Misconceptions about Spiritual practice ( Sadhana )


1. Misconceptions about Spiritual practice – We will perform sādhanā in old age

        About 50% people know that Spirituality is useful, yet 50% of them say, ‘We will perform sādhanā when we grow old’. There are four mistakes associated with this statement.

  1. When there is no guarantee that we will survive till our old age, deciding that we will practice Spirituality then is incorrect.

  2. Good physical and mental health is required to perform sādhanā. In old age, since both of these grow weaker, it becomes difficult to perform sādhanā.

  3. Just as it is difficult to learn any new skill in old age, so also it is difficult to learn to do sādhanā

  4. The number of impressions in the subconscious mind goes on increasing with age. In Spirituality, however, one aims at eliminating all these impressions.

2. Misconceptions about Spiritual practice – Undertaking sādhanā of one’s favourite

Deity or a Saint according to one’s intellect

        About 70% of those practicing Spirituality fall in this category. Just as when ill, we do not take medicines on our own without the advice of a physician or do not argue in court on our own without a lawyer, so also it is pointless practicing Spirituality according to our intellect. When such sādhanā does not bestow much benefit, one’s faith in Spirituality and sādhanā begins to waver and he concludes that all this is fake. If Spirituality actually means forgetting oneself, then how will we benefit if we perform sādhanā according to our intellect ? Hence, performing sādhanā after studying Spirituality or under the guidance of an evolved person is more beneficial.

3. Misconceptions about Spiritual practice – One should not get married

        About 30% of seekers feel that if they want to make spiritual progress, they should not get married.

        However, this is incorrect due to the reasons listed ahead.

  1. Some make faster spiritual progress whilst living in the society.

  2. If we renounce the world and retire to the Himalayas, we will not be tested enough, unlike when living in the society where we are tested at every step.

  3. Destroying the mind, rather causing its dissolution is the very essence of Spirituality. Thus if we practice it, we should not make decisions using our own intellect. Therefore, deciding to remain unmarried is wrong. Besides, if we are destined to marry, then we cannot avert it. In such cases, a seeker may feel dejected that he was unable to observe even this restriction of remaining unmarried.

4. Misconceptions about Spiritual practice – Hindrance in performing worldly duties

        Some feel that if they chant God’s Name as sādhanā, they will not be able to fulfill their other worldly duties. Such a feeling is absolutely ill-founded. Nowhere in the history of mankind has there been a case in which one has incurred a loss by chanting God’s Name. On the contrary, chanting God’s Name increases the power of concentration, and therefore, one is able to accomplish worldly duties in a much better way.

Reference: Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Introduction to Spirituality‘ and ‘Spirituality

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