The Sagely Hindu Activists : Pujya Sita Ram Goelji and Pujya Ram Swarupji

For most of the last half of the 20th century, Pujya Sita Ram Goelji and mentor-friend Pujya Ram Swarupji produced hundreds of books, articles and pamphlets extolling the glories of Hinduism while warning of its most malicious foes. They were a bold and outspoken twosome who published their works through the ‘Voice of India’, a publication house they created for this purpose.

Pujya Sita Ram Goelji (1921-2003)

Pujya Sita Ram Goelji

Pujya Sita Ram Goelji

Pujya Goelji’s declared aim was to defend Hinduism by providing information on Hindu culture and society, and about the nature, motives and strategies of its enemies. In his book ‘Hindu Society under Siege’, Pujya Goelji claimed that Hindu society has been suffering a sustained attack from Islam since the 7th century, from Christianity since the 15th century, this century also from Marxism, and all three have carved out a place for themselves in Bharatiya society from which they attack Hinduism. The avowed objective of these three world-conquering movements, with their massive resources, is diagnosed as the replacement of Hinduism by their own ideology, or in effect – the destruction of Hinduism.

Points mentioned by Pujya Seetaram Goyal in his article written in the year 1983 on ‘Protection of Hinduism at ideological level’

1. If ideological aggression is not stopped in time, it is bound to follow with physical aggression.
2. Ideological protection is more important than physical protection because …
a. The aggressor knows that there would be retaliation in case of physical aggression; therefore, many times, it is prevented.
b. Or there is less loss due to prior preparations.
c. Enemy gives up plan of attack either due to knowing the other side or in case of his strategy getting exposed.
3. It is observed that in the past, Hindus have tried to face the attackers with their spiritual sanctity rather than opposing them at ideological level.
4. As a result, although Hindus have sustained due to their inner strength; they have not been able to stop ideological and following physical aggressions. It has caused tremendous loss in relation to population of Hindus, their geographical power and most importantly to their morals.
5. Now the degradation of Hindus has gone to such level that even if they just protest against such attacks, they are branded as non-tolerant, fanatic etc.

Pujya Ram Swarupji (1920-1998)

Pujya Ram Swarupji

Pujya Ram Swarupji

Pujya Ram Swarupji was a crusader for Sanatan Dharma, Hindu culture, Hindu civilisation, Hindu society, Hinduism as a whole and above all for things, issues and ideals Hindu in character. He wrote in his ‘Hindu View of Christianity and Islam’ – "If religious tolerance is a value, Christianity as well as Islam lacks it badly. Wherever they have gone, they have carried fire and sword and oppressed and destroyed as far as it lay in their power."

"They demolished and occupied the temples and shrines of others. Any tolerance shown was an exception, intolerance was the rule." Likewise, he rejected the philosophy of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhav‘ of Gandhi on the ground that the tolerant polytheistic Hinduism can never be equated with brutal monotheistic religions like Islam and Christianity.

We pay obeisance to these two Sagely Hindu activists, whose death anniversaries fall on 3rd and 26th December respectively. (For their books, articles etc. please visit –

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