Main Bathing Dates for Kumbha Parva at Haridwar 2021

Benefits of bathing during Kumbh Parva at Haridwar 2021

Haridwar is the ancient pilgrimage place situated on the banks of Ganga in the Uttarakhand State. The torrential flow of Ganga descending from the valley of Himalayas slows down here as it enters the plateau region. This place is also called ‘Gangadwar’. When the Sun is in Aries and Jupiter in the Kumbha sign, the Kumbha Mela is held in Haridwar. Every 12 years  and 6 years, Kumbha Mela is held at bank of Ganga in Haridwar.  This Kumbha Parva comprises three Parvakals (Auspicious time). During the Parvakal on 1. Mahashivratri, 2. Chaitra Amavasya, 3. Chaitra Pournima or Vaishakha Pratipada (the day on which the Sun is in the Aries and Jupiter is in the Kumbha sign) Rajyogi snan (Shahisnan) is taken. A Holy dip in the Ganga has special significance on the days of all the 3 Parvas.

The bathing of Saints and their disciples of the Akhadas on the prescribed days is called a Shahisnan. The Shahisnan of the Kumbha Mela begins at 4 a.m. For a Shahisnan, the Ascetics and Saints of the Akhadas take out a weapon-wielding procession which is flanked by huge crowds. In the ancient times, it was inevitable for the Ascetics and Saints in Akhadas to kill while protecting Dharma. Since a bath in the Ganga washes away sins, the weapon-wielding Ascetics and Saints in the Akhadas were given preference for the Shahisnan. The tradition continues even today. The Shahisnan of the weaponwielding Ascetics and Saints is considered the biggest ritual in the Kumbha Mela. Until the Ascetics have their Shahisnan, the devotees do not bathe.

Significance of the Holy place

गङ्गाद्वारे कुशावर्ते बिल्वके नीलपर्वते ।
तथा कनखले स्नात्वा धूतपाप्मा दिवं व्रजेत् ॥
– Mahabharat, Parva 13, Adhyaya 64, Shloka 13

Meaning : The sins of man are washed away when he bathes at the Holy places of Gangadwar, Kushavarta, Bilvak, Neelparvat and Kankhal, and attains a place in Heaven.

Bathing, donating, chanting, performing rites during ‘Kumbha Parva’ begets infinite merits !

11 March 2021 (Thursday) Mahashivratri (First Shahi Snan)
12 April 2021 (Monday) Somvati Amavasya (Second Shahi Snan)
14 April 2021 (Wednesday) Mesh sankraanti & Baisakhi (Third Shahi Snan)
27 April 2021 (Tuesday) Chaitra Poornima (Fourth Shahi Snan)