Thoughts of Islamic thinkers related to the protection of cows

Will Jihadis ever pay attention towards the thoughts of Islamic thinkers related to the protection of cows?

1. “Cow’s milk and ghee are extremely essential for our body, whereas its meat is harmful for us. There is no reference about killing cows either in ‘Kuran’ or ‘Aayat’ written by Arabs.” – Hakim Ajmal Khan

2. ‘Nowhere in Islam is it mentioned that one should have cow’s meat.’ – Dr. Mohammed Hafiz Sayyad.

3. ‘In order to bring Hindus and Muslims on the same stage, there is no other option but to protect cows. As per the Divine words of God (Khuda) in ‘Kuran Sharif’, there is no mention of having cow’s meat anywhere.’- Maulana Kabil Saheb.

4. ‘Now we cannot keep postponing the issue of slaughtering of cows for too long now. As per democracy, common man’s opinion should be accepted.’ – Rafik Ahmed Kidwai.

5. ‘Cows are the pride of our country and one who dares to kill cows should be given death penalty. The Central Government must make a rule for it.’ – Co-ordinator of the Nationalist Muslim rally, Mohammed Afzal – Gau Karuna nidhi, Rishi Dayanand Saraswati, Surajmal tyagi, E-370, A, Shashtri Nagar, Ajmer, Rajshthan (‘Aryaneeti’, 10.2.2011)

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