Who will wipe tears of ‘Gou-rakshaks’ ?

With the kind of news published these days, one feels that ‘Gou-rakhaks’ are facing very bad days. Now, the rulers have given instructions to take stringent action against ‘Gou-rakshaks’.  RSS and now, even Supreme Court have demanded action against ‘Gou-rakshaks’. Exhibiting immense bravery, first rescue ‘Goumata’ from the clutches of butchers, fanatics and agents and then take rounds of police stations and court at the cost of own jobs and work, family; with addition to all these things, now, there will be hanging sword of strict action over their heads. If ‘Gou-rakshaks’ start having doubts regarding their mission of protection of cows, will they be wrong ? So, the question is who will wipe tears of ‘Gourakshks’ ?

There was an era of Chhatrapat Shivaji Maharaj ! Bal Shivaji once saw a butcher dragging a cow on the road in Pune. When he realized that the cow was being taken for slaughtering, he immediately cut off butcher’s hands and rescued cow. That was the first ‘Gourakshan’ before ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ was established and it was an introduction to or glimpse of future ‘Hindavi Swaraj’. During Mughal regime, a son of their Sardar cutting off butcher’s hands was quite a serious offence; but Mughal rulers too didn’t dare to take action against ‘Bal Shivaba’. Shivaji Maharaj, exhibiting such daring, was later given the title of ‘Gou-Brahman- Pratipalak’. Of course, the so-called historians may claim something different ! Didn’t Maharaj give a message that mission of ‘Gou-rakshan’ was possible even in an enemy country and in fact, it should be done ?

The freedom-fight of 1857 also started due to faith in cow. Valour was awakened in Mangal Pande because cow’s fat was used for covering bullets of guns which hurt his religious sentiments and the spark of freedom fight was ignited. The rulers need to note the highest sentiments felt towards cow for Hindus. Cow has attained such status in our life as we use her milk, ‘gou-mutra’, ‘gou-maya’ etc; creating a feeling that one cannot be a Hindu if he doesn’t know the significance of cow. Hindus have faith that it is the abode of 33 crores of Deities; so revered by Hindus. Alert devout Hindus are bound to try and protect anything that they feel is sacred. Nobody supports killings taking place in the name of ‘Gourakshan’; but it can also be not denied that no firm action is taken against brutal attacks on ‘Gou-rakshaks’ nor are such attacks condemned.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has shown us the path of ‘Gou-rakshan’. Thank God, he is not there now; else the present pro (re) gressive and so-called thinkers would not have spared him from criticism. Presently, protection of cow/ cattle means self-protection and Hindus will certainly do it, in lawful manner !

– Shri. Yadnyesh Sawant

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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