Ban Sunny Leone, Save the Country !


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Ms Sunny Leone a.k.a Karenjit Kaur Vohra is a Canadian born American adult movie actress of Indian Sikh-origin has shifted base to India. Movie producers, directors and even companies are trying to feature her in every movie / commercial they make, simply because she has no inhibitions to shed her clothes. The Indian media has also ensured that Sunny Leone becomes a ‘household name’ by highlighting every act of this ‘adult movie star’.

As a result, today children and youngsters are spending a lot of time trying to learn about her which takes them to her website and videos filled with obscene content. More than 68% of the visitors to Sunny Leone’s website are from India (Please see image from below). The filthy content will not only irreparably affect the young minds, it will also result in youngsters viewing women as a commodity or just an object of lust.


What is the harm ?

Photo is given here only for awareness purpose (Photo Courtesy :

While the entire world is worried about the increasing atrocities on women, specially in developing nations like India, how prudent is it to keep inviting and making a huge deal of an adult film actress? Videos like these not only degrade women, but also result in implanting all the wrong ideas in minds of the youth. According to one study, 40% of youth in Goa who started watching normal obscenity, quickly got hooked to something as despicable as rape porn. So thinking that little obscenity is harmless, is a very dangerous thing.


So now with Sunny Leone becoming popular in India (statistics show that she has been the most searched person in India for 3 years straight), more and more youth are going to her website, watching her obscene movies and then getting hooked to this steady stream of wanton lust. Once this happens, it will not take long before they move to more violent forms of pornography and then even start looking for victims to act out their fantasies. Do you want your children to turn out like this?


We have had youngsters like Bhagat Singh and Khudiram Bose who sacrificed their youth on the altar of the freedom struggle. And today we have youth who worship people like Sunny Leone! Can we expect people who engage in the pursuit of lust to become useful citizens of the country ? But can we expect youth who are exposed to scantily clad images and videos of Sunny Leone to show any respect to women?    


This body picture selling bussiness of Sunny leone is clearly an Offence under the Indian Laws. She has to face prosecution under various laws such as sections 292, 292 A, 293 of Indian Penal Code or Section 3 and 4 of Indecent Representation of Women Act and Section 66F of Information Technology Act 2000 as well.


Unfortunately the Government lacks the will power to do, as is evident from the ‘helplessness’ it expressed before the Supreme Court of India, while answering to a PIL asking for a ban on all pornographic websites. However, if we are concerned about the future of the country, then it is our Dharma to ensure that the Government takes appropriate steps to stop this glorification of lust.



What can you do to ensure that this glorification of obscenity stops ?

After going through document, if you feel that you want to do something to ensure the future of India should not turn into a lust fuelled, directionless society, then you can do the following.

  1. Lodge a police complaint : Use the attached pro forma and lodge a complaint against Sunny Leone and her obscene websites at your nearest police station.

  1. Involve educators : Visit schools, colleges and universities. Talk to the teachers, principals and deans there and request them to also participate in this campaign. Ask them to also issue a formal complaint on their institutional letterhead demanding a ban and deportation of Sunny Leone.

  1. Talk to women who hold office : Talk to members of Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, MLAs, MPs as well as members of women rights organisations and make them aware of this exploitation of women taking place due to the increasing obscenity on TV, in Films and advertisements. Request them to join this campaign by having them ask the government to ban the obscene websites of Sunny Leone and to deport her at the earliest.

  1. Send your letters to the Hon’ble Prime Minister on the following address

    PM Office
    South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi – 110011
    Ph : 23012312, 23012149, 23019545
    Fax : 23016857

    Also, send a scanned copy of all these letters to the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti website at contact [at] hindujagruti [dot] org HJS will escalate this issue on the behalf of the society.

  1. Create awareness : Tell your family and friends about the evils of the increasing levels of obscenity and the threat to the moral fiber of the society and nation.

  2. Sign the petition : In the interest of saving the nation’s youth HJS has initiated this signature campaign. The future of the country’s youth will be decided on how many people we can get to sign this petition. So if you are concerned about the future of the nation, please sign this petition and also promote it.

Deport Sunny Leone, Save the Country !


1. Hon. Prime Minister of India
2. Hon. Minister of Home Affairs
3. Hon. Minister of Information & Broadcasting
4. Hon. Minister of Women and Child Development
5. Hon. Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment
6. Hon. Secretary, Home Ministry
7. Hon. Secretary, Ministry of I&B
8. Hon. Secretary, Women & Child Development Ministry
9. Hon. Secretary, Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry

Sub : Deport Ms Sunny Leone back to her country, ban her obscene content available online and protect the moral fibre of the country’s future

Ms Sunny Leone a.k.a. Karenjit Kaur Vohra) is a Canadian born American adult movie actress who has shifted base to India. Here she is hounded by movie producers, directors and even companies who wan to feature her in every movie / commercial they make, for the one qualification she has - she is not shy to shed her clothes. Not a single day passes without the Indian media highlighting some mundane news about ‘former adult movie star’ ‘pornographic actress’ Sunny Leone’s appearances and antics. This has also ensured that Sunny Leone becomes a ‘household name’.

Due to this exposure, Sunny Leone has been the most searched person in India for 3 years straight. Innocent children who do not know what ‘adult movie’ or ‘pornography’ mean will go on the internet to search for Sunny Leone. What greets them is her website which is filled with indecent content. It is no wonder that more than 73.5% of the visitors to Sunny Leone’s website are from India. One can only imagine how many young minds are getting corrupted.

Sunny Leone’s absolute lack of inhibition to shed clothes for money has only inflamed the desires of movie producers and script writers to include sleazy scenes and songs involving her in their movies. These movies and songs are also constantly showed on the television further causing irreparable moral damage to the young minds.

Coming from a society which celebrates the woman as the Divine Mother, it pains me that youngsters today are being subject that treats a woman as a commodity - to be put on display and ogled at. Sanatan Hindu Dharma has 4 pillars - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. So Hindus are not alien to Kama, but Kama does not equate to lust. People like Sunny Leone propagate unbridled lust through their actions and websites.

What is appalling is that despite having laws that prohibit immoral activity that corrupts the moral fibre of the people, we are forced to watch people like Sunny Leone openly being celebrated by the media as well as the movie industry. As a result youngsters are having adult movie stars who are the epitome of selfishness and lust as their ‘role models’. How can we expect such youngsters who are brought up on such ‘ideals’ to do anything for the nation?

So as a concerned citizen I urge you to -

1. Immediately ban all the websites that promote obscenity as well as immoral content by Sunny Leone.
2. Take immediate steps to deport Sunny Leone for being an accessory to promotion of obscenity and corrupting the morality of the youngsters.
3. Take proper legal action against her criminal deeds

I hope you will take these steps in the interests of protecting the youngsters and the future of the Nation.



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Is this a conspiracy to destroy the societal fabric of India ?

Sunny Leone sells her obscene videos for a lot of money on her website Sunlust. Her website is backed by one of the largest adult movie producers of America. Now that Sunny Leone is a regular feature in Indian movies, is she trying to start peddling her filthy movies in India too? These movies will not only corrupt young impressionable minds, they will also destroy the societal fabric of India that the entire world looks up to. But there are people who view the acceptance of pornography as a sign of a progressive society. What good is a ‘progressive society’ where son will lust after the mother, brother after sister and the youth after every woman he comes across? Such websites should be banned immediately if we wish to ensure that the future of India is built upon strong pillars of moral values and not on the rotting heap of lust.


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2 thoughts on “Ban Sunny Leone, Save the Country !”

  1. Deporting her won’t solve any problems. Banning porn won’t solve any problems either. What we need is comprehensive sex education at a reasonable age (say 13-16?), so that kids know stuff. Knowledge is power

  2. everything is good at the right time and Sunny is trying to bring a porn era to suit her needs and create a market to promote and sell her movies. If she continue playing sleezy roles in the movies, our young generation would be attracted to lust and her maket will grow by leaps and bounds. Hence, a ban on her is desired. If she can play good roles then she should be in India. However, all her movies have flopped as she has ZERO acting skills…all she cold do is act like an adult star.


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