HJS arranges FACT exhibition in Miraj

By Staff Reporter

The guest in Miraj FACT exhibition

The guest in Miraj FACT exhibition

Miraj (Maharashtra): As predicted by Saint Tukaram Today every day and night is a war. The terrorist you heard about till yesterday is today at your doorstep. So its high time that Hindus give up the virtue of ‘compassion’. We need to unite and fight and there is no alternative to this if we earnestly wish to save our country and religion from doom. This was what H.B.P. Ramakant Bhongle Maharaj preached to Hindus of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sangli wing when addressing the gathering after inaugurating the photo exhibition titled ‘The bitter truth of terrorism’ organized by FACT.

The purpose of the HJS in organizing this exhibition at ‘Muktangan Khare temple’ fro 26th from 28th June was to make every Hindu aware of the terrible atrocities committed on Hindus by terrorists in Kashmir. H.B.P. inaugurated the exhibition breaking a coconut. Others who graced the occasion were trustee and President of the Vasupuja Swami Jain temple, Shri Suryakantbhai Shah, the Rudrapashupatinath Kolekar Mutt incharge H.H. Kolekar Maharaj, Shri Prasad Kulkarni of the Shrishivapratishthan and Shri Rajaram Repal the HJS spokesperson for Sangli. H.B.P. Bhongle Maharaj spoke of how when preserving religion there is a need to destroy evildoers. The government is framing bills such as the ‘black magic eradication’ and ‘take over of temples’. Just as Lord Sreekrushna created awareness in Arjun so also now the HJS is performing the task of waking up Hindus from their slumber. If Hindus act as advised by the HJS then it will not only create patriotism in them but will also make India strong.

Loss of warrior radiance has made the Hindu impotent! – H.H. Kolekar Maharaj

“Even after India became independent the atrocities committed against Hindus continued. Now in Kashmir Hindus are homeless. Terrorists are in the process of destroying our invaluable Hindu temples. And loss of warrior radiance in Hindus is responsible for this. The sole duty of the present day politicians is to enjoy power. Christian missionaries are continuing their task of converting poor Hindus in the name of education and monetary assistance. We need to protest against this vehemently” is what H.H. Kolekar said in his address.

Inauguration of exhibition by lighting a Deep

Inauguration of exhibition by lighting a Deep

Need for this exhibition to reach the common man – Suryakant Shah
“After seeing this exhibition I realized how the media has failed to project the real plight of Kashmiri Hindus to the world. If politicians wish they are capable of doing anything. They are not taking action here because they do not wish to. We need to make all possible efforts to take this exhibition to the common man and this being a divine task we shall certainly not run short of money” is what Shri Suryakant Shah said in his speech.

Be prepared to give up your life for religion – Prasad Kulkarni
Since the 13th century Muslims have taken control over Kashmir. Atrocities against Hindus are continuing since then. We have none to blame but our Indian Hindu politicians for this state of affairs. The Kashmir government is doing its best to suppress Hindus in Kashmir. They have stopped education in Dongri, local and Buddhist languages and have retained only Urdu. The Ayurveda University there was closed down in 2000 A.D. To change this situation all Hindus need to forget their language, caste, creed, and regional amnd political differences and unite. Can we sit tight when our fellow brethren are being tormented? Not stopping at this we should be prepared to sacrifice our lives for Hinduism is what Prasad Kulkarni preached.

Spokesperson for the HJS Shri Rajaram Repal explained the objectives behind organizing this exhibition. He requested Hindus to give at least one hour daily towards this religious mission and said that an attempt should be made to pass on the message of this exhibition to all Hindus in Miraj.

Shri Suryakant Shah and Shri Prasad Kulkarni were welcomed by the city President of the Shiv Sena Shri Shashikant Vaghmode with flowers. The BJP Municipal Councillor Shri Makarand Deshpande received H.H. Kolekar Maharaj and H.B.P. Bhongle Maharaj. Shri Repal was welcomed by Shri Panditrao (Tatya) Karade of the Shiv Sena. Shri Sudhir Tavre of the HJS did compering of the function.

The others who solicited their presence were Shri Omkar Shukla and Rahul Karne of the BJP Yuva Morch, Spokesperson for the Bajrangbhau Vichar Manch Shri Panditrao Karade, Shri Ashok Khatavkar of the Hindu Ekta Andolan, and President of the Thevidar Sanghtana Shri Bhokre, Sau. Shobha Khare and Shri Santosh Khatavkar of the Sanatan Sanstha and Shri Omkar Homkar and Shri Madusudhan Kulkarni of the HJS.

Mob at  exhibition

Mob at exhibition


  • A VCD on the ‘Plight of Hindus in Kashmir’ produced by the organization ‘Panun Kashmir’ was shown.
  • Sanatan Sanstha Miraj had put an exhibition of is holy texts and other sattvik products
  • Shri Prasad Kulkarni made people aware of the history of Kashmir since its creation
  • Preacher of the Sanatan Sanstha for North India, Kum. Aparna Gude conducted the subtle analysis of this programme and explained the meaning of subtle analysis to the public.
  • H.H. Deshpandekaka a saint of the Sanatan Sanstha attended this exhibition.
  • The BJP Municipal Councilor Shri Makarand Deshpande paid a second visit to the exhibition along with his co-workers.

When vieing the photos H.H. Kolekar Maharaj commented, “ Why can the government not rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pundits if they can give free housing to the poor?” Seeing the holy texts being burnt in the photographs He said, “We need to put in all efforts so that this treasure house of holy texts is read by people. Since these holy texts are not secure in Kashmir we should try to get them to Maharashtra”. He lauded the Sanatan Sanstha for its praiseworthy tasks.


  1. To trustees of the Muktangan Khare Temple for providing its hall
  2. To Hindu protagonists
  3. To Shri Chippalkatti for refreshments and other arrangements of guests
  4. To Shri Milind Shiralkar for providing a free dining hall to seekers of Sanatan Sanstha for three days (We extend special thanks to Shri Sunil Chippalkatti and Shri Shiralkar and their families for helping the HJS in this religious mission)

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