Benefits of sleeping early at night and waking up early

        The power of negative energies increases during the night; therefore it is difficult to perform spiritual practice during the night. Hence, it is advised to sleep early and give rest to the body in the night. Conversely, in the period from dawn till 11 am in the morning, the environment is most conducive for performing spiritual practice, hence, its is advised to waking up early in morning. Therefore, our Dharma advises the dictum ‘Early to bed and early to rise’. Let us understand these aspects from this article and also find out why one should not sleep during the day and in the evening.

waking up early

1. Since the fruits of kriyaman karmas (Wilful actions) performed by an individual become negligible at night, going to sleep early and waking up early is beneficial

        From the time of sunset, the wheel of kal (Time) starts moving in the reverse direction. Hence, the proportion of benefits of the kriyaman karmas also starts reducing. Therefore, after the first prahar (One-eighth part of the day; about three hours) of the night is over and the second one begins, the benefits of spiritual karmas of the individual begin to dwindle; and when the third prahar begins, the benefits of all karmas become negligible. When the fourth prahar begins, the benefits of kriyaman karmas begin to materialize again. Hence, our highly evolved Sages who had foresight, chose nights as the period of rest. Therefore, it becomes easier to perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) in the period when more kriyaman karmas can be performed.

2. Advantages of sleeping early at night and waking up early next morning

Sleeping at night is an action complimentary to the enhanced Tama component in the atmosphere, resulting in peaceful sleep.

Since the Sun Deity is not present at night, the RajaTama waves from the atmosphere do not get destroyed; quite the opposite, they become more predominant. Consequently, the sattvikta and Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the atmosphere diminishes. Due to an increase in Tama component during the night, the attack of negative energies increases. This increased Tama component affects the body and mind, and as a result, large proportion of sattvik energy has to be expended to perform sadhana or any auspicious tasks at night. Besides, there is a possibility of increased opposition to these tasks and consequently, the individual may suffer from greater distress. The body needs to be rested for a few hours everyday for performing rituals related to the body and maintaining good health. Since sleeping at night is an action complementary to the enhanced Tama component in the atmosphere, it results in peaceful sleep. Consequently, the body too gets rest. The enhanced Tama component reduces the ability of the mind to remain active at night. Sleeping at night ensures that the mind remains inactive, instead of engaging in any karma.

  • From dawn till 11 a.m., the atmosphere is sattvik and charged with Chaitanya; hence, such an atmosphere is most conducive for performing sadhana and auspicious tasks: The Sun Deity’s subtle-most level of Shakti (Divine Energy) and Chaitanya spread into the atmosphere through the medium of sunrays. Therefore, the atmosphere remains sattvik and charged with Chaitanya from dawn till 11 a.m. As a result, the pranashakti (Vital energy) of the gross body and mental body increases, enhancing their functional ability. This environment is most conducive for performing sadhana and auspicious tasks. In the morning, the body and mind get easily activated, increasing the physical and mental efficiency of an individual. Hence, remembering God and performing auspicious tasks after waking up early in morning can be accomplished in a better way. Therefore, Dharma advises the dictum ‘Early to bed and early to rise’.

3. Why should one avoid sleeping during the day?

  1. Sleeping during the day and performing sadhana and auspicious tasks at night makes an individual face various kinds of physical and psychological disorders: Sleeping during the day and performing sadhana and auspicious tasks at night reduces the effectiveness of the tasks and compels an individual to expend greater amount of energy. As a result, with passage of time, the stress shows on the body and the mind of the individual and his functional ability decreases. Besides, the individual has to face various physical and psychological disorders. If this lasts over a long period, the individual’s lifespan may shorten.

  2. Since the daytime is appropriate for sadhana, avoid sleeping during the day :

    आरोहणं गवां पृष्ठे प्रेतधूमं सरित्तटम् ।

    बालातपं दिवास्वापं त्यजेद्दीर्घं जिजीविषुः ।।

    – Skandapurana, Brahmakhanda, Dharmaranyamahatmya, Adhyaya 6, Shloka 66

    Meaning: Whoever wishes a long life, should never ride on the back of a cow or a bull, should not allow the smoke from funeral pyre to touch his body, should not sit on the banks of a river (other than the Ganga) at twilight, should not allow the rays of the rising sun to fall on his body, and give up sleeping during the day.

  3. Day time is favourable for sadhana, while the night time is unfavourable: The movement of negative energies is less during the day when compared with the night. Hence, God expects that we perform as much sadhana as possible during the day time, contemplate on it during the night and resolve to improve upon the mistakes committed during the day; thereby, make an attempt to attain completeness in sadhana the next day. Hence, avoid sleeping during day time.

           During the nights, greater amount of energy is expended in performing sadhana due to greater movement of negative energies in the environment. Hence, this period is unfavourable for sadhana. This period is, however, favourable for negative energies. Therefore, negative energies perform sadhana during this Tama-predominant period, while the sattvik individuals perform sadhana during the sattvik period of day time.

  4. What should be done if you feel sleepy during the day? : Once, in August 2007, I was feeling drowsy throughout the day, as also during the spiritual healing sessions. Then, God suggested the following remedies to me.

    1. Apply water mixed with Vibhuti (Holy ash) to the eyes.

    2. After a prayer unto God, apply Vibhuti to the soles, head and eyes.

    3. Rub the finger-joints of the hands on each other.

    4. Press the big toe and scratch its nail.

    5. Apply pressure behind the ear and chant the Name (of God).

    6. Remove the black energy covering around you. (Note 1)

           After performing the above mentioned remedies my drowsiness decreased and my enthusiasm increased. The negative energy troubling me was distressed to a greater extent, due to which he began to manifest. – Ms. Maheshwari

    Note 1 – Due to emission of black energy by the negative energies, a subtle covering of distressing vibrations is created around the mind and intellect of an individual. This is referred to as a ‘black covering’. This covering is to be removed by individual efforts like removing it with own hands while chanting or by performing spiritual remedies like soaking the feet for fifteen minutes in salt water etc.

4. Why should one not sleep in the evening?

        In the process of sleeping, the capabilities of the intracellular voids, other cells and the blood circulatory system are greatly reduced. At such times, the awakened state of an individual ends and his dormant state begins. The movement of upa-pranas (Sub-vital energies) in the body gains momentum during sleep, thereby activating the waste gases accumulated in the body and beginning their downward flow. Due to the influence of this downward movement in the body, the distressing vibrations emanating from Patal (Hell region) get attracted to the gross body of the individual. The momentum of Raja-Tama-predominant particles in the atmosphere is higher in the evening than at other times of the day; hence, it becomes easier for the negative energies to enter the atmosphere by taking advantage of this motion. Under the influence of a polluted atmosphere, Raja-Tama-predominant waves get transferred from the gross body to the vital body of the individual within a short time. As a result, the individual experiences distress such as nightmares, waking up abruptly, shivering of the body or feeling of an electric shock etc. This can even lead to an entry of a negative energy in the body; hence, sleeping in the evening, which symbolizes predominance of Raja-Tama when compared with other times of the day, should be avoided.

        Intracellular void means the empty space between two glands of the body. Glands are the intra-organ muscles of internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, heart etc., which manage the functions at respective stages by nourishing and rearing the gross body.

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘How to sleep peacefully ?