Save Ganga River – Preserve sanctity of Kumbh Mela

         Rulers, Government and police, along with indifferent Hindus lacking pride in own Dharma, are leading in destroying sanctity of Kumbh-Mela. Lack of knowledge and apathy towards Dharma is the reason that Hindus have no love and respect towards own Dharma. Hindus, therefore, go to ‘Kumbh-Mela’ as if they are going on a picnic. Instead of utilizing this scared period for spiritual practice, few Hindus and traders are committing sin of looting devotees. Bringing change in rulers and Government is not enough for preserving sanctity of Kumbh-Mela; but there is need of rulers who know the importance of eternal knowledge of Hindu Dharma and are practising spirituality. It is not possible without Hindu Rashtra. In olden times, Hindu Kings were dutiful and used to abide by Dharma; therefore, people also used to be happy, prosperous and had no problems.

 1. ‘Samashti-sadhana’ to be undertaken for Ganga and Save Ganga River


A. To stop detractors of Ganga

1. Criticizing Ganga is a sin as per Dharma-shastra ! : A person, who criticizes ‘Veda’, Dev (God), devotee, Guru, a chaste woman, Yeti (hermit), Vrat (observances), ‘Mantras’, Ganga and Tulasi, faces decline in life and has to undergo sufferings due to snake-bite, consumption of excreta etc. as per Hindu Dharma-shastra. It is also a kind of sin to criticize or be a silent listener when there is criticism; therefore, to dissuade people from criticizing Ganga or stop them in lawful manner if they don’t stop criticizing, is a duty of every Hindu. Hence it is a duty of every Hindu to act to save Ganga river.

2. It is a kind of criticism against Ganga, to call her ‘Gutter Ganga’ deridingly ! : Nowadays, few people refer to Ganga as ‘gutter Ganga’ to question her sacredness. It is a sin to refer to Ganga or even refer to other canals in such manner.

B. Few examples of persons hating Ganga

1. Hindu-hater painter M F Husain : Out of his hatred towards Hindu Dharma, he had drawn nude and indecent pictures of Hindu Deities; one of which was depicting nude Ganga and Yamuna floating on water.

1. A. Will devotees, who are indifferent towards indecent pictures of Ganga, be bestowed grace by her ? : ‘During ‘Magh-Mela’ held at Prayag in the year 2007, Sanatan Sanstha had put up an exhibition in which nude and indecent pictures of Ganga-devi and Yamuna-devi drawn by Hindu-hater M F Husain were  kept on display. The curious visiting the exhibition were explained the subject and their signatures were obtained on representation, in support of movement against Husain. More than 80 lakh Hindus had holy bath at the confluence of Ganga – Yamuna during that period but only 300 were angry over Husain’s misdeeds and out of them, only 50 Hindus felt like doing something in that connection.’ – Mrs. Shreya Prabhu, Varanasi

        Remember that those, remaining indifferent towards criticism on Ganga, will not get her blessings; but those, who take active part in stopping such criticism, will only be blessed and get benefit on having holy bath in Ganga !

2. Journalist Glenn Bank : In December 2009, Glenn Bank, program-host and a journalist said in a program called ‘the One Thing’ on ‘Fox’ channel that Ganga was the name of a disease.’ (17)

C. Efforts to be made for preventing Ganga- detractors

1. Ask for explanation from mass media-persons criticizing Ganga ! : ‘In August 2011, on  one Australian radio – program ‘Today FM’, Kyle Sandilands, program-hostess during a program called ‘Kyle and Jackie O’, had referred to India as a ‘shit-hole’ and holy River Ganga was called as ‘junkyard’. Alert Hindus communicated and called up radio station asking for explanation from them; after which Radio station ‘Today FM’ and hostess Kyle had rendered apology to Hindus. (18)

        Register protest and ask for explanation from not only media but all those people from the fields like art, literature, politics etc. for criticizing Ganga !

2. Lodge complaint with police stations against Christian missionaries distributing handbills criticizing Ganga ! : ‘During ‘Magh-mela’ of 2009, four Christian missionaries, were sitting in a vehicle on Parade ground which was just a km away from the holy confluence, and distributing handbills criticizing Ganga. On learning about the same, VHP activists went there, thrashed the missionaries and handed them over to police.’

In future Hindu Rashtra, River Ganga will be absolutely pure and sacred !

        Condition of Hindus and this country is gravely deteriorating in the present secular democratic governance as there is absence of righteousness. To arrest such decline, Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are striving to establish righteous Hindu Rashtra; with the help of like-minded organizations. Hindu Rashtra means nation where Hindus’ interests will be taken care of ! The concept of Hindu Rashtra will not be just political but it will be a righteous mature culture for leading life ! This Hindu Rashtra will be ideal in every field like politics, economy, defence, science, environment, culture etc. and people will get an experience of living in ‘Rama-rajya’ !

2. O Hindus! Take active part in

changing the pathetic condition of ‘Kumbh-Mela’ !

2. A. Protecting sanctity of ‘Kumbh-Mela Parva’ is abiding by Dhrama !

2. A. 1. Behaviour at ‘Kumbh-kshetra’

A. Going to places of pilgrimage is a kind of spiritual practice; therefore, do not behave as if you are on a picnic !

B. After performing religious rituals, throw all left-over of rituals in ‘Nirmalya-kundi’ and other litter in trash- bins kept for the purpose.

C. Making mockery of ‘Sadhus’ is a sin; so do not make fun of ‘Jatadhari’, ‘Hathayogi’, ‘Naga’ sadhus etc.

D. Food is ‘Brahma’; therefore, do not commit sin by wasting food in ‘Anna-chhatra’ !  

E. After meals, throw left-over like ‘Drona/ patravali (plates/ bowls made of leaves)’ in trash-bin and help in keeping ‘Anna-chhatra’ clean !

2. A. 2.  ‘Kumbha-Parva-snan’

a. Take initiative and with help of others see to it that there would be no stampede and devotees comfortably have holy bath.

b. Take care that the holy place of river would not get polluted during ‘Parva-snan’ !

c. Make a prayer before holy bath that ‘O ‘Paap-vinashini (destroyer of sins)’ Gangadevi, please destroy all sins committed by me !’ and chant name of worshiped Deity while having bath.

2. A. 3.  ‘Devalaya Darshan’

a. Remove and keep your footwear in systematic way before entering temple. Wash your feet, wipe them and only then, enter temple !

b. Do not crowd and throng for ‘Deva-darshan’, stand in line and have ‘darshan’ peacefully.

c. It is a part of penance to stand in line for ‘Deva-darshan’. Do not bribe local people to have direct ‘darshan’ and indulge in corrupt practices for ‘Deva-darshan’.       

d. Avoid talking or reciting ‘stotras’ loudly, or causing noise that will create obstacle in worship of other devotees.

2. B. Prevention of malpractices in Kumbh-Mela is protection of Dharma !

2. B.1. Prevent people doing wrong things in Kumbh-Mela !

a. Try to dissuade persons begging in attire of Deities by creating awareness in them.

b. Hand over lustful non-Hindus to police who try to misbehave with female –devotees at the time of holy bath !

c. Lodge complaint with police against Christian missionaries who try to convert Hindus !

d. Boycott media that focus on only bad things; by ignoring good things happening during ‘Kumbh-Mela’ !

2. B. 2. Take following precaution to avoid getting cheated by few ‘Purohits’

a. Request ‘Purohits’ to perform every religious act like rituals, shraaddha etc. in a perfect manner to get maximum benefit of such religious act. Lodge complaint against those Purohits with local ‘Purohit Sangh’, who do not perform rituals in proper manner.

b. The host should talk to Purohit performing such ritual and get clear idea about the ‘dakshina (fee for performing ritual)’ to be paid for avoiding misunderstanding.

2. C. Oppose, in lawful manner, anti-Hindu policies of secular rulers !

2. A. Take rulers to task, who build Haj House for Haj pilgrims; but pay total disregard towards extending even basic facilities to Hindus going for ‘Kumbh-Mela’!

2. B. Stage agitation against rulers for levying tax on Hindus for ‘Kumbh-Mela’ and giving grants worth billions of rupees to Haj pilgrims and force the Government to cancel such tax !

2. C. File case against railway administration for levying surcharge on pilgrims’ tickets who want to go for Kumbh-Mela !

2. D. Take the Government to task for providing excellent facilities to VIP persons at Kumbh-mela, at the cost of inconveniencing devotees !   

3. Reason for preserving the sanctity of Kumbha Mela

        Since an obstacle is created in the functioning of waves of Chaitanya (due to the inappropriate deeds of devotees) in an environment conducive for spiritual practice, the Deities get angry, this results in spiritual harm to the devotees. Therefore, the sanctity of Kumbha Mela should be protected.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Marathi Holy Text, ‘Ganga-mahatmya’