Protest by HJS

Protest campaign

HJS started its protest campaign by strong demonstrations near Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai by members of HJS against the proposed Law on Tuesday, 10 October, 2006. Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS said that HJS will unite all religious organizations and temples and start agitations against enactment of the Law.

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Awakening devotees

HJS is running a mass awareness drive awakening all Hindus about this draconian law. We are conducting series of meetings with almost all temple authorities and educating them about the dangers posed by this law. Following is the report as of 11-February-2007. All districts are from Maharashtra.

District No of meetings Participants Main resolutions Actions
Pune 7 Temple trustees and Varkaris a.Conducting meetimngs in Nagar and Junnar b. Send protest letters c.Meeting the Chief Minister a. Protest march on collector office b. Protest march on 3rd March
Solapur 4 Temple trustees and Varkaris a. Formation of defense Samiti b.Sending protest letters b. Arranging Dharma-Shikshan classes in temples a.One protest demonstration
Jalgoan 9 Temple trustees, Varkaris, Swami Samartha Mandal and proud Hindus b. Sending protest letters b. Arranging protest march a. Agitation for a day b. Public protest meeting at Vardha
Kolhapur 3 Temple trustees and Gurav community   a. Publicity by notice boards b. Letter to collector c. Made notice boards
Bid-Dharashiv 5 Temple trustees and Gurav community a. Sending protest letters b. Agitation for a day a. Establishment of Temple protection committee b. Letter to collector
Sindhudurg 7 Temple trustees a. Sending protest letters a. Letter to collector b. Signature drive c. Public awareness via boards
Satara 2 Temple trustees a. Public awareness by boards a. Pamphlet distribution b. Letter handed over to collector
Parabhani, Selu 2 Temple trustees, VHP, RSS, Bajarang Dal, Brahmin Sabha, Swami Samartha Seva Kendra a. Protest march a. Protest march at Parabhani b. Protest march at Selu
Nagpur 2 22 Temples trustees, 18 Organizations a. Protest temple takeover act and Anti Faith Bill a. Agitation (1100 attendance) b. Hunger strike for 11 days c. Meeting with Home Minister  R.R Patil d. Letter to Collector and CM
Mumbai 10 Temple trustees and other religions a. Sending protest letters b. Giving their protest letters to Samiti c. Posters campaign a. Distribution of handbills b. Signature campaign c.  Letter to Collector d. Meetings with politicians
Sambhajinagar 6 Temple trustees   a. Distribution of 3000 handbills b.  Letter to Collector and CM c. Agitation d. Public awareness meetings at 15 places