Stop the International Islamic University at Tirupati

Hindus must realize that their temples are in danger in anti-Hindu Congress regime !

The seven layer/storied building of Heera International Islamic University (College) (HIIC) is being constructed in Chandragiri village which is about 13 kilometers from Tirupati. HIIC is being built approximately in a seven-acre plot. Actully this land belongs to a Shri Vishnu Temple, known as Timmappa Temple, with a very tall Rajagopuram according to the villagers.

It appears that HIIC never got permission to start the college. No permission was granted before they started the construction.

Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) area includes 70 kilometers radius from Tirupati. Chandragiri is only 13 kilometers from Tirupati. Any construction in Chandragiri should have the prior approval from TUDA. No such permission was granted to start this construction. According to TUDA zonal rules no permission to construct any building can be granted, if it has more than five layer/stories plus stilt.

Now question to so-called ‘Secularists’ is will they oppose to this Shariah based International Islamic University (College) in ‘Secular’ country like India and that too in close proximity of Tirupati, a Hindu Holy place ?

Also Nowhera Shaikh, head of Heera group says that this Islamic College will run as per Shariah laws and Burqa will be compulsory, then is it not too old or premitive thinking in today’s modern world ?

Read what these eminent personalities are saying !

1. Shri. T S Rao, ex-DGP, Andhra Pradesh : Nowhera Shaikh has built Heera International Islamic College illegally. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has filed case of fraud against Nowhera Shaikh. This matter should be investigated thoroughly.

2. Dr. T. H. Chowdary, Ex-IAS, Ex-CMD of VSNL, Ex-IT Advisor to AP Govt : Government and people of the Andhra Pradesh must not permit sacrilegious and divisive project of Heera International Islamic University (College).

3. Shri. S Krishna Reddy, Tirupati’s historian and chronicler : The Islamic college has been built on land reclaimed from a temple pond. How this land reached the hands of the present owners is shrouded in mystery. A thorough probe should be ordered into the transaction details of the land.

4. Shri. M Venkiah Naidu, BJP MP :The Islamic college at Tirupati was a matter of concern to all.

5. Shri. SV Badri, religious scholar :How can a group (Heera group) functioning as per the edicts of the Quran be tolerant towards the idol worshippers of Tirupati ?

Join hands with HJS to protest against Islamic University (College)

Success of Hindu Unity : ‘Illegal’ floors of Islamic university facing demolition

District Collector K. Ramgopal has instructed the revenue and police officials to demolish the unapproved floors of the building that houses the Heera International Islamic University in Thondavada village of Chandragiri mandal.

Deadline of 20 days given to the Government to cancel Islamic University

The members of Tirumala Tirupati Pavitrata Samrakshana Vedika (TTPSV) warned the government that if the construction is not cancelled after 20 days then the government will be responsible for the aggressive Hindus reaction. Hindus urged the government while giving the memorandum.

HJS will not stop its efforts till the Islamic University construction is stopped.

Request to withdraw permission of and stop illegal construction of International Islamic University


1. Prime Minister of India

2. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

3. The Collector of Chittor District

4. Vice Chairman, TUDA

5. The Commissioner, Endowments Dept., Andhra Pradesh

Subject : Regarding withdrawal of permission to and stopping the illegal construction of ‘Hira International Islamic University’ near the famous Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh

Respected Sir,

An illegal construction of ‘Hira International Islamic University’ is in progress on the land belonging to Shri Thimappa temple of Hindus at Chandragiri near Shri Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh, which is a seat of faith of Hindus in the nation and foreign countries. We Hindus demand that considering the eminence of Shri Tirupati temple, from the viewpoint of constant danger to security of the temple and its surroundings, and for protecting the sanctity of the pilgrim centre, the work of Islamic University should be immediately kept in abeyance. Would the unrighteous Government, assaulting religious sentiments of Hindus, even think of establishing a Hindu University at Muslim pilgrim centre ‘Mecca-Medina’ or ‘Vatican’ of Christians ? It is necessary to take corrective measures now only in order to prevent any tension and conflict those may arise there in the future due to this university. Therefore, it is essential to cancel the permission given to this university and stop its construction. Otherwise, Hindus will have to adopt a role of launching fierce lawful agitation.

Other reasons for keeping the construction in abeyance :

1. As per the rules of the ‘Tirupati Urban Development Authority’, which has a control over the area of 70 kilometers in diameter from Tirupati, no construction involving more that 5 stories is allowed. The building of the above university has 7 stories. Therefore, the construction is illegal.

2. When the population of Muslims in the area surrounding Shri Tirupati is less than 0.5%, where is a need of a separate university for them ?  

3. While there are common universities for all students in the country, why ‘Islamic University’ is being established on the basis of religion ?

4. How this university can be granted permission on the land Shri Thimappa (Shri Vishnu) temple of Hindus ?

5. The construction work was started despite opposition of the local populace to this university.

Earlier, a conspiracy to erect a place of worship for Christians in the surroundings of Shri Tirupati temple area, a pious location for Hindus, was hatched. Now, there is a clear conspiracy to disturb the peace in the area by establishing an Islamic University. In order to protest against this anti-national and anti-Hindu conspiracy and demand immediate stoppage of illegal construction of Islamic University, agitations by all pro-Hindu organisations and organisations having similar ideology are going on at various places.

Hindus are scared that many restrictions can be placed on the religious rights of Hindus through the medium of this Islamic University under the pretext of maintenance of law and order. Therefore, demands as given ahead along with demand to stop the construction of Islamic University immediately are :

1. Illegally acquired land of Shri Thimappa temple for erection of Islamic University should be immediately returned to the temple, and stringent action should be taken against those found guilty in this transfer of land.

2. The illegal construction of Islamic University carried out without taking permission from the ‘Tirupati Urban Development Authority’ should be immediately demolished.

3. An inquiry committee under the chairmanship of a retired judge should be appointed to investigate various aspects of Islamic University such as, supply of finances, international grant, encroachment on the land etc. This committee should include patriots and pro Hindu organisations as its members

Yours faithfully,

Your Name will appear here

Reference :

CC :

1. President of India

1. Dr. P K Mohanty, Chief Secretary, AP & Chairman, HMR


3,085 signatures

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Huge Protest Against Islamic University At Tirupati to be held on 20th December 2013 in Front Of TUDA Office, Tirupati, Dist. Chittoor

Slide-show of protest photos

Now you can imagine what they might do at this Holy place for Hindus!

1. For many years the Christians and Muslims have been eyeing Tirupati to make it their place of worship. For the last ten centuries Muslims have targeted the most auspicious places where Hindu Temples were located. They have a history of occupying, and destroying Hindu Temples and building Mosques either on Top of the demolished Temples or next to these Temples.

2. It may happen that the Muslims headed by Ms. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera started this HIIC to provocate, demean and destroy, over a period of time, the most scared place for Hindus. Once they start this College, they will start expanding to places as close to Shri Venkateswara Temple as possible and create terror and rampage in the villages, techniques they have perfected over the centuries.

Few examples of the possible Evil Plans to take over Tirupati

1. Christians under the leadership of the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy had devised a plan to break up the seven hills, make five hills as the property of the State and eventually convert it into a Christian property to build Mega churches next to Balaji Temple. In 2004 it was announced that the five hills would be taken over by the government for converting them into a picnic spot with multiplexes, food courts, commercial lots, sports centers and entertainment infrastructures including a rope-way to reach the top of the hills. The whole objective was to destroy the Hindu culture and convert Hindus into the Christian faith with malice, incentives, deception, allurement and lying.

2. Christian propaganda on Tirumala Hills has been continuing for years, with distributing the Christian pamphlets to the pilgrims on the hill and trying to convert them to Christianity. Even today nobody knows how many Christians are employed by the Tirupati Temples. Even with a strict ordinance for TTD against the employment of other religious people, they get employment with false statements and deceptive arsenal they have in their hands.

3. Now, Muslims have joined the bandwagon to continue their unfinished business of converting Bharath into an Islamic State.

Who is building the Islamic University ?

Ms. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera is head of Heera Group of companies. Their wesbite claims that Heera Group is a Global Fortune Company with business in the commodity as well as educational chain. She even received an award from Indian Economic Development and Research Association for attending a seminar on “Outstanding Achievements and National Development” in July 2013.

It should be noted that according to News reports, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi lodged a complaint with the Central Crime Station (CCS) against Heera Group company of trying to cheat people. He alleged that Heera Group of Companies, which claims to run several business ventures in different parts of world, was trying to cheat innocent investors in the city. CCS police has booked a case against the managing director of Heera Group Nauheera Shaik under IPC section 420 (for cheating)and 406 (for for criminal breach of trust).

Few examples of loot of Temples by Congress Government –


Siddhivinayak Trust Scam

The donations from the devotees are being misused as per the whims and fancies of the trustees and Government. Millions of rupees are siphoned of into companies owned by Ministers, for their use.


Temple Takeover Act

The donations from the devotees are being misused as per the whims and fancies of the trustees and Government. Millions of rupees are siphoned of into companies owned by Ministers, for their use.

Tirupati under Christian Siege!

Christian missionary have been carrying out undesirable activities at the holy places of Tirumala Hills and Tirupati. Christian CM YSR is supporting these activities…


Chaitanya, India (Bharat)
05 Sep 2014, 19:45

The construction of the Islamic university in Tirupati looks like a big conspiracy to spoil the sacredness of Tirumala.
Even the local Muslims are not happy with this fake university as everyone knew it is being constructed only to spread communal clashes among the locals.
The holiness of Tirupati and its surroundings should be protected at any cost.
Government must react immediately and demolish this university which is unauthorized and unapproved.
Sreenath, India (Bharat)
28 Aug 2014, 16:23

Dear CM Sir,
Now it is your turn to protect and support Hinduism.
Arti Ghube, India (Bharat)
27 Aug 2014, 09:37

We have to stop this by unity.
D V Mahesh Kumar, India (Bharat)
26 Aug 2014, 22:02

Lord Venkateshwara will see to that it will not happen. We all know what was the result of past ill intentions!
TRILOK, India (Bharat)
26 Aug 2014, 00:03

Very shameful idea to show pseudo-secularism.
Is the government has been funded by ARAB COUNTRIES.
dr sourav gupta, India (Bharat)
25 Aug 2014, 23:04

hello sir in india when it is seperated in 1947,this land is being given to hindus so y muslims are treated like sons-in law of bharat,y y they their money dont go to govt like we have when we give money to temple and some amount of money goes to govt bt not in case of mosque… in jandk wen muslim people goes to hajj and our jandk govt gives subsidy to those people y not to hindus wen they go kailash mansarover yess and the money wen is used in giving subsidy is of hindus which they give to shrine board of shri mata vaishno devi and from last few years i m watching that where ever there is hindu temple there must b mosque or something of muslims yyyyyy sir

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