government is unable to put stop to such expansionism taking place in villages. Who is going to stop it ? It is therefore, necessary that citizens should be alert. So, there is Islamic terrorism, but due to Islamic expansionism, the small Pakistans are created in this country and that is causing disturbance in Bengal. There is a base of terrorists in Bengal. All preparations are made there and used outside. Local people of Bengal are unhappy due to local fanatics. Our direct enemies are not Dawood or Laden but they are local fanatics.               

  1. Family planning of Muslims is essential !

This fight is going on since hundreds of years. We won or lost wars; but we have lost our land and our people. Our people have either died or converted. If we think about land then only small Hindustan is left now. It is a fight. It is necessary to prepare Hindus and prepare them mentally. On the basis of religion of population, Pakistan was separated in 1947 where Hindus were minority and Muslims, majority. It is therefore, duty of the Government to put curb on over population of Muslims. Modi Government should ask Muslims to go for family planning. We have to pressurize the Government to arrest such expansionism of Islam and see that Hindus’ population is not reducing.

  1. Hindu Dharma-gurus should motivate people for generating loyalty and faith towards own Dharma !

There is need to generate love and respect amongst Hindus towards own Dharma and to create mentality for fighting against injustice. Our ‘kathakar’, ‘pravachankar’ should try to create such love for Dharma amongst Hindus. Ramkrushna Paramhans has said that there are as many paths to attain God as there are people and you can follow your path for God realization. This principle is however, used in improper manner. Ramakrushna Paramhans had said it only for various Sampradayas in Hindus; e.g. Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shaakta. This statement was not for Islam, Christian or Yahudis (Jews); but unfortunately this statement was wrongly used through Ramkrushna mission and confusion is created amongst people. It is a matter of shame. It is impossible to create love and respect towards our Dharma amongst people with such things. It has been said in Quran that after Ramzan, go anywhere and kill. Ramkrushna mission people say that teachings of all religions are same; therefore, we should treat Ramkrushna Mission as guilty. It is saffron secularism. If a person like Tista Setalwad talks about ‘Sarva-Dharma-Sama-Bhava’, harm caused would not be so much if it is said by a person wearing saffron robes. Ramakrushna Mission should be taken to task for such saffron secularism and all Dharma-gurus should motivate their followers to develop faith in own Dharma. Hindu social organizations should come forward to fight against atrocities against Hindus and people should also support them.

  1. Hindu Dharma means Manav Dharma !

We are saying that we want to establish Hindu Rashtra; but this is Hindu Rashtra. Till there is even one Hindu in Bharat, this has to be called as a Hindu Rashtra. The problem is this is Hindu Rashtra but there is no Hindu rule. We will have to make this a Hindu rule, a country that is based on Hindu ideology. Hindu Dharma means Manav Dharma, humanity ! Under Hindu rule, there will be atmosphere of justice and injustice will not be done to Hindus.

  1. Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan is a good sign !

‘Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan’ organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is a good thing and auspicious for Hindus. For educated people of this country, Hindu Rashtra is a new name.  This name has spread everywhere due to this Adhiveshan.

– Shri. Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Sanhati, Bengal

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