How to sleep peacefully ?

Introduction to How to sleep peacefully

        The modern day hectic lifestyle, domestic tensions, office tensions etc. have made peaceful sleep a rarity for most people. Absence of peaceful sleep adversely affects the following day’s work-schedule. Many of those who suffer from sleep disorders visit doctors in the hope of overcoming their problem. Doctors in turn prescribe sedative drugs to their patients so that they get much needed sleep and claim to answer the common question of how to sleep peacefully and at the same time advise them certain physical exercises. Allopathy does not think beyond this. Disregard to nature’s laws pertaining to sleep and not following related āchārs (Conducts conforming to Shruti and Smruti) mentioned in Dharma collectively form the root cause of the problem of not getting a peaceful sleep. The articles given ahead in particular elaborate the spiritual science underlying various aspects related to peaceful sleep, such as in which direction the head should be while sleeping, why should the bedroom not be completely dark while going to bed etc.

        Sometimes, superficially, no reasons are evident for lack of sleep. At times, other sleep related disorders, such as talking in sleep (somniloquy), sleepwalking (somnambulism) etc. are also noted. The main reason for all such disorders is distress due to negative energies. The power of negative energies increases during the night, and hence, they can easily attack an individual while he/she is asleep. As a result, distress such as inability to wake up early, inability to get started immediately upon waking up, heaviness of the body, lack of enthusiasm etc. are experienced. All this distress can be overcome only through spiritual remedies.

        Once asleep, the direction and position in which an individual goes to sleep changes. Often, the cause is distress due to negative energies. During such times, the individual’s family members can take remedial measures such as altering the posture, turning the head towards the east etc.

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘How to sleep peacefully ?