Sleeping tips : Where should one not sleep ?

        Sleep is as essential as food for physical and mental well being. The body and the organs wear out after a day’s work. Following norms as described in the scriptures for sleeping will help us obtain a peaceful sleep. Just as we look around for basic requirements while sleeping like, looking for a clean place to sleep, checking the availability of pillows and blankets, keeping in mind the spiritual requirements is also equally important in order to get rid of invisible negative entities around us. This article gives the sleeping tips about where one should not sleep and the spiritual science underlying it.

Sleeping tips

1. Sleeping tips : Do not sleep in the temple at home

Do not sleep directly in front of the Idol of the Deities.

        The Shakti (Divine Energy) emanating from a Deity’s Idol is greater from the front side. The sattvikta of an average individual is less and hence, the individual finds it difficult to tolerate this Shakti. Therefore, such an individual can suffer from distress like heaviness of the head, increase in body-heat etc. Sleeping with the legs towards the Deity also amounts to insulting the Deity.

2. Sleeping tips : Do not sleep in an uninhabited house

        An uninhabited house is an abode of distressing vibrations and sleeping there is prohibited

  1. People do not reside in an uninhabited house, nor any religious rituals are performed there; hence, negative energies dwell there in greater proportion.

  2. An uninhabited house has free movement of distressing vibrations. Also, friction-generating movement takes place at a swift pace there. Hence, with the support of these distressing vibrations, many negative energies takes refuge in such a house.

  3. Sleeping in such uninhabited places lead to suffering from distress due to the vibrations, and the proportion of negative energies entering the body increases. Hence, it is said that one should avoid sleeping in an uninhabited house.

3. Sleeping tips : Do not sleep in a temple

        Since the atmosphere in a temple is sattvik,, the act of sleeping, which is rich in Tama component, is prohibited there.

  1. Temples are extremely sattvik places; whereas, the act of sleeping is Tamapredominant in nature. Performing such an act in a temple can invite the wrath of the Deity, and the demerit of polluting the atmosphere by emission of vibrations (Tama component) can be incurred.

  2. Performing an act that is Tama-predominant in nature in a sattvik atmosphere gradually transforms it into a non-sattvik atmosphere and results in samashti (society) demerit. Hence, acts like sleeping (that are Tama-predominant in nature) are prohibited in a temple. Hindu Dharma preaches that only sattvik acts be performed in a sattvik atmosphere.

4. Sleeping tips : Do not sleep near an ordinary fire

(Fire produced by burning waste material)

  1. Difference between Agni and ordinary fire: Fire produced by igniting firewood is known as Agni. It is used for cooking and performing Yadnyas (Sacrificial fires). An ordinary fire on the other hand, is a fire that is produced by igniting waste matter, dried leaves etc. Agni is kindled from natural components which are sattvik, while an ordinary fire is generated by burning waste or tamasik ingredients.

  2. On sleeping near an ordinary fire, there is a possibility of distress due to negative energies: An atmosphere of subtle-vibrations, which is in the form of radiance and is tamasik in nature, is generated near an ordinary fire. This atmosphere attracts negative energies; hence, it is advised that one should avoid sleeping in an atmosphere predominant in Tama component.

5. Sleeping tips : Do not sleep under the beam of the roof of a house

        The beam of the roof of a house restricts the movement of waves which are rich in Raja component in the premises, thus reducing their pace. Since the rapidly moving waves in the vastu (premises) strike the beam with high speed, larger amount of heat is generated in the atmosphere around the beam. Sleeping or standing directly below the beam reduces the pace of functioning of the Panchaprana (Five vital energies) in the body of the individual. This reduces the efficiency of the individual. Therefore, sleeping or standing below the beam should be avoided.

6. Sleeping tips : Avoid touching or sleeping beneath a tree at night

  1. Brahmarakshas (A haughty, disdainful spirit of a Brahman ), other cursed paranormal species or negative energies which dwell on trees, are active at night. Therefore, the atmosphere around the trees is full of distressing waves emanating from the bodies of these species. If at such times, the trees are touched, these waves enter our body through the hand. Sometimes, a sensation like a mild electric shock is felt. Since these waves are predominant in Raja component, they can have an adverse effect on our body, causing choking, giddiness, blackouts with vision of bright orbs of light in the environment etc. The bright orb of light is actually radiant energy generated due to friction between swiftly moving distressing energy particles emitting from the bodies of negative energies into the atmosphere around the tree.

  2. At night, plants exhale carbon dioxide into the environment. Since this gas is charged with RajaTama predominant waves, the environment around the tree becomes conducive for emission of distressing negative energy waves; hence, it is advised that touching a tree or sleeping beneath it at night be avoided.

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘How to sleep peacefully ?

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