Sattvik picture and Name-strip of Deity Shiva

Sanatan-made sattvik picture of Deity Shiva

1. Picture depicting the subtle-characteristics of
Sattvik picture of Deity Shiva’ made by Sanatan

1. Positive vibrations in the picture : 4% – Dr. Athavale

2. Proportion of vibrations in the picture based on subtle knowledge : Shanti (Serenity) 4%, Shivatattva (Principle of Deity Shiva) 4%, Anand 2%, Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) 3% and Shakti (Divine Energy) 4%.

3. Other aspects

A. In this picture of Deity Shiva, I felt that the Shivatattva has transformed from the nirgun (Non-materialised) to the sagun (Materialised), and is taking the sagun form of Deity Shiva from the picture.

B. Upon looking at every organ of Deity Shiva, we get the spiritual experience that various vibrations such as Shakti, Chaitanya, Anand, Shanti etc. are active.

Spiritual experiences about perceiving vibrations from various organs of Deity Shiva

Deity Shiva’s organs Spiritual experience
Eyes Experiencing Shanti
Neck Experiencing that the negative energy in all the body organs is getting pulled
Chest (At the region of the rudraksha mala (A rosary made with rudraksha seeds)) Experiencing Chaitanya (The best amongst all feelings)

C. I felt as if the picture had come alive and the serpent, Ganga etc. were activated

Upon looking at the picture for a long time, because of the Divine sagun vibrations inherent in it as well as that attracted to it, I perceived that the objects (The serpents on the right and left hand, the flowing Ganga  and the saffron colour cloth on the damaru (An hourglass shaped drum associated with Deity Shiva)) had become active.

D. The nirgun vibrations (of Shanti) are perceived in greater proportion in the picture.

E. In the spiritual experience of Shanti, superior-level Shakti is also perceived in the picture.

F. Special characteristics of picture of Deities made by Sanatan :

Since different vibrations are emitted by Sanatan’s pictures of Deities as per the need of respective individuals, it becomes difficult to draw their pictures based on subtle-knowledge

        Emission of different vibrations are perceived from every organ of the Deities in Sanatan’s pictures as per the need of an individual. Hence, it is very difficult to draw their pictures based on subtle-knowledge. For example, sometimes the vibrations of Shanti are emitted by Deity Shiva’s eyes and sometimes those of Shakti. This puzzles the mind on how to show them in a picture based on subtle-knowledge. (Different vibrations are emitted by Sanatan’s pictures of Deities depending on the distress and need of the individual who looks at them.)

 Different individuals perceive different vibrations from Sanatan’s pictures of Deities according to their Path of spiritual practice

Different individuals perceive different vibrations from Sanatan’s pictures of Deities according to their Path of spiritual practice. For example, if an individual is following the Path of meditation, he will perceive Anand in Sanatan’s pictures of Deities; whereas, an individual following the Path of knowledge will perceive Chaitanya in the same picture etc.

– Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, Sanatan Sanstha (Adhik Vaishakha Krushna Paksha 3, Kaliyug  Varsh 5112 [1.4.2010])

(Sanatan has also made sattvik pictures of Shri Ganapati, Shriram, Deity Hanuman, Shri Durgadevi, Shri Lakshmidevi, Deity Dattatreya and Shrikrushna in various sizes.)

2. Chaitanya enriched nature of ‘Pictures of Deities’
made by Sanatan proved through pendulum technique

In the beginning  of the year, I purchased ‘Sanatan Almanac 2012’. The percentage of Deity Principle in each picture of the Deity in the Almanac was mentioned underneath it. I measured this percentage using a pendulum and the results matched to the second decimal point. In this way, since I experienced the sattvikta of the pictures, I displayed the Almanac in my office and distributed ‘Sanatan Almanac 2012’ too. – Mr. Nandakumar Mungekar (Architect, Environmentalist and Pendulum-analyst), Dadar, Mumbai

Sattvik Name-strips of Deity Shiva’ made by Sanatan

Sanatan-made sattvik Name-strip of Deity Shiva

        Sattvik letters have inherent Chaitanya. Sanatan makes Name-strips of Deities, which are a combination of sattvik letters and borders, that are in keeping with the Principles of the respective Deity. These Name-strips have greater ability to attract and emit the Principles of the respective Deities. So far, Sanatan has made more than 80 such Name-strips of Shiva and other Deities.

Picture depicting subtle-characteristics of
Sattvik Namestrip of Deity Shiva’ made by Sanatan

A. Positive vibrations in the picture : 2%’ – Dr. Athavale

B. ‘Proportion of other vibrations : Shanti 4%, Shivatattva 4% and Shakti 2%.

C. Other aspects :

1. Chanting takes place automatically due to this Name-strip.

2. Due to the void created by the roundness of the letters in the Name-strip, it obtains nirguṇtattva in a greater proportion.

3. When we look at the Name-strip for a long time, the letters begin to move, and after some time, it is perceived that there are no letters at all.

D. Difference between a Deity’s form and Name :

1. In the picture of a Deity, its saguṇ form manifests. Hence, the proportion of Tej-tattva is greater in it.

2. Deity’s Name attains oneness with the Deity’s nirguṇtattva to a greater extent. Hence, the proportion of akash-tattva is greater in the Name-strip.

2 A. With the help of Deity’s Name, it is possible to merge with the original Principle of the Deity.

2 B. The beej mantra in the Deity’s Name generates energy in the body and hence, the body obtains the energy to function.

Deity’s Picture Deity’s Name-strip
Principle Saguṇ (Tejtattva) Nirguṇ-saguṇ (akashtattva)
Spiritual experience Seen in radiant form Chanting commences or being able to
hear it, Name merging with the breath or
mind concentrates on the breath

E. Spiritual experience : Upon looking at the Name-strip of Deity Shiva, I had the vision of the universe through Shiva’s Name (This happened for the first time). From this, it is perceived that a Deity’s Name has the strength to give a vision of the universe as also the strength of Creation and Dissolution.’

– Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, Sanatan Sanstha (Adhik Vaishakha Krushṇa Paksha 4, Kaliyug Varsh 5112 [2.5.2010])

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘Shiva

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